Gmail via SMS

Gmail via SMS

Will give its customers an innovative feature of the Google usually, the customers using Gmail, your Gmail friends S. M. S.. Feature has to offer. People in 54 countries, including India, to their mobile phone in the U.S.. M.. S.. Send. Google also has agreements with most companies providing mobile services in each country. This service is free to use, completely free. But, mobile service providers, S. M. S.. If you charge a fee to obtain, S. M. S.. The patient will be asked to pay a mobile service company.

Let's see how to use this service. You can contact the friend's mobile number in Gmail Gmail need to register on the site. S you can send. M.. S.. Message, send your friend an answer, it's Gmail conversation (chat) is available as part of the message. Available for your mobile phone. You can also S. M. S.. Will try to send at a time, if your friend is using Gmail, the Gmail chat feature to prompt you to use.

However you send S. M. S.. Sent. Each Gmail user, every day, 50 S. M. S.. Given to the facility. Sending each S. M. S.. Deducted in one account. S. M. S.. Your friend will receive, if you send a reply message, and 5 increase in your account.

Airtel in India and P. S.. Mine. Said. If merkollatat companies signed a deal with Google, the Gmail for mobile numbers in the U.S. by. M.. S.. You can not send. Aircel, Idea, Loop Mobile, MTV News., Reliance, Tata DoCoMo, Tata Indicom and Vodafone mobile numbers in the U.S. where companies have to. M. S.. Send.

S via the Internet. M.. S.. Many sites are provided with the ability to send messages for free. already operating in India is at the forefront of this type of site, the information released. Similarly, some sites offer this service only for certain countries. U.S. S. M. S.. send. Ninit use the site. However, this service is giving the Google Mail site only. Let's see how to use the Gmail SMS service.

1. First, go to your Gmail account on the site. In the upper right-hand corner of the "Settings" and click on the (Figure 1).

2. And then "Labs" and click on the (Figure 2). The "gmark" section and enable the "Enable" and click (Figure 3).

3. Until the end of the page, and save the changes ceytitavum (Figure 4). That's it! Now you're in Gmail S. M. S.. You can use the message service. If another operation in which to operate, S. M. S.. Make it easier to send them. Lay in Gmail "Send SMS" to the area, (Figure 5), the "Enable" ceytitavum. The name of the facility to the "SMS in Chat Gadget". If this iyakkivit, S. M. S.. Send to (Figure 6) make it easier for them.

Normal template

Normal template

Word Document package when starting a new one is opened and we are ready to use? Set up the Normal template is called ana. This slate is the basis of all Documents. Following this change, all changes made ​​with the new Documents templettaiye keep the new Normal template. The Normal template file directory in which you install the Word package. If you do not destroy the Word package to create a new Normal template file.

Learn computer tips

Learn computer tips

Wizard will guide you to a general guide on the computer. It will all Ask a question or giving a series of options to select options for the way you go out. If ordinary Wizard in Word Options, enter a new stage of Documents openings Wizard is asking you a question. In the way you conduct a Wizard is installing software. Creating a Data Base File Wizard to availability.




Windows Operating System. Today the world's most used operating system in personal computers. After the toss of operating systems provided by Microsoft. Many of these facilities are followed. The user interface is easy to use and set up basic graphics.


Marruvatanai download files directly from one computer to another computer as that. Drop a file from the computer on the network connected to the Internet, it often refers to patiyappatuvatanaiye.


Network (including the Internet), it is attached to the inside of a computer without the permission of the others' efforts to prevent a software or a hardware device.


(Driver), Windows and other operating systems and digital devices (printer, mouse, flash drives, etc.), contact the software program. Driver files for a variety of devices, such as Windows operating systems already available patiyappatte. In the absence of such drivers for it on the CD provided with the device.

Question - Answer

Question - Answer


Word on the program set up on the table, some beautiful line types, colors, designs used. I only just get in line. Installation is in the wrong? How do I fix?
Male. Nirmala, Pollachi.

Installation is in the wrong. If, as a whole does not work. Table design of the facility is purokiramileye Word. First, create a table. Then position the cursor inside the table and the Table menu, click Table AutoFormat section GMT. Here you will see how many categories that are displayed in the table. Select your favorite one and click OK to create the table, you can setup the same appearance. Option to many styles of tables displayed. This will attract the attention of your viewers of the table can be found in the amaikkappatuvatanai.

Q: trying to obtain information about Windows 8. Thus, the idea was good namakkuttan to become the new systems. In developed countries, computer users will switch to the new system?
C. Tilakavati, Tirupur.

In general, people are more disposed to become a familiar one from the new system. But, in the digital world, we must marittan. We can run a full citizen of the world as we move forward. But, not all countries is that people with mental . That way the press and other media, the new changes, features ventiyatullatu write about. The same condition prevails in developed countries. Let me tell you a message? In the United States, recent reports in the media that one of the company's 1,200 young people in various stages of life information to the question you raised. Asked to know about Windows 8 in, 52% responded that people did not know anything about it. I know that 48% of people, only about 39%, said they would like to buy a new computer system in the sky 8. Only about 17% of the total, rather than the Windows 7 system, Windows 8 will provide additional facilities to be hoped that conveys ideas. But the widespread use of computers to Windows 8 vanta then, that all that will change.

I have to buy a new laptop computer decision. Windows 8 System register, obtain from the appropriate entity onritam am. In later years, like the sky and 8, Windows 7 system can be changed?
K.. Caranraj St.George, Chennai.

Microsoft provides the ability to change. But, you have to purchase Windows 8 Pro. This version, which you have heard, Windows 7 will be officially transferred to the path. If you register for a computer company that provides a different version, then it can easily be changed. Probably will be billed. Windows 7 is not so easy to change, just like pressing a button to change is not brilliant. Many traivarkalai need to register newly. But, just because you care facilities ilakkappokum sky and 8, and then only if necessary to adapt to change.

 In your application, please use any of the women charged? The threat of social Web sites, Web applications, they hide from sexual talankalin Write kutatapati.
Excuses. Akhilesh Kumar, Chengalpattu.

We have a very liars women. This will not be afraid. That's good to know how to use the Internet aside. Let me tell you a message! 12 crore 50 lakh people in India are using the Internet. This study was conducted in which 40% of women and com acokem Score (ASSOCHAM and ComScore) systems, he said. So do not worry. All benefits are obtained using the following intarnettai women.

where have all the mobile phones, mobile phone sales will no longer be a chance?
Mother. Manoharan, Virudhunagar.

The big commercial question. We bought a used mobile ponaiya continue. The vast majority of repairs in the event of the phone, right ceytitamal, the next phone purchase. Irankalam so generously in mobile sales. In the year 2012, the six-month period between January and June, the 10 crore 24 lakh mobile phones sold. 16.6% more than last year. 55 lakh for smart phones sold in the period. The mobile phone business irankalam generously.

In our office, in the Document Make a Deal, in many cases, it has been amended, with comments that they are in Texas. In the end, the Document is difficult to remove one of the comments, this is a Shortcut Key?
S. R.. Syamala, Tirupur.

 If the Document larger, and one that is difficult to remove comments. There is no short cut key on the set of Word. But, in a way that gives paint and ripiles tool. Below is information on how to use it.
1. Open Documents and then Ctrl + H (Ctrl + H) Press. Bind and ripiles the selected phase tape ripiles now available.
2. In the Find What box, type in ^ a ceytitavum. (The carrot (^) Symbol Number 6 can be pressed with the Shift key)
3. So, make sure the Replace With box blank.
4. Next, click the Replace With, நீக்கப்பட்டிருப்பதனை View all comments.

My friend says that the virus is a kind of malware that can be harmful. Is this ok?
Ma. Her brother, Coimbatore.

MALWARE Malicious Software is an acronym. Computer user permission, descended on the computer, all purokiramkalum including harmful. Viruses, click on the link, the malicious programs take different effects that everything is malware.

Handling Company working in advertising. In some cases, customers send a C program files on my computer does not see the spread. My manager, I did not know that expand and collapse. What can be done? Abstract other ways, or all of the program is in?
R.. Shri Ganesh, Chennai.

You met with the complex C  file name support. In general, R. ansip and RA. Therefore I like all kinds of files with the ability to spread. Internet is the solution to your problem. Go to the site at the address Ansip to ceytita, spread to the C file and upload times are GMT. This site will explain the C file, what are the files that it displays. You can download them ovvonrakavo or in combinations. C is capable of handling a variety of site files. The files can be made more sip.

Personal brake

Personal brake

Google will continue to provide facilities for article meets bad week. Internet customers will not go anywhere else for anything that is your target. It uses a digital facilities in the world are very cirappanavaiyay.
D.K. Prem Khanna, utakamantalam.

S via Gmail. M.. S.. I saw the driver. It works very well. Sent my daughter to work in the United States. In his e-mail account, the message does not get a fee, went cikkalinri. In the case of Gmail's features to its customers, to thank you for you to be very clear with utanutak.
K.. Murugadoss, Coimbatore.

Gmail S. M. S.. Anuppuvatanai explained with the right images, so that helped to set the settings.
Male. Selvan thought, silk fort.

Teplat PC and personal computer operating systems on the same type that would be very helpful. Therefore, it is not surprising to Windows Surface teplat piciyinai people. Microsoft will no longer be limited to these three categories.
I. Gunasekaran, Trichy.

