Website of the Week - National zeographic a dramatic Views

Website of the Week - National zeographic a dramatic Views

Photos of showing it to the world famous National jiyakrapik Media company. On its Web site each month, will be available in the rare earth sphere footage, taken photo shows the living conditions of the rare. Each of these wonderful. at the address entered on this site, photo series, showing a slide ÷ savaka.

There are ways to see each and arrows. Each volume in this way we can be. Now, the volume will appear in this month. Click the arrows to see, to set up this year will be published in January.
If the displayed photo to see the previous years, Andy set the navigation strip by clicking on the Photos of the Year will be available. But starting in 2006, until today, we can see monthly volumes. Each pottovinaiyum, Wow! Like this? A few moments with surprise that our eyes can be retained. That's the National jiyokrapik company's special.

Windows days Calculator

Windows days Calculator

What is your age today? Everyone can probably tell. Tell your age, although in the month, multiply it by the age of 12, Mischa month, I will be right along. Tell me, what will you do in the day? Calculator want. In Calculator, How to get the number of days between two natkalitaiye? Windows Calculator can it? You can see here the appropriate ways.

There is a built-in calculator cistattileye Windows applications. Windows Calculator This calculator differs from the other in terms of ordinary Date Calculation is the calculation. Many of us do not use this calculation. If so, using very small amounts. The details of this can be found here.

To start it, press the Windows key, calcul ... ceytitukaiyileye you type, the term completed, the calculator can get. With this opening, View, click Select Date Calculation means. Or press Ctrl + E kikalai. Two types of calculations made here. 1. Finding period between two days. 2. Viewing bring a date or after a certain time.

We calculate the number of days past, the present, the future, make calculated. For example, your age and the year, month and day you want to see. Now, From Field button on the Calendar. Select the day of your birth. At the beginning of the day is displayed. The choice elitutan your birthday tomorrow. Month, day and year by clicking it on the set. After set up, including the present day, To the Field Today's must-click. After both set, Calculate and click. With the time difference, your age, year, month, and day are displayed on the account.

Now you can find the next account. Subtracting from a specified number of days or a joint account with a bit of difficulty. A notification that you are able to spoil them for 45 days. What is the date of the end of the 45 days that we wish to know immediately. We estimated it to be, 30 hours / 31 hours a month, in February I, leap year and we want to calculate. Simplify this, the Windows Calculator menu "Add or subtract days to a specified date" that are an option. Here you only have to give a date. So, to take a particular country. As mentioned above, the date set in the press first. Or later have to show that you meet the next day to meet up. (Add / subtract). You are here ettanainatkal, months, years, to specify that. After all set, Calculate the pressure in the answer for us, to get specific date and time.
A small note: This calculator only works on Windows 7 and Windows 8 systems.

Download this week - which is key to press?

Download this week - which is key to press?

The speed of the Internet connection, one should search for information on the seat of the speed, the password is wrong, try again to get the message. Press that key did alright in retrospect, have the Caps Lock aluttiyavaru care, no! Say! Colliyavare that, by pressing the Caps La kiyinai delete it, then type the password again will. La Key Caps in the short eliti Lamp. But we do in a hurry. Table of keyboards and keyboards with on board when running, so we kepslak the above, the Scroll Lock key board iluppatillai visible.
Type text in the text displayed on the monitor screen and Key Caps La realized, can be rectified. If the characters on the screen to set the password on the kattappatatat, problems arise for us.

In order to provide solutions to the problems seen in the recent one occurred in the program. This keyboard Indicator (Keyboard Indicator) is. The program that the keys are in any position on the display screen.
Caps Lock, Scroll Lock, and then position the System Tray and displays them in our La keys. Using this program on Windows 7 system, States Look to be displayed in the information about the keys, it must kanpikar. If pressed keys in red color, if aluttappatata condition, purple color is displayed. And with the cursor on the icon and go, come to know the status of the keys.

Key's stage of change with a change in the color of light, it is nothing short message is displayed on the screen. In any corner of the screen should display the message that we can press set-up. For these three keys only, insert key and pressing the same message is displayed. Let us know if this kikalai the press, can adjust to get the message. This program roidayan / projects / keyboardindicator can download them from the address. It works on 32 and 64 bit computers. Microsoft Dot Net Frame Work 2.0, but will require. It is therefore the first to be put on the register.