The use of the programs on the hard disk is the most effective. As these pictures show, the information is very important to keep our care. Suddenly one day, stressing what to do with your hands, do not keep awake.
NK Kalyani, Ooty.

Excel parmattukalai explained very nice date. Listening is like sitting in a class reading.
R.. Nareskumar, Madurai.

Mobile screens, we often only hear the names, some names are unknown to the description given so far is very special. If this patittuvittatan, now mobile shopping, shoppers us, saying that it can not cheat it. Thank you.
Nucleus. Chintamani, pallattur.

Put it in a time that was not true then. Flat parankalilum still able to produce all the running programs. But to hackers, that way if the program, who is seeking it. Apple did the right thing.
C. Shyamala Ganesh, Madurai.

T.. L.. L.. Amazed that so many types of files placed on your description. It turned out that no matter how complex your configuration.
R.. Tiyaku Brahma,
IBM According to the site is very good for you. With the description of the other things on the Internet, Web Site Please tell me about them.
C. Ganesh, nilakkottai.

If you want the site to the online calculator. After using it, my friends informed by email. They said thank you for all credits.
Thu. Muthiah, Tindivanam.

Friends living abroad, to talk with the children, to see Skype is very, very supportive. They know that hackers are now cotanaiyay, is fear. Is there another alternative?
C. R.. Selvaraj, Sivakasi.

Download this week - Video file format change

Download this week - Video file format change

You often want to look at your personal computer and one video file, your mobile phone, teplat PC, video game device or other mobile devices such as Want to see it? What prevents you. You have the video format on the personal computer, is not it? Format must be the change you wish to use catanattirkerpa. What can be done? Only here, Miro Video Converter helps you. This program, your Video file, you will want to use catanattirkerpa change.

 Apple iPhone, The Bad, The Bad Touch, Nano, Sony BSP, Webb M (WebM) changes in the format for multiple devices. Space on the YouTube site, MP4 video Converter will parmattilum. With MKV, H264, MOV, XVID, AVI, FLV, and convert some of the former.

What, appata, that want to be successful for years? Read above. You can see that it works. Visit the Web site at the address First, download the file times are GMT.
Completely free. Then, on your computer by installing Miro Video ConverterI GMT. Deeply, and then Run. Home Page, select the video file, and drag and drop or hear. With one of the selected file, the file name is displayed in a box. After confirming this, which should be taken to indicate that the device must be replaced parmattirku. Do not mention everything about the format. If the device is not. In the drop-down menu lists the names of all the devices available. After this selection, convert and click.

click to convert with this program, parmattinai video file, you will begin to change terntetuttapati. Progress bar will show the extent to which a change has taken place. Changed, the program displays the Finished converting. The new name of the file. A link to "Show File" is displayed. If you click it, the file is displayed in Windows Explorer.

This program 74.6 MP One video file, marrinom for iPhone 4. 16.4 Mega byte-level file has changed. Ran very well on the iPhone. How much work left, I'm happy. Immediately download and run the check register.

If you provide a SIM Dual PC taplet

If you provide a SIM Dual PC taplet

Android movement, in order to run two SIM teplat the company has overcome one PC. In this way, it will be India's first teplat PC. Slide 3G 7334 is calling it that. It costs Rs .10,999.

The F.. M.. Transmittar installed. Dual SIM Slate PC that has to be overcome in the first notification, previously Swipe telecom company, which has a similar dual SIM Slate PC teplat. But, in the F.. M.. No transmittar.

The 7-inch wide touch screen are kepacitiv. Multi Touch does not support the movement. The Cortex A9 1GHz processor that is installed. Movement can take two SIMS 3. Built-in memory of 8 GB. In the back, 2 MP Capable camera, rear camera video alaippirkena are a vijie. With WhatsApp, Facebook, Nimbuzz, Zomato, IBNLive, Moneycontrol, and CricketNext offered and sign the application. The network connection Bluetooth, WIFI, HDMI and MicroUSB and operate.

New to computers? - hypen and tesh reviews

New to computers? - hypen and tesh reviews

We are quite small itaikkotukal in Word. Hyphen in English, Dashes (Hyphen, Dash) to summon them. There are several types of these. Even the use of the word package, feel the difference, without requiring line, use what you want. Of which can be found here. We hyphen three types of Word, provides two types Dashes lines. If you know of another song, they can be better used.

1. Regular hyphen (Regular Hyphens):

You can press kiyinai regular hyphen. Cypher is on the right side next to the keyboard. Some people mistakenly think this is the key Dashes. Compound Words in English (Compound Words) say that words should be set up to use it. (Example mixup) the term of such system, comes at the end of a line, the second term will go to the next line. I will first haipanum first variyileye.

2. Special hyphen (Optional Hyphen):

We use them only in a few special places. For example, if an English word, to show how the separation should be written, between you, through the use of letters. Kiyinai regular press Ctrl + hyphen to get the haipanai. Haipanesan tool, only the keys for the hyphen is enabled in Word. This tool enabled haipanesan, amaikai words separated on the right side, there is a hyphen. We have the haipanai, set it in print is printed on the tax side.

3. Be a combination of words hyphen (Non breaking Hyphens):

The haipanai Ctrl + Shift + (Ctrl + Shift and the hyphen key) and press Set. Setting a word with the hyphen. It comes on the line side of the hyphen in the words separated with the first sentence, the first word, the next sentence, the next word, the hyphen is not available payane to set up a compound word, is not it? The hyphen is used for this purpose. The haipanai set up, will tell both sides of the hyphen and the hyphen, should be regarded as a volume set, we have the Word, comes through the hyphen. The compound word, formed by a hyphen, available on line on the side, pirikkappatamal taken to the next line, the first line will be words. This facility headquarters We used to set up a phone line numbers.

4. My Dashes (En dash):

Dashes a typing it. I (n) because of the character, named after the name of the. It is generally used when referring to the numbers of the Range. Example 3-7 identifies the Dashes niyumeri use the Ctrl + Minus kiyinai with the need to press on the key pad. Or Alt + key to set the number on the 0150 Battle of New Merry-Key. If necessary, set the number to Word Dashes after the separation. Separate before. I mean, I would Dashes before it coincides with the number.

5. Em dash):

The Dashes "m" in the letter, the name given. But this amount, the difference eluttirkum each category. Dashes as I usually set it at the stock level. We use it in sentences. Later, in a written statement about a product, completely different in the next sentence, or if a different object, use the tesai.
Haipanai continue to use the word twice, M. Dashes set automatically. If we want to set up in a different way, Ctrl + Alt + Minus kiyinai niyumeri need to press on the key pad. Or alternatively, by pressing Alt kiyinai niyumeri key to set the bat 0151. As noted above, based on my Dashes, Word Dashes in the next place, which is included in the section where the words. Dashes collutaneye always stay in front of us. Dashes given above should be used to properly set up. If configured, instead of the expected effects, other effects may occur.

Windows 8 is released

Windows 8 is released

Several months eagerly anticipated Windows 8 operating system commercially, was given to the people. The ceremony was held on October 25. System sales for the personal computer away from Microsoft, teplat PC, notebook, smart phone as a strong rumor that there was going to be. The ceremony took place in order to put an end to all that. Microsoft's main business activities of the company, its executives confirmed that the personal computer will be centered.

Ever, with facilities in order to experience the best personal computers, Windows 8 operating system that is designed, as its chief executive Steve Ballmer. Personal computer, laptop and all that Windows 8 was teplat. Similarly, not only for business activities, Browse, Windows 8 to support life.

In the event, many Windows 8 devices released. Internet sales began in the Windows store. 67 million people are currently using Windows 7 system, Windows 8 System apkiret ceytita are waiting. Each year, 40 million sold as a set of new Windows 8 Palmer said. Windows Application Store, Application is higher than any other application store.

Several new and improved features of Windows 8 system administrator cinopski pointed out. In addition to the battery for a long time, is very fast boot process, referred to as special nature, acting in conjunction with the existing application.

Already in the operating system, Windows 8, Microsoft has recognized more than a thousand designs computer model. Personal computers, but also for the first time, Windows 8 system was the best teplat picikkalum.

Through which "" is the personal computer'' Palmer said that he has already innovated boundary lines disappear. Iyakkattirkena the various types of devices, Microsoft provides several application programs produced.

New M. S.. Office, Internet Explorer 10, Bing Applications (News, Finance, Travel, Maps, Weather and Sports) Sky Drive, Skype, music to Xbox extend this list. Many companies have programs designed for personal computers, PCs teplat was implemented.

Windows 7 How many more days?

Windows 7 How many more days?

Microsoft Windows XP to stop giving aid to be announced after the deadline, all using Windows, it will notice that successive versions of Windows are beginning to ask. In particular, Windows 7 users will now spread widely, and it can support Windows 7 cistattirkum niruttappatuma are asking that question.

Microsoft has already declared it. Windows 7 for the primary editor, full support, will only be available until 15 January 2015. After this, the second level of support in 2020, will only be available until January 14.

The full support, security, and system development and contains facilities. Cause problems in security, patch file for it, system development and other programs associated with the operation of the facilities provided for the update file.

Help is only a secondary function is based. Security-related patch files are still available. But in the absence of security problems and the files for facilities, fees are celuttinale. No new features will be added in the system. For example, primary and full support for Windows XP, 2009, ended on April 14. Help for vistavi 2012, ended on April 12.

XP and vistavirku, days of the expiration of the second-level support, you Prompt! Support XP, 2014, ends on April 8. Support for vistavi, April 11, 2017 ends in.

Windows 8 In India

Windows 8 In India

Microsoft released Windows 8 operating system at the global level, India has introduced to the market.
I have sold a combined system with computers, Windows will store all of its applications, the customer, can be downloaded via the Internet. Microsoft said it piramanik Bhaskar of India.

Microsoft, with the agreement of companies (Acer, Dell, Fujitsu, HCL, Hewlett Packard, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Wipr, RP Infosystems, Sai Info System, and Zenith Computers) Windows 8 combined computer, teplat physical products are. There are approximately 250 new Windows 8 computer models.
In 100 cities, 2,500 sales centers, which are for sale.

The System Windows anytime upgrade (WAU) whenever the system is able to improve. Kilavt in computing operating system, the Windows user account to the purchaser, which must be registered with the site. Through the mail, calendar, contact, images, and can be based.

In retail, Windows 8 is available in two separate editions of Windows 8 and Windows Pro. Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 system, hardware system that can run Windows with the hold, their system, Windows 8 systems can be upgraded. A fee of Rs .1,999. January, 2013, this offer is only up.
You are one of the personal computer, with Windows 7 system, June 2, 2012, in the period from 31 January 2013 purchase, it paid Rs .699, Windows 8 Pro version can apkiret. Vankiyatanaiyum your computer, its license, on the Microsoft Web site by January 31 to patintirukka. Presumably purchased before June 2 to Rs. 2,150 must pay.

DVD to access this site and use of the system to Windows 8 will have to pay Rs .3,499. This offer is January 31, 2013 till. Since then, these have to be paid on the purchase of Rs .11,000.

With the release of Windows 8, Windows Store is open platform. In particular, the users, the application from the Windows Store, for free and get paid for it. These notable Bharat Matrimony, BigFlix, BookMyShow, Bookyourtable, Burrp, Dhingana, Fastrack Tees, Flyte MP3, Gaana, Goibibo, ICICI Bank iMobile, ICICIDirect, JustEat, MakeMyTrip Explore, MapmyIndia, my airtel, PVR Cinemas, Tarla Dalal, Yahoo Cricket and is Zovi.

There is no need to run a separate Skype account

There is no need to run a separate Skype account

We enjoy talking with friends and relatives through the Internet and Sky Program to help us a lot. To use it, the program namakkena create a user account, the password must be set. Now, it does not need a separate account. Facebook and Microsoft account, enter the function in the Sky program. Recently, Windows 8 will be released a few days ago, Skype announced it. May have to use the same computer. Version 6 also named Sky.

In addition, users of Skype, Windows Live Messenger, Hotmail and Outlook Instant message can be sent with the dot-com and sites.Microsoft, 850 million dollars last year, the company's purchase of Skype. Then, with his software packages, Sky announced program to improve co-directed the change. At its core, established tarpotaiye development. At the same event, Sky version was released for Windows 8 users. As the operating system Windows 8 operating system, set to run Skype package. As Windows 8, and Skype currently has operations in six additional languages.System for Mac, Skype now make more than one department has embarked on Windows. Apple will also support Skype is tispileyinaiyum retina.

Youtube starts paid video service

Youtube starts paid  video service

Google for its Indian customers, a fee will be capable to watch the video on his site. However, Google believes that unless Movies copied seen evil. For the past two years, the fee has been providing services in some countries may be more gradual. In the past six months, Australia, Korea and Japan launched the service.

In this service, many companies acting jointly with the Google company. IRAS Entertainment company already running Google's partner in India, the Google site has pictures of her. At the onset of this service, along with many other companies are interested in connecting with Google. Currently, only some difficulties in the collection of the fee, they quickly solved Service totankap

Google announced it would be.The video received so many people for many years and is in the habit of seeing. Valiyinaiye many images you want to see, and enjoy. Actions debut hereLater, ippalakkattinai that people will begin to take interest Gautam Anand, Google's director, said the company's Asia Pacific division.

Website of the Week - Internet Business Exchange

Website of the Week - Internet Business Exchange

Sriram Group Founders, now, "" the Company'' Sriram viyapar division has begun. The company can not use Internet capable people, it needs to fulfill their offers to the full. Unfortunately "," Sriram viyapar'' ("") launching a Web site.

Real estate, auto sales, travel, credit and financial inheritance, insurance and transfer of business practices that includes several sections of the Web site. Since online, of course, all the people in the service easily, even when they liked, when they vacatippatta, make trade exchange.

90% of people in our country do not have an internet connection facility available. The only people who use the Internet, are used for commercial purposes. ΠThe lack of online help everyone, Sriram viyapar, with a small Internet centers employ agents.

Small ATM. They sit on the central level playing field. Through its operations and customers. Banks pay the money, get a loan, buy travel tickets, pay insurance premiums, buy all the daily tasks that can be performed via the Internet, but very few use it.

Internet agents act in order to get this deficiency viyapar Sriram. 300 centers set up in the first phase. In the next six months, one-third of the 10 southern states, centers, centers set up to run in the next two years, "" plans Sriram viyapar''.

Some features of Windows 8

Some features of Windows 8

In the new operating system, Windows 8 operating system is designed with unexpected features, and we definitely want to know, have not met or the ones in practice, a reader wrote that what is different specialties. The answer here is a small katturaiyakave.
All articles and specific touchscreen, square build system, called Windows Store, etc., and some features can be found here.

1. Antti associated with virus:

Aer 8 system is connected with the new one for the antti virus and security program. The program called Windows Defender, our personal computer virus, malware, Trojan programs and other harmful programs which provide protection. We bought this one alone for a antti virus program, Microsoft announced that there was no need ceytita install on the computer.

2. Battery Back Up, Speed ​​Up Boot:

Windows 8 system, personal computers Ask boot up much faster. Compared with any other operating system can find the speed. Moreover, when the computer starts to run, start running with a list of programs, we will let you open Task Manager. Similarly, the electrical power required to operate the computer with the set and in many ways, in an unwanted position, to reduce power takes on the set. As a result, laptop and notebook computers, PCs teplat, the power usage cikkanamakiratu.

3. Easy Windows 8 Update:

Update the operating system files to be done, and is easily updated and ceytita facility provided on the computer. How is a mobile operating system, the System Update kolkirato update files, as well as improve. Teplat PCs, running vaipi connection where available, can be set up in order to make the update process. Operating System Update, the update file is for application programs. In addition, the new facilities will be released in the files, they can register in the system automatically.

4. Windows store application programs:

Windows 8 Metro application programs, and other programs function as a mobile application. Application software programs running on the computer, like one of these functions. Beginning, Microsoft's Windows R. With the system, application programs a total of 11 have been as a joint program. Through these social sites, Maps, Mail Application, news reports of the facility and the many facilities available.
Windows 8 system is the same in this category, , mobile devices, which run on the same model as the system is designed.

5. The Mobile Personal Computer Games:

After mobile phones, games vilaiyatuvor, much natuvatillai computers. Handheld device, all the facilities are experiencing joy and play. Hence, games, programs, designers, mobile phones have been provided in the design of mobile games category. But, with Windows 8, the games are all running on the mobile device, personal computers, PCs or Ultra Sun teplat available on computers.

6. Windows 8 carms:

Windows 8 running on the system, tune up things you use most often (search, share, start, devices, and PC settings) carms can see it in the area. With one touch operation for which you stand waiting for your command. While you drive any application or program, these techniques all settings, run by a single touch.

7. Windows Explorer:

In previous Windows systems, it brought to the Windows Explorer. It is currently attached to a ribbon. The information on the files, the files are available for additional statistics. While a file Converter, it can get a little time off. Copy the file to be used in the solution to any problem is to be prepared. The way we handled over files and many facilities are now in Windows 8 system.

8. New recovery (recovery) ways:

Windows 8 system, there are new recovery. They are the Refresh and Reset. Operating System of the problem, in some mutakkappatukai, 'Refresh' all the Windows files, and retrieves their previous position. At the same time, computer settings, and application files that are in the state. But, 'Reset' computer to its factory condition carries. I mean, how should the new operating system is set to change that setting. Windows 8 System riinst again in the form of, you do not need to disc media system.
Many new features for Windows 8 system, the movement is. A completely new experience in personal computer system running Microsoft with the intention to be changed, by the system's success. Many more features, new information can be found in the coming weeks.

computer informations

computer informations

Double Layer):

In two layers on one DVD Recordable Data cares term fix. So instead of the normal capacity of these discs, audio cassettes, up to 8.5 gigabytes of information in this post.


Screen or print one image on the monitor to indicate the extent to which there are titeyls term use of this unit. It refers to its pikselkalai on a monitor. For example, in 17-inch monitor, 1024 x 768 piksel it would be. Recalyucan in print form and scanner that many points in a square inch (Dots per inch) also indicates that titeyls. Or a square inch of the place and how many drop out or toner  recalyucan that comes through.

Question and Answer

Question and Answer

When installing programs, some programs, all users are using the computer. Few, if any user account doing the install, only available to the user. The change, to be available to all press?
S.. My. Sikandar, Chennai.