Ready for the new Internet address

Ready for the new Internet address

Internet addresses of the Indian Registry for Internet Names and Numbers (IRINN) system has been prepared to provide a new type of addresses. This type of addresses, the Internet can be used to identify each user. The current IPv4 (Internet Protocol version 4) Following the class of system, to provide a certain number of addresses over the Internet is not iyalamuti. It was given to more than one address on the same web user. This caused problems in identifying individual users.

By following the new IPv6 system, Internet service providers, companies can provide their customers for each individual address. Internationally, the monitoring of Internet user addresses leader said this recently in India.

Type the address of the new structure, which will reduce the fee. So far in the way of the system, the module addresses one by paying Rs .66,000 to buy. Now this Rs. Enough to pay 21.999.
Internet addresses set up now providing devices, aivipi Government must ensure that the configuration and have the ability to handle 6 to the head of this division has requested the monitoring system.

Ram memory A Quiz

Ram memory A Quiz

In reading about computers, Ram Memory We must become aware of. How much RAM memory should be on a desktop computer? Laptop can increase the RAM memory? We are facing such questions. It will give you the answer.
But, we must be right about RAM memory?  that ever right? Ram memory here are some of the questions like a quiz collection. Select the correct answer for the questions with the answers given at the end to have to make sure you are looking at.

1. What is the expansion of RAM?
A) Real action markup B) Rapid accessory movement C) Random access memory

2. What is the most common form of RAM memory?
A) Dynamic RAM B) Static RAM C) Video RAM

3. Dynamic RAM memory in the memory controller, how many times will repres his memory.
A) a method in a minute
B) a second time in a few
C) several thousand times per second

4. The memory cells are arranged in what?
A) copper b) silicone c) plastic

5. Kilkkantavar, in which ponratillai Ram Memory?

6. Usually, Ram memory, how many mega bytes are sold in multiples?
A) 8 b) 10 c) 16

7. Cash is memory. . . .
A) System memory is closer to than the cipiyu.
B) hard drive in the set.
C) is only used in finance-related activities.

8) the following operations, the memory function is not to take too much?
A) on the Internet, browse Arrival
B) Photo Editing
E) Play Games

9. IBM. By Robert tennart (Robert Dennard) who, in 1968, received a patent for any invention of science?
A) Dynamic Random Access Memory
B) meknati Core Memory
E) Punch Card Memory

10. What refers to the following DIMM?
A) dynamic incorporated memory module
B) dual inline memory module
C) data input memory manager


1. Random access memory. If you know the exact location of a cell in the memory, because you can access it, it is called Random access.
2. DRAM. Dynamic RAM. This type of RAM memariye ninaivakamakum in circulation. The one memory cell, an transistors, will be co kepacittarum. Kepacittar, containing information as 0 or 1. Transistor acting as a switch. The memory is transferred to the state.
3. E) thousands of times per second. That's why it is called Dynamic. If they are not repres, ullatanai in its memory, lose the memory.
4. Memory cells, with a set of silicone Weber (Wafer) is a set of thin plates. This is a key element of the integrated circuit circuits computer chips.
5. Flash memory is a kind of memory, however, that unlike RAM memory, hard drive acts like. EDO DRAM (extended dataout dynamic random access memory) and RAM memory of the other structures are VRAM.
6. Ram memory, usually sold in multiples of 16 megabytes. 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024 electors.
7. A) The need for short quick access, cash is memory, system memory, rather than close to cipiyu.
8. A) scanning surf the internet. Playing games, photo editing and do not require much in the RAM memory. But, viewing a Facebook website, do not need that much RAM memory.
9. A) Dynamic Random Access Memory. Using one transistor, the dynamic random access memory (DRAM) that discovered the cause. This is the basic reason for having a microcomputer revolution happened.
10. B) dual inline memory module is in circulation today's computers are set to increase this kind of RAM memory.

Mouse 44

Mouse 44

What is this title mean?
Sweet cikstin also like to say that. Yes, one of the University's research developed from the table, creepy mouse device in the hands of tens of millions today, in this December 9, 44 years old. Information technology equipment operation, it became a great revolution came with the mouse.
Apple is the company that has created so many people are mistaken. Apple founder Steve Jobs, a Xerox Company steals the patent, colvorum mouse has the specified format. In fact, the creator of this enpavaravar Douglas Engelbart. The 87-year-old scientist of the country. While working at the Research Center at Stanford Research Institute, he developed a mouse. To make it, are still very enjoyable.

In 1963, in the framework of developing mouse enkalpart wins, Iyad with the mouse, the driver was in 1968. Many companies have put him in line pottana Road. Xerox, Apple, Microsoft and Logitech Mouse introduced and incorporated many nuances, many types of mouse devices were created. However, any action on this enkalpart uruvakkinaro, it still has not changed. Touch screen, the sound through the many new features that command, however, requires the hands from the mouse to the computer will keep running.

Mouse production year, some specific changes can be found here.
1963: enkal part of the structure, the English Bill (Bill English) Mouse created. It was a button.
1968: enkal Bard, a 90-minute drive of the entire mouse, heralded a new era. In which there were three buttons.
1972: Jack havli (Jack Hawley) and Bill English with one of the new digital mouse designed to work with Xerox's computer. One small-sized ball, operates two ரோலர்களுக்கிடையே, from the handling of digital signals. This was the movement of the mouse for the next 27 years.
1981: The company Xerox Star computer mouse designed for use in. It ran two buttons and a roller ball. But, if the computer's price was too high, the mouse does not reach the people.
But, in the same year, Kelly Howe (Hovey Kelley) who obtained permission to design a new mouse, a mouse designed with the use of new variations. Low cost and all the people were using the step. Later, Richard the Lion was one of the first optical mouse designed to run completely. The movement, the bad thing was essential points.
1982: Sun Work station for use in computers, mouse, mouse pad with a range kiris Steve (Steve Kirsch) was designed. In the same year, his first mavusinai P4 logitech company brought to market commercially. Designed by jinteniyal (JeanDaniel). It then sold for $ 300.
1983: Apple's first mouse, sold with its Lisa computer system. It was only a single button. This design is controversial, however, as Apple's identity, which was in circulation for 22 years. In the same year, Microsoft introduced its first mouse device 195 to $ vilaiyittu sale. To operate a personal computer connected to the serial port.
1984: logitech wireless mouse device company designed its first offered for sale. Like a TV remote control, the mouse ran through inpra Red wave radiation.

1986: Key port connects to one of the mouse, Apple created.
1987: IBM. Company kaku / 2 line introduced computers. The world's first PS / 2 mouse, it was released with.
1991: Radio frequency running, first designed and released logitech wireless mavusinai.
1993: Honey Well Company, published the first opto mechanical mavusinai. Instead of rotating the ball, two small discs, are placed at different angle. In the same year, Apple released Apple Desktop Bus Mouse II Mouse has a new design.
1995: Scroll the mouse wheel one, for the first time, the company released the mouse Systems.
1996: Microsoft Mouse with Scroll Wheel pirapalapatuttiyatu usage. For this ekspulorarai released intelli mouse. பட்டன்களுக்கிடையே the mouse, the mouse began to set up a small rubber composite plastic cylinder. In the middle of the cylinder, press Scroll, click the button that was launched two operations.
1998: In a small saucer, like a trophy, Apple "hockey puck" mouse was. This is the first mouse, yuespi With definitions established in the running.
1999: ejilant (Agilent) to design the company released the first recipient of the mouse with optical sensor. This, then, Microsoft, logitech, Apple and practiced by various companies, with many details were released.
2000: Apple Pro Mouse was released by the company. This is the first mouse sensor technology with optical trekkin. Its design was slightly different rectangle.