Sikandar, kelviyakki are all facing a problem, thanks. Give several answers to your question. Mentions something here. What version of Windows that you are using does not. Solutions given here, since the ones running XP. Firstly, Windows M.E. (Windows ME) and the previous cistattirkena written some programs, available to all users. Therefore, when you install, you can install Windows from the press at the ministrettar account. If, will be available to all users.Some new programs, vintovileye set-up, install programs made use of all available Set, is not it? Asking the question, will you patilukkerra type setting.
XP uses if, all of a program application to be paid, if the program execution icon, C: \ Documents and Settings \ All Users \ Desktop or C: \ Documents and Settings \ All Users \ Start Menu \ Programs the Boulder Place.In Vista and Windows 7 systems, parental controls, using payanpatuttuvorai control programs. In the Control Panel, User Accounts and act. First, click on Manage Another Account. Then, select akkavunttinai you want to set. Set up Parental Controls and click Next. In this window, Program Limits: Off, or Program Limits: On that view. On or Off Program is available by clicking here means one thing, that user account, you can always use an end. If you click on the User can use all programs, there is no single definition of the use of the program. User can only use the programs I allow it by clicking on the list of programs available. The select.

I bought the Samsung Galaxy S 3. In it, the screen displays the available and how to take a screen shot?
My. Stalin, Coimbatore.

 It only occasionally, such as questions from readers about being mobile. This is a good question. A good smart phone using the Android operating system. Good. Now let's see how to take a screenshot. Power button, press the Home button at the same time. In a few seconds, you hear a noise as the camera click on the image to bring it out. Display the screen you want, save images in the gallery has become. Other Android phones, the volume button and press the power button. This is the difference between Galaxy S 3 system.

I have a Gmail account. In this work, we need to remember how to put on? Set so that you can always have a friend. Please show the way.
My. Bryan queen Lata, Tirupattur.

If you want, you can keep a memento Gmail register on the site. The Gmail "Tasks" or calls to your to do list. Create it, you work to be done, for the day, and set up tips. To set this, in Gmail, on the left side of the screen in the "Compose" button near the "Gmail" and click Next. The "Tasks" and click. Gchat box on the right side of the screen to open a window. Work to be reminded that you are here, and set the appropriate days.

I have created a few Word Documents in accetukkai, in quotation marks, the quotation marks correctly visible print. In some cases, instead of the codes accakinrana other codes. The solution was unable to ask others. Can you help?
Dr. K.. Sheila Mohan, Srirangam.

Good question. It would have been a problem for many people. Quotation marks will appear on the screen as well, may accakamal, or be bold, black as the # accakalam. There are several reasons for this. Word to see how you would set that utilizes quotes. Regular reference mark, Word is understood by a specific code number. The problem occurs. Word Smart Quotes feature in your collection if you drive, cited signs of being on the start position and end position, based on the understanding by the index number. These indexes  certain character types. For example, Courier font type which is not on. Therefore, when the printing,  or other character sets an index.

This will give two solutions. Set your takumenttinai in another case. For example, Courier instead, Courier New font type for the set. In this case, the correct codes are set for the quotation marks.
If you decide to use a courier eluttuvakaiyai, Smart Quotes option to cancel the press. Click on the Office Button. Later, Word Option click on. Now the Word, the Word Options dialog Bagh. Click on the left hand side of the ceytituka Proofing. Next, Auto Correct and click. Auto Correct dialog box is now available. The
Teppinai select the Auto Format As You Type. Here is Straight Quotes with Smart Quotes remove the tick mark. Next, click OK to exit.

chrome browser, a Web site that is closed, the pressure immediately open to any kikalai?
R.. Radhika, Puducherry.

All piravucarkalilum way the process works the same key. Ctrl + Shift + T (Ctrl + Shift + T) kikalai Press. The site will be opened then closed immediately. In my previous site, again press the same kikalai. We can open the previous sites. Shortcut keys for this package Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and operate at all.

I am studying at the Polytechnic College. When using my laptop computer, my friends, if I do not install programs. Impacting. Give a separate account, execute it on my account. How to prevent this? Oh my. S.. Windows 2007.
De. Karthik, Sivakasi.

Windows 7 PC Safeguard the system to use the program. This program will kencal all of the changes made by others.Check the Control Panel> User Accounts and Family Safety> User Accounts> Manage another account> Create a new account go to create a new account. Then press LINUX PC Safeguard on that account. The driver then click Apply. Lock-in of the new account and make the above changes. If you install a program and press download. After installing the program, you have to ristart. What happy!

Personal Brake

Personal Brake

Windows 8 features a completely new article has been on the show. This system provides all the news and features cirappakattan seems to be reading this. Continue to write them.
Q.. Nanaraj, Tirupur.

Web Site facility might still reluctant to use the internet scams, Online Banking using the many online business because of the fear of fear to take action. These centers help to begin to understand Sriram, surely it will provide a big change.
C. Jeyalasmi, Madurai.

Skype, Microsoft came after the company's control, the situation is already expected from the Microsoft Passport. The announcement is too late now.
My. Subsidized Mary, Tambaram.

Windows 7 is still a good idea of ​​how long the article shows the flow. Habituated us to use computer, Microsoft will continue to trade with it the right of a trader.
Pera. C. Sivapragasam, Chennai.

Warning proper advice about mobile phone radiation.  people often releasing it.
The. Nilamekam, cinnalapatti.

In an article warning of the risk of radiation to mobile phone, children's soft nature of the bone, radiation to the high quality of the information available is shocking. Thank you for publishing it.
My. Rajendran, Coimbatore.

Hyphen, in the case of many types Dashes! Each descriptor is written very well. After reading so many days without knowing it was a shame that . Thank you for the information.
Ka. Chandra Sekaran, Villupuram.

According to information you can change the video file, file, and very good performance. I need several days to resolve the program pointed out. I will be using later.
Q.. S.. Cukumaran, HOSUR.

Answer the question in part, on mobile phone sales statistics, typifies future of mobile business. The belief that people can work in the business, has generously irankalam.
Ira. If paccaim, Sivakasi.

Skype has its growth to a page, another page of our government, Skype users, warning that the virus is stored under attack. Our friends in foreign countries, Skype to talk with relatives has given us a favor. When it will be available through the use of apattinri.
C. Dear Miss, Dharmapuri.

And much much more information about Windows 8 continue to fall in circulation are provided. Thus, it will be easier for readers to use. In particular, a good guide for those working in the office are your tips and articles. Thank you.
The. Murthy shrine, Chengalpattu.

New to computers? - Computer Crash problems Reviews

New to computers? - Computer Crash problems Reviews

In many cases, the screen turns blue suddenly become a computer crash. Or it will lock the screen display. Sometimes the screen Fatal error: the system has become unstable or is busy, "it says. "Enter to return to Windows or press Control Alt Delete to restart your computer. If you do this you will lose any unsaved information in all open applications. "Get the message. Blue Screen of Death that this is in computer language. That is why this can be found here.

1. Hardware problem:

Co-operate in many parts of the computer. In some cases, these entangle will stop running if there is a problem. Conducts its operations through a path to each device. Generally, a computer will be at least 16 such ways. The only way in which the two devices (printer, key board / mouse) when taking the movement will stop. This occurs Start> Settings> Control Panel> System> Device Manager and look at that, the problem is the name of the device appears in front of a yellow-colored surprise. In Device Manager, click on the computer, using the channel of ways. R.. Qu number is displayed. That's where the problem is, if the same number twice. What is the solution? But if the device manually install and re-install it.

2. Ram Memory Chips:

The new Ram Ram memory chip inflate inaittiruppom one. They may be different from each other but are faster. Fatal Exception Error may occur when the condition is unlikely to go along with them. By relative movement of the parts of the computer, open the BIOS settings, Ram ticti Lot t t t die nu slightly raised position. Or chips can run at the same speed.

3. Hard Disk Drive:

On the order of a few weeks of starting to use the hard disk begins to crumble. Unnecessary temporary files logged. Citariyapati files are stored. The operating speed of the hard disk will not be able to run in parallel. It's possible to crash. The hard disc must be cleaned frequently. The tipirak (Defrag) to press. PG delete unnecessary files on drive C with the appropriate programs.

4. Video card:

In some cases, when Crash Fatal OE exceptions and VXD errors will get the message. This is caused by video kartin. To avoid this, reduce recalyucanai video display. Start> Settings> Control Panel> Display Settings screen to the Barry area stop in the left corner. The Color Settings and set at 16 bit.

5. Virus:

Computer Crash due to the vairaskale. Right antti install one antivirus program, update it periodically to prevent this is to do. Boot sector viruses will spoil many. The computer can not iyakkave. So at this point I like to create a Windows start-up disk, keep on hand.

6. Printer:

In many cases, computers are becoming crash in taking prints. Printers due to the very low level memory is to be papar. And a little more than computer printers that use the power of the CPU. With so many jobs out printing work, or sending large amounts of data to the printer caused the crash. We normally unseen characters that carry the printer print head is the problem. Hold for 10 seconds to power up the printer, then run again.

7. Software:

Or poorly made without fully installing software packages, the computer may crash. But if you must install them correctly. They are not related taxes, and from the registry, this is captverinai operators to bring in a computer crash. Ceytitavena designed registry cleaning programs must correctly with. The economic need to re-install Windows or movement.

8. High temperatures:

Cipiyukkal are now fitted with a small electric fan  CPU heat generated during operation. CPU overheats, the victim of high kulircciyin, kernel error (Kernel Error) that caused a problem. In general, the speed at which it is desired to operate than a CPU operating at high speed, the CPU sets were caused by excessive heat problem. To reduce the speed of the CPU to the BIOS settings.

9. E flow:

With the smooth flow of electrical devices to a computer, but does not produce, is more likely to crash. So right UBS. And with Scientology purataktar avoid this.

Google gives In addition to Mail Facility

Google gives In addition to Mail Facility

Recently Google's Gmail site, has new additional features. Currently available tests are run, refined patuttappattu soon as we complete them with some of the facilities available. They can be found here.
Gmail users, after their site, click Compose a new email message to send. Is available on site, a message box above the stage, To, Try out the new compose experience to see a new message. Clicking here will produce a new type of message that the grid can always get a description.

The clicks back to your Gmail siteNew comes up. There, New Message is a side view of the new box.
When you are done typing the name of the recipient, the letter addresses of all the available line. The new facility will think what? In your Gmail friends, if any patintirunt image, pottovinai registered, they will be displayed. Thus, if two Krishnan, they have identified the pottovinai, you can always click on the correct address. This facility, CC, and BCC is the regulation. Therefore, we will not send the wrong people, and quickly set up the mailing address. Moreover, at the address shown on line, we need to drag the mouse cursor to the address on the left of the stage.

Also, by clicking on the icon in the Message Format A parmattin tools can do. Change font size, bold, underline, bullet can be used in all facilities. Click on the icon Gem clip, attach files. Click on the + icon, alongside images of writing messages, post photos.

Similarly reply, Forwarding ways as shown in facilities. Emoticon connection soon, Invitation, Label, Message, approved for reading and sending inaikkappatavullana way.In addition to the above features, at the same time I send different emails are opened. Apsanum be able to run the Church. Previously, different from a mail message, or read and write lines to show it in me, and save having to write, read and then tracked down the old mail, then re-save the message to be set up. I do not need it. The only vintovileye, new news, old news search, watch and take everything.

Yes, it is freed from the regular grid to palaiyapatiyana Sendmail must be what? In the message box, click the icon on the right side must be under. A pop-up window is available. On top of this, "Switch Back to Old Compose" If I click on that, a new site will be available again in your Gmail.This new feature, available to all users of Gmail. But, how many people used it. Hey! Yes!! I know that many people have not even seen viyappatu. seen now!

Website of the Week - Play Quiz

Website of the Week - Play Quiz

Nikalcciyay television quiz to see if any events, we can also be thought of that. Their desire to go, there are some sites on the Internet. At the base of this type in the address of are specially designed. Clear sec is like a game. Pop Music, Movies, Geography, Science, Computers, Literature, and Classical Music Quiz package provides the classes. Be the first to select the partition you want to. Later, the unit will begin in the second question. In some sections, and some sections will be available to select. For example, Geography Division, if taken, Africa, America, Asia, Europe, General, Oceania, and the World of given categories. Select the partition you want.

Next Quiz Quiz displayed in the interface. The question is, given four answers. You have to select your answer, it can be shown that. If incorrect, the correct answer to what is said. The quiz at the end of the event, you will be given a score based on the grade. High grade A +. Low-grade F. What are you ready to play a quiz? In the absence of anything and play with your children. But they would be less fun to score.

7 million Android Application programs

7 million Android Application programs

Google's Android operating system, the so far published 7 lakh as application programs, Google announced. The company's aio S. Apple. Application of Parallel System for Google said that Android applications.
Smart phone operating system market will be worth USD 21.901 billion. The Apple, Google and Microsoft are competing companies to increase their stock.

Google the company for the time being, the smart phone market, has a 65% stake. For teplat PC, Google's Nexus 7, is so far beyond the number of 10 million. In the coming week, Google released its Nexus 4 is a smart phone and Nexus 10 teplat PCs. Google, teplat application programs for PCs to publish a large number of them, has asked developers to work on this section. The use of the Android system, Google plans to change the system that is revealed with more features.

Apple, Google denied the company's announcement. Aio S. her. Application System will be a large number of purokiramkale. It said about last week, which started in 2008, will be reported on in the Apple store for application programs, and has so far given 650 million dollars. But, now Google's Nexus line of smart phone and teplat speed on PCs, you can expect that it will lead to the front.

To retrieve files and destroying the doubts

To retrieve files and destroying the doubts

Personal computer application, all we want is for deleting files that can be easily obtained and restored. A few, say that you can not get everything. But, it'd take them do not accept the reasons. The prevailing suspicion is correct, that they can be found here.

1. Ricaikkil after deleting all of the files:

On Windows, the recovery tank ricaikkil then, is to help us as a friend. We bring to bear destroying files, helps to recover them again. Tankuma deleting all the files go in? I can not answer yes to that question. Cycle after re not all file types. You tried to delete a large file or folder, it will re cycle then the message will be displayed to you. If a very large file, I deleted it, not to re bicycle behind. Similarly, deleted files from the command line is invalid for re bicycle behind. This file will not be cleared by remote control.

2. Before deleting application files can not hear:

Update when application programs, enhancing the old files. By promoting them, and destroys old Biel, Destroy? We hear some option. The files will be erased and re Cycle give the shelter.

Back up files is a good habit to take our time. Portable Hard Drive, Flash Drive, CDs and magnetic tape on the back of pick-up. In taking this, in place of the old files, update the files takes place. Where are the old files? Be completely destroyed. We want to get them back. In this type of cycle after re not help us.

4. Office files updated, get back in the old format:

A collection of the most beautiful features of Microsoft Office suite. It is frequently updated, we get. Thus, Documents created in older versions, the new versions of patikkappatukai, is transferred to the new parmattirku. For example, in one set of Office 2007, Document, is making one of his friend. He reads it on his computer in the Office 2010 package. Document changes to the format. Changes in the document, and sends it back to nanparukke. If he is, it can not be read in its Office 2007 suite. To him, if he is not the old format document, the document file, alintatutan. Available again. Change parmattinai in Office 2010, the old format file containing the document, go to the back of the re cycle.

5. Data Recovery Program help?

Many programs can recover data from deleted files available on the Internet. The extent to which they can redeem for deleting files? These functions will redeem in any situation? Kuriye question. In most cases, they do not provide a complete success. Does not fully recover.

6. That erased the file:

If a file is deleted, the data in them, and stays there. First
If what is being destroyed, the data is information about the location of stay. The place can now announce that the new data is written. Therefore, in the place until new data is written, the data stay. Restore them at that stage. But, some of the data in any of accommodation units even if new data is written, the old file, I doubt that we are strung.

This system can harm us. Because deleted data, we are not able to capture. If you do not know the type of data the others, is harassing us. Some instances highlighted above. Cycle back and re-pack the extent to which such facilities are used to recover files that have seen us. Now some application programs, files deleted at any time in any circumstances, to redeem them that the advertised offer. After witnessing an act of nature, that they can correct the possibilities.

Windows XP Age now 12

Windows XP Age now 12

Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system is very proud to release ceremony held last October 25. But on that day, Windows XP, celebrated his 11th birthday. 2001, October 25, Microsoft released its very best with Windows XP. Throughout the day at the acclaimed release of Windows 8, Microsoft employees certainly forgotten it. In another 18 months, Microsoft, XP, the system is forced to retire.

If the application is complete XP computer will not, I must say that dispelled. To the many problems experienced in the use of the Windows system, the mamaniyay able, get XP. Solve many problems, simple, multiple skills system was equipped. According to Web metrics company in September of last month, 45 percent of them in computers, Windows XP has been used. Windows 7 system, since last August, has been used more than XP. Consequently, Microsoft expects to reduce the use of XP. Itarkerrarpola, since June 2011, its customers, using new hardware, operating system Windows 8 system notifications had to be changed. Internet Explorer browser, designed to static on XP.

2014 April 8, Microsoft is going to stop all aid for XP. Microsoft only provides application programs designed varupavarkalum, XP, they offer the solution to problems in running is going to run.
If so, the companies are still using XP, change their systems take? Use or continue to take the risk? To answer this question, it can be in 2014. But, anyway, followed by 10% to 15% of the computers running on XP systems that were studied.

Many companies have taken the decision as to what this change when, at 60%, Windows 7 cistattirkum, commented that 26% of people will switch to Windows 8. 14% of people said that Windows XP
Say that the system will not switch from Windows XP, computer application is considered by many as the loss of many modern facilities.

What is the concept behind valupperru than others. It's okay, it's our job to be sure that enough are kurupavarkalum. This concept will have to wait until April 2014 to the end of the conflict. Until then, Windows XP, and it will bring smiles.

40 million Windows 8 achieves in a year

40 million Windows 8 achieves in a year

About Windows 8 touch-screen operation, there are two different concepts, Windows 8 system does not reduce the number of maruvor. Released in just four days, was 40 million Windows 8 license download, Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer said. The number of licenses is to download these individuals. Many charter companies that received millions of licenses. Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 for application developers to write programs that satisfy the harm he has success.

Netpiks, Hulu, and eBay are evarnot noted that already gave several application programs. Within the first year, 40 million new devices, the Windows 8 operating system expects.

Windows 7, since its release in 2009, sold 70 million versions. Teplat picikkalilum running Windows 8, orant of 40 million, many people commented that happen is kutiyatakave.

Android History Reviews

Android History Reviews

On November 5, the Android introduction, ending five years. One Google announced the Open Handset Alliance, introduced the Android system. Based on Linux, the system used in smart phones, Android was introduced. He has also entered the stage, the movements of the mobile phone market, the development of the first place Favorite Android system can be viewed here.

Android (Android 1.0):

HTC is very popular in the country Dream It first ran on the phone.
Today in the initial stage of the recent Android system is that, no one will believe. There was also this little resemblance to today's antray system. It was released in September 2008.

Cupcakes away 1.5):

After a good dinner, eating sweets and ice cream and mixed fruit cocoon Dessert (Dessert) to be called in English. All the names of the Android system, whose name has been set up. The Start "," cup CAKES began as away''. Was released in April 2009. Donut (Donut 1.6):

Additional piksel recalyucan screen display, mobile data usage more efficient, vaipi connection and included many improvements. In September 2009, it debuted in existence.

Eclair 12.0/2.1):

The line of Android system, making more changes, this version went to number 2. Donut was released, it was released in October 2009 in a month. There was widespread for the Android system.

Fryo 2.2):

May this version, released in 2010. In many of its key features, Flash support, yuespi Vaipi of port and can support hot spot. In addition to the ability to set up multiple active movements.


December, Ginger Bread System, released in 2010, a full-featured Android system was changed. A recent field communication (near field communication) was added. Even now, most devices running on Android system, the Ginger Bread operating system.


This new version of Android that the system will not be able to complete. But the system was changed to run on the Google teplat PC. The holo ("Holo") user interface got a little merukuttappattu. This is the Android version still comes from the beginning. This version, released in February of 2011.

Icecream Sandwich 4.0):

In October, the system was released in 2011, became a focal Google teplat movements of both PC and smart phone. Adapted throughout interphase. Many new features were introduced. The 1080p video recording, face unlock, and which for Chrome browser.

Jelly Bean4.1):

Jelly Bean the last few months ago, only the use of Google users, and to have established its main purpose. In the name of Project Butter, fixes some minor bugs mantappatuttiya system performance. Certain kinds of information, will find an assortment of "cards" have been introduced in this regard.

Key Lime Pie (Key Lime Pie (?)):

To be published soon, spoken in large scale Android 4.2 version of the system. Development of a completely new version preceding version, which will be or not to be. But, all Android users, as it will certainly be expecting a completely new version.

computer tips

computer tips

Normal template:

Word is set when starting a new document is opened and we are ready to use? This set-up is called the Normal template ana. This slate is the basis of all Documents. If you change this, all of the changes made with the new Documents templettaiye to keep the new Normal template. Word Normal template package you install this file in the directory will be made. If you do not destroy the package file to create a new Normal template file.

Control Panel:

(Control Panel) is a tool for Windows that this is given in the Start Menu. The basic functionality of Windows movement can be refined. As well as personal computers and associated devices regulated nature.


(Driver) Windows and other operating systems and digital devices (printer, mouse, flash drive, etc.), contact the software program required. Operating systems like Windows Driver files for various devices already available patiyappatte. In the absence of such a CD with these devices will be given in the TRI for them.

Question - Answer

Question - Answer

 Some of my Gmail contact addresses, there are more than one. They do not know how that happened. How these together, as one person put in the addresses?
C. Kala Sona, Chennai.

Contact Duplicate addresses in Gmail occur in several ways. If some problems, that have taken place once, I have studied all the contact duplicate addresses. In some cases, we hurried, same address, create more than one number. Phone number, address change and update ceykaiyilum, since they duplicate. Yes, you can see how to connect to the merger.
Opened in Gmail, Gmail, near to the right side and click on the small arrow mark. Select the Contacts menu that is available. Press the More button in the Contacts section, select Find & merge duplicates found. Will now merge merge duplicates and click on the dialog box. To the same address, two phone numbers, email addresses, if they are to achieve the objectives of obstruction.

 I HP p6210f Quad Core (Win 7 7) is the system. It has 6 GB memory install. But, System Info (System Info) in vision, "Installed Memory 6GB (2 GB Usable)" shows that. Do memory test, and acts very right. Converter also saw slot. The same message is available. Where is the problem? Yuvila CB?
De. Jeyacin Daniel, Madurai.

 This problem may be the display of system information, or it may be a different problem. Two ways can be viewed here. The first work, the task bar, right-click. Click on the Task Manager, select the menu will be available. Select the tape performance. See what is shown in the Physical Memory. The Total 6000 (or about) the show, that means everything is OK. You see, your operating system, on the day of its application, that uses memory are displayed.

Showing that the total memory, 2048 GB, and is setting the Start-up is a problem. Settings are set to use 2 GB of memory only. We need to change this. In the Run window, type msconfig and press Enter.
msconfig window, boot click on the tape. In that window, click on the Advanced options will be available again. Maximum memory cekpaks here on the set there is no tick mark. Probably, your computer has to check in, that is why, the whole memory is not being displayed. Mark the tick, and then click OK to exit. Computer now to His voice. Now, the entire memory is available.

 My computer runs on Windows XP. Nowadays it is often the system, voice becomes. No other nuisance. But the specific program, while many programs are not re-boot. More Internet connection (broadband) It occurs when there are? What is the reason?
C. Mutturaj, Karaikal.

If a guest in our home, we often  house. To place the furniture. It's like this. Guests have your personal . The renewal of their house. What do not you understand? On your computer Blaster, Sasser virus or any one else would. If so that would tell you, this may be other reasons. But, mostly vairaskale cause this problem. If these viruses, what the outcome will be, what must we clearly explains that the Microsoft entity kilkkuritta two sites. I have read, and to act accordingly. Or, again, Windows XP or any other operating system Hard Disc format printing.

My friend's personal computer, press the Start icon on Windows XP System is a remake. When one says that he created. How do I create it? Third party have its own program? Information and data.
C. Yokalasmi, Chennai.

Windows XP system, press the re start, press the Start button, available window, press the appropriate button ristart, sloth famous, or head over to the work, as it can cause icon.
In the empty space on the desktop, right-click. The "New" under the "Shortcut" click Mail. Now the "Create Shortcut" dialog box will be available. In the "Type the location of the item" as that place you right in the shutdown rt 01 and press enter. In the next dialog box "Next" button click. The next dialog box "Select a Title for the Program" will change that.
The "Type a name for this shortcut" to the name of the place you want. It is understandable that the Restart or Restart Computer or Shut It Down or Bring It Up! May be. In the next dialog box in the "Next" button click. Now an icon in your given name, will be available on the desktop.
If you double-click it, and the computer "voice" is. But, as always if you have to start re-running programs can save, close and then re good to start.

My father (69) had taught to the computer. Word, notpet sets in small letters. But, the cursor tutikkamal, asking to be stable. Can I change this? He uses the computer running XP.
R.. Shankar, Tirupur.

 I appreciate both of you. Ariyattan point where writing is on the desktop, plotting cursor (blinking) on ​​the set type. In particular, it will help your father-year-old people. However, you want to fulfill your father's desire to give the answer. "Start" button, clicking, available in the menu "Settings" in that select "Control Panel" click on.
If you are in the Control Panel in Category View, "Printers and Other Hardware", and click. Or Keyboard "click on the icon. Now with several tapes, "Keyboard Properties" window will be available in the tape. The "Speed" and select the teppinai. The "Cursor blink rate" slider on the left hand side ("None") will bring up the place. Next, click OK to exit. Cursor will no longer be animated. But, after this set, your father would want tutippatanaittan cursor. If you wish to do so, as shown above, go back, "Cursor blink rate" slider to set the desired level.

Personal Brake

Personal Brake

I know it gives excellent facilities for Android users. It provides up your article. Expect to continue to write about its special properties.
Doctor. S.. Blessings, Puducherry.

The name is a way to be very ruciyanat Android packages. This would be similar to the use of incentive packages.
Pera. De. Mahadevan, Madurai.

Company's expectations with regard to the use of Microsoft Windows 8 is full of meaning. It fulfilled its goals. The operating system is still spoken in ten antukalukka.
De. Pavithran, Kumbakonam.

Continue to provide news about the XP system, it will continue to delight us trouble. 11 years, however, there are still many things I putiyavaiyakave this system.
C. Nitirajan, Coimbatore.

How can retrieve deleted files that caused the commotion in my mind. But, given the information you absolutely true. Before deleting files no longer need to be careful.
My. Elilaraci, Tirupur.

The History of Android system, in which 7 lakh for the application, the Android system mobile phones given to special Android magazine this week. Smart phone app, Android provides facilities, every week, pattiyalitumaru request.
Ka. Thamilarasan, Chidambaram.

Trivia Quiz site is very useful. We used to improve general knowledge. Some sites provide more information about it.
R.. Shivraj Mano, Madurai.

Google's new compose the facility is very good, sir. Wrote after you read, click on it used. Some emails, and much more to help set up new emails. Superb still images to the addresses. Google sudden abrupt than those provided by the new facilities, we will hold them for a group of your teacher, thank you on behalf of readers.
B. Pankaj Kumar, Chennai.

Computer Crash patarrattirku but caused no bounds. Information to be given a warning article. In categories no longer be alert to be careful to learn the lesson learned.
Q.. Padmanabhan, Kumbakonam.

There are programs that make installing all the routes in question and answer section, tirvay problem is that many days. Thank you.
C. Snekalata, Chennai.

Unable to recover deleted files in the description, is indicative of the mistakes we make. It is a warning to be careful.
Fruit. Muthu Shanmugam, Karaikudi.

I am going to buy a computer with Windows 8 studded with flowers on the computer. Following each week Tips, Tricks, and new ways to use it. Request.
Pain. Baskaran, Madurai.

file character information

file character information

We understand the nature of Biel Biel prapparttis use the department. Select the file, right-click on its name in the Properties section, click on the message and learn expanding. Some of the properties files, kanumpotutan elements, so that I can count amaittirukkalame. For example, a size that still think Save in a different format that could have or plan. If so, Computer, we are going to save this file and, if such components, how much comfort and good looks. This feature gives us the computer. Word on the package make it. Let those ways.

Please click on Tools and select Options. The tepai click Save. Prompt for Document Properties window will identify the place tick straight out and click OK. Save the file in the Document Properties ceytitukaiyilum Each image will no longer be available titeyls.Information about you to anyone in the Tahoe Properties filed menttai created. If it is not set in a way that they can be recorded. Click on Tools and select Options and then click the Security tepai. Remove personal information from the properties on save that which select OK and exit the tick.

You saw the same thing as a file on a computer that is not on the My Recent Documents? If the file as you see here is not to enter Ctrl + O and then press Open Documents. The command window will be available on the left page, click on the My Recent Documents. Tools on the right side of the window that will then be visible in the drop-down window, click on the Clear Documents History of the tick and then click OK to exit.

Target of Rs .2500 crore Google advertising income in india.

Target of Rs .2500 crore Google advertising income in india.

By advertising in Indian languages ​​in the year Rs. Your company has set a target to acquire 2,500 crore. Now I realize that much of the English language through the Internet with Google, tiruppiyullatu Indian Languages ​​page of his attention.The first step to achieve this goal, the standard fonts for Indian languages ​​to develop, in consultation with the Government and Tamil are the originators of digital characters.

No additional reach the customers, are planning to provide more local information section of the company's head of Google India, Rajan Anandan said. Input Indian languages ​​have been making efforts to develop new methods of technology.Fonts in this category is a major challenge. Ventiyatullatu to find ways to shrink. If the Hindi language in this way, it can be input on the technical facilities have been established on the Android system. Key board is not required.

Globally, Internet usage, India is in third place with 13 Three hundred and 70 million users. 40 million people will be smart phone users via the Internet. Already on the Internet through the use of smart phone users in India are 2 Three hundred 70 million people.The frequency of use of Internet bandwidth is a problem retrieving the required level, many people seek intarnettinaiye via smart phone.

Another is the growing medium of video on the Internet. Google's video site company yutyu the number of users is growing rapidly. Three hundred 30 million people currently are 3. 15 million people have joined the new month.India has been increasing interest in the use of their languages ​​intarnettinai see. Internet customers in India rising, the online business to get customers. In the last year, Rs 1,500 crore through advertisements in online trading sites was undertaken. This is expected to increase to Rs 2,500 crore this year. But, in order to make and serve 30 million users, pauperism was to increase Internet bandwidth here. Therefore, using the technique of throwing summarize, ventiyatullatu to modern ways. In particular, information on the Internet, it is necessary to Indian languages.

In India, with at least five workers running small and medium enterprises are a Three hundred 20 million. But, so far, only one million companies have well established web sites. Google so far has helped make it one lakh 50 thousand business entities in the internet. Providing the necessary software programs to create Web sites, corporate web sites on the Internet, register for free one-year option allows this. In 2014, the number of such companies has set a target to increase to 5 million.The advertising revenues of Rs 2,500 crore in the next year is expected to reach. Rajan Anandan told this information.

Akash teplat PC at the United Nations

Akash teplat PC at the United Nations

India, traditional myths and stories out of the limelight, modern equipment design and international organizations show that there does not exists in the first place. Designed here, the price low teplat piciyinai introduced at the United Nations. The Android version 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) patikkappatum. By its very low cost, ultra-modern facilities that can provide people in India, is shown in front of the world countries.

Provided with the hardware devices, the teplat PC only, takes place on a world scale to be much cheaper. It will be introduced on November 28. Wind designed by the Company's Chief Data Officer, suneet Singh, UN At headquarters, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon before the show is on. Show Akash teplat piciyinai implemented, but also provided some member states this.

Price of Rs 1,500, the SIM card with the application, which is available with modern facilities is not always available for our Indian camaniyan. With the availability of the battery will continue to use four at a time, and we know without electricity, will continue to be available free of PC and Internet usage.

Live messanger close And Skype Open

Live messanger close And Skype Open

Microsoft in the early 2013, has announced it is closing its Windows Live Messenger feature. It all users, Skype instructed to use package. All contact addresses in Messenger, Skype Program now provides the ability to change.

Right now, the contact addresses in the Sky Messenger users can take. Two users, both addresses, Skype integrated into the package.Customers use our experience to improve the facilities of the package at the same time, trying to simplify it.

Tony Bates, Skype's president announced that the alternative arrangement exists.i pad package picikkalilum teplat use Skype and Android. The connection can be made ​​to landline phones. Video calls can be more than one group.Skype and Live Messenger There is more information about the connection. Microsoft plans to provide additional facilities for a fee to use Skype.However, customers using Messenger raised many questions.

Skype has the ability to handle all Messenger customers? All facilities are available in Messenger, Skype is available in the package? Said that. The answer could be available soon. Niruvattinai Skype, Microsoft acquired in October 2011. Of $ 850 million was paid.

Online video classrooms

Online video classrooms

The lessons will be held at the War College atikkirata you? Amarntavaru can continue to listen to them? Patankalukkumana video online for you all the classrooms, Course Notes, animated lessons way, online examinations to test professional, audio lectures to learn all the way to one of the web site is run by enthusiasts.

All true science lessons Professors teaching in educational institutions, such as those given to the video classrooms. Physics, Chemistry, mets and statistics, Biology, Medicine, Computer Science, Engineering, Accounting and Management, dental medicine, nursing, psychology, history, language lesson that almost all courses are available in this site.

Physics, Chemistry and Biology lessons are taught lessons to the animation system. It can be fun to learn these lessons with explanations. These lessons and Medical, Computer Science Course Notes also available.
Medical entrance exams for students to read and write at a high level for the selection and training is provided online. Yuesemeli, emarcipi, Masters patappatippukal sample exams for entrance exams are conducted online.

This site has been developed to be very useful for all students. It is an excellent platform for students in career planning altitude extended a helping hand to get up. The address

Windows 7 service pack is no longer

Windows 7 service pack is no longer

Usually its Windows operating system service pack that Microsoft will release the new files. They offer new features and fix bugs in existing message. But, Microsoft announced that Windows 7 system will not release any service pack.Windows 7 Service Pack 1 was released already in the system. Service Pack 2 was released just in time to be, at Microsoft, announced that the service pack to form a working group on.

Windows XP service pack was released three systems. Vistavirku received two to go. But with one of the Windows 7 system is stopped.One operating system, service pack release, Microsoft is a complex task that takes more time. And if Windows 8 veliyakivittat, Microsoft expects its customers to switch to it. In order to provide additional features, Windows 7 Service Pack release, Windows 8 system switch, Microsoft wants customers to be disposed.

Back serviced in one of the hundreds of available files will develop unique features. If these separately, several problems arise in the development of the organization and the customer system. This system service pack, Microsoft brought. The second service pack, no notification that Windows 7 system, for the development of small files, Windows 7 to be closed, customers expect Microsoft to publish. Let's see.

Virus in India via Skype

Virus in India via Skype

Computer running under the Ministry of Communications Emergency Assistance Team (Computer Emergency Response Team (CERTIn)), and the use of Skype in India, came to warn of harmful spam mail. The spam has been rapidly spreading now.

It is only in India running fast. Contact addresses of those who use Skype as a message from the message is available. Any one of which would have given link. If you click it, harmful virus program, vantamarntu computer is on. After the program, personal information will be given on the computer, the Internet, and Bank Accounts, User name and password for the remote server sends the other.

The operator and, from there, to the control of the affected computer in order to run the virus program.
To avoid this, please use the recently published download the Skype program. Contact Address Skype instant messages from friends and relatives do not click on the link. Do not download files sent to the press in the instant message. Antti virus update package and, as always, keep iyakkiyapati mercollappatta system of the Ministry of Communications has warned.

Word on the speed set

Word on the speed set

Use our computer, we use the Internet in parallel. S.. Office suite. All of which use a set of Word. Everyone has a basic knowledge of typing and computer use in general, using the Word program. Class with no special training for this, do not go alone. Thus, using Word's features are only 10 percent of the facilities. Our jobs easier, faster and more tools to work with MS Word. Tulparkalilum menukkalilum extended to all buried because many people do not find them. After throwing them, how to use the teriyatatan, using the left. To use some of these can be found here. Word 2003, Word 2007, and in 2010, a few tools and packages can be found here

1. Time left to use the template:

In Word, the template in preparing document called, to construct a model. We often use the Document, letters, and these can be used to cover up the text. Word of the beautiful, has a useful templates.
In Word 2003, click File, their use, and then click New. Some facilities are now displayed on the right page of a section. Here 'On my computer' click on the link. In the small window titled template available here. The title displayed for several types. You can select the required template. Or select any one, Create New Document radio button in the Select section. After you click OK to set the template for the document available.

In Word 2007, Office button, select, New and click. In the Installed Templates list, select the available means. In Word 2010, File> New> Sample Templates to that. Select any template, and then click Create button.

In some templates, have shown how to handle it. But this is no problem. Instructions for handling required. Documents in which the text is set up as you have to press Save. Save a takumenttinai any press, F12 key to press. File type drop-down menu will be available later on, Word Template that press select Save.

2. Operate in two areas of document:

Documents of the largest in the running, figuring it would take two different categories of amendments. Each time, doing Scroll to pages within paluvinai work, in many cases, get up early to go to class. Word provides a simple way for this one. At the same time, in one document, open two sections, provides a way to operate. The screen, at the same time, the two sections of the document viewing facility, which is also available in the work. This feature can be obtained as follows.

In Word 2003, Window and click, Split select. In Word 2007 and Word 2010, View and click, Split select. Mouse cursor, in a separate document, in any place you want to go there, click leptin. Now the document is displayed in two sections. These two sections separately, rolling, let's go down. Make amendments. Note sum.

Change is divided into place, click on the line that separates both, can pull a new place. To remove this section, a line segment with the mouse cursor, drag the document to the top or bottom. Or get the menu shown above, you can always click on the Remove Split.

3. send a separate letter to the people:

In many cases, you'll need to send the same letter to many text. But, it is common for a letter to be sent, it will be circulated. The name of each of the calling relationship, and address tayarittale set, it becomes personal for the love letter. The feature in Word Mail merj (Mail Merge) provides the name.
To get this in Word 2003, Tools available by clicking on the menu, Letters and Mailings, select that. That then select Mail Merge. Word 2007/2010 on the tape, click the Mailings, Start Mail Merge, click the button. In many cases, this window will taraventiyat ennavena your needs. Whoever wants to send you their name, call name, all addresses in a file, set up to print. Merj by mail, email, letter envelopes, address labels, and make a list of all of that.

4. Documents found in the vicinity of two sets:

Many times we compare two Documents, amendments merkolvom. In these cases, we want to see them throwing Documents feature in Word is the same screen.
This feature, get in Word 2003, open the Documents you want to see. Later, Window and click. Next, Compare Side by Side Select that. Now two takumentkalum, with half tiraiyilcari will be displayed. If one of the Scroll, Scroll is one more thing. If this feature to stop, Compare Side by Side toolbar will be on the left side, click on the small icon.

Word 2007/2010 in, View and click, and then click View Side by Side. As shown above, Documents, available side by side. But additional toolbar will not be displayed. Therefore, two takumentkalum at the same time to prevent becoming Scroll, View, and then click Next to Synchronous Scrolling. It will be an icon in Word 2007.

Side by side end kattappatuvatanai Documents, Word 2003, Window, click, and then click Close Side by Side that. Word 2007/2010, click the View, and then click the View Side by Side that.

5. Puttar header and connect:

Document sides, top and bottom and some text, pictures like that to continue. Setting these places are called header and puttar. especially books, is set on a large scale research articles, chapter headings, page numbers for each side, setting the standard in a particular place and time. You can see how it would be.

In Word 2003, View menu, click to select the Header and Footer. One of the top and bottom side of the box which is displayed in points. Header and Footer toolbar will get nothing. Insert Auto Text in the toolbar on the left click. It is available in several categories. Some of these will be automatically set up a few things. For example, if you want to set and Documents Installer and day, Author, Page # and date and click. These are set automatically. Automatically, the plan should be set only by the numbers of pages, Auto Text Press the Button icon near. Format for setting up the page numbers displayed in many ways. Choose which one. After selecting, in which the Close button and return to the document.

Word 2007/2010 in, Insert and Header (or Footer) button, and then select any one style. Now the Design tab will open automatically. Next 'Type text' must click on the area.
Now we want to set up text. Next Page Numbers or Date and Time is selected, select the desired set parmattinai. Document, click again to return to the Close Header and Footer. I find the need to edit the header or puttar again, the header or in puttar, double-click the.

pc Tips ....

pc Tips ....

Microsoft + Adobe patch file

Microsoft and Adobe MOU further enforcement agencies, now for Adobe Flash pileyaruk, error deleting the package files (Batch Files) pailkalutaneye patch available from Microsoft. Each month, on the second Tuesday coincides with the release of Microsoft issued a patch files. Adobe recently said it. Adobe Flash Player of the company, along with the Chrome browser has been released. Microsoft in its Internet Explorer 10 package, seal and provides the Adobe Flash Player. Firefox browser users, alone, should be used to install Adobe Flash Player.

Boot Disk):

System files needed to run a computer, a computer operating system, a CD or DVD. In general, the computer's hard disk, the boot disk. In which the problem occurs, the system boot disk with files iyakkukirom by the computer.


Screen or print one image on the monitor to indicate the extent to which there are titeyls term use of this unit. It refers to its pikselkalai on a monitor. For example, in 17-inch monitor, 1024 x 768 piksel it would be. Recalyucan in print form and scanner that many points in a square inch (Dots per inch) also indicates that titeyls. Or a square inch of the place and how many drop out or toner  recalyucan that comes through.

Wizard guides you to a general guide on the computer. It will all  Ask a question or giving a series of options to select options for the way you go out. If normal Wizard in Word Options will ask you a question in a new openings of Documents stage is a wizard. Installing a software wizard that takes you on. Creating a Data Base File Wizard to availability.

Question and Answer

Question and Answer

I have long used as a laptop computer, the tool bar, the computer power icon is displayed. It is currently seen. My Windows XP operating system. How to get it?
My. Karthika, Tirupur.

Windows XP always, is to show how much power the laptop computer's battery has a power meter. Only it will not be displayed with the added leptappinai electrical connection. Amaittale always insisted that it must be shown, this is not always displayed. To act in the following ways.
1. "Start" Click, "Control Panel" and select.
2. The "Power Options" and select that.
3. Now with several tapes of "Power Options Properties" dialog box that is available. In the "Advanced" click on the tape.
4. Always show icon on the taskbar to the front of the line and press the tick in the check box.
5. Next, click OK to exit.

Word in my system, the table used to set up a way to diminish. Enter the four plus sign to the left, near the external margin did. But the table does not exist. Before I got this in the system. What is the reason for this?
C. R.. Celvakumari, Pollachi.

What is the version number of the package that you did not write the Word. You are right that time. Word program, a new line, to the left margin, which identifies four + Enter, if set, is a small-sized table. Then, it needs to spread. And use the vertical bar and Dashes.
It is not working on your system, it may be two reasons. Some Word program, with each + nettuk identity or identity (vertical bar) will be set up next to a space. This followed after the table is not available, the Word program, this functionality will be disabled. This motion, kilkkantapati act.
1. Click the Office Button, then click Word Options that. Now the Word Options dialog box is displayed.
2. Box on the left hand side and click Proofing in the area.
3. AutoCorrect here and click Next.
4. Select the AutoFormat As You Type tab of the AutoCorrect dialog box.
5. Tables check box is checked in the press to be in here.
6. Then, click OK to exit.
If you are using Word 2003, directly on the Tools menu, AutoCorrect Options, and then make the changes.

I have a program on my computer recently found in the name of Rapport. Ceytit I did not download it. This does not seem to operate. This virus belongs to? My computer will further the exchange of market share. The program also does not belong to it. Please provide this advice.
S.. Jagdish Raj, Coimbatore.

A good information is out of the question. Thank you for the question. Trusteer Rapport is created by the company, to the security of a computer program. Financial institutions, trading via the Internet site of the company, which provides additional protection in the most efficient manner. You are on your computer, virus and spyware programs with the best antti iyakkivaralam. But, in the most recent release from virus and malware  which protects you immediately. Rapport helps you in such a program.
In undertaking this fund transfer transactions, the program does not allow any other performance. Actually, the doors closed on your computer, you take financial measures, this program allows you to link to the company website only. Such a link, Trusteer company "tunnel" through the calls to traffic. I mean, you take someone home, undertaking business in action, standing in front of the house, rather than ensuring that someone else is coming, which is equivalent to closing the door of the house until a specific trade.

I am still using Windows XP system. XP comes with a calculator, it is not to grab. Third party is free to register and use your calculator will be available on the site?
My. Krishnaraj, VIRUDHUNAGAR.

You can grab a calculator feature is Microsoft company. Calculator available with XP, was used for many science-based accounts, and its function is to provide mathematical graph. To obtain such a graphic kulettarai quarter, the first available on the Web site address in the address to the Later, "PowerCalc.exe" and click there. Now "PowerCalcPowertoy Setup.exe" to download the file. Following the "Next" button, the calculator and press install. Subsequently, several conditions
Giving approval to rules, such as the name of the company will be input after the install. After installing, "Start",> "All Programs" and "Powertoys for Windows XP" and click. Here again "PowerToy Calculator"'ll need to click on. Grab the availability of the right to expect that you will see the following parmulakkalai.
U formation: f (x) = x ^ 2
V formation: f (x) = abs (x)
Rising Curve: f (x) = exp (x)
Sine wave: f (x) = sin (x)
Also, Calculator menu "Conversions" selected after that, get answers to the following parmulakkalai.
Converts 5 inches to feet: 5 [in> ft]
Converts 0 degrees Celsius to Fahrenheit: 0 [c> f]
Converts 23 days to minutes: 23 [d> min]
Converts 100 pounds to ounces: 100 [lb> oz]