2003: Apple brought its first wireless mouse. Call it that Apple Wireless Mouse.
2004: logitech, mouse introduced this year, the laser beam used for optical trivia track. It is in this category (MX 1000) first mavusakum. Eliti In the run than the mouse, laser mouse operation ran very accurate.
2005: With a single button on the Apple mavusinai ago, and now in the name of Mighty Mouse, released a four-button mouse with. Kepacitiv two buttons with which the sensor is set to run. Each click on the process, it will be through a small speaker can sound.
2006: Wireless Mighty Mouse (Wireless Mighty Mouse) the name, Apple Bluetooth Wireless Mouse came with one.
2008: logitech (Swiss) Mouse sales of the company began in 1982, the year of the mouse, sold his hundred crores.
Carl taplas enkalpart (Douglas Carl Engelbart): 87 years old, he is an American scientist. Are Computer studies in man and connecting section. A major research project undertaken to improve human knowledge is the discovery of a small mouse, he says.
Why was the name of this mouse? If the question was like a rat, a different name does not appear when the suit says. Mouse's location is determined that no other technology nirappatu. Http:// For more information, see the Web site.

Question and Answer

Question and Answer

I still use Word 2003. The File menu is suddenly smaller. Each time, the files are used only by the Town Clicking Arrow.
Ma. Kalaiyaraci, Puducherry.

This M. S.. Office is the full package. (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher), so you want to set any program in the Office suite, including Word, Open etanaiyenum. "Tools" section, select the "Customize" click that. Then get a window containing multiple tape on the "Options" and select. The "Always show full menus" section and then click on the "Close" to come out. Now a full menu in all Office package categories menu will appear.

 I have started to use Windows 8 system purchase. (I am 65 years old, the disciple will always innovating), my computer will always be me. Therefore, every time the User Id I do not want to go and set the password. Does this change?
Num. Cuppaiya, Karaikudi.

Many people like themselves, all sorts of computer problems and expectations and are to flower. If innovation is a change, we will give it to enjoy the benefits, today's youth can be connected with. There is a solution to their problem. Act tarappattullapati below.
1. Your personal computer drive, and press your pasvertinai input.
2. WinX kikalai click Next. Ie, a join press the Windows kiyinaiyum X kiyinaiyum.
3. In the pop-up menu is available, Command Prompt (Admin) and click.
4. Available at the point of command (Command Prompt) Control userpasswords2 type and hit enter. (This function is not new. Already published the same procedure steps Windows operating systems.)
5. Next available in the User Accounts dialog box, Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer before having to remove the box is checked identity.
6. Next click OK. Enter your pasvertinai twice continuously and automatically allows (automatic signin option) apsanai terntetuppatanai press firmly.
7. Re-boot the computer and press. Now nothing will happen password test. Made directly to the computer performance.

pecukaiyilum on Windows operating systems, patikkaiyilum, Vista, Pro, Windows 7, Home Premium, Professional to hear that. For the moment, we are available to use, circulation can deploy only the names of the Windows operating systems?
C. Karuna, Tuticorin.

Good question. Windows 8 comes with a completely new changes in the status, names of other operating systems, they must know the different versions. Four major versions of Windows operating system are still widely in circulation. The Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
You are here kettullapati mentions the names of some of these types. For Windows XP (2001, October 25) has four types of Windows XP Home, Professional, Media Center PC and teplat. They are 32 and 64 bit speed systems.
Windows Vista (2007, January 30) Operating System There are five types. Windows Vista Home Basic, Vista Home Premium, Vista Business, Vista Enterprise and Vista Ultimate. Windows 7, (2009, October 22), the system has three categories. Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate. All versions are available in 32 and 64 bit speed difference.
Everyone knows, the current release of Windows 8. October 26 released in 2012. For this version of Windows 8 Pro is a type.

 In reading about Windows 8 operating system, Mac O disparate. S.. X indicates that the information is available. There are so many different systems for other computers?
C. R.. Jeyamohan, Chennai.

With so many functions, quite the opposite, if the Windows 8 release, we are starting to think about the operating system. Here, the answer to the question you ask. The most common type of movement on the computer, which has a completely different iyakkattanmai There are three operating systems. 90% of the world's computers run Microsoft's Windows operating system is the most popular. The second, developed by Apple Mac Oh. S.. X System. Itself has various functions, including running a nice, simple system. Third, Google Chrome Operating System. It was developed based on the Linux system, which is unique on the basis of a lot of changes. Next, all spoken in the name of the Linux System. If the common name for a number of open source movements represent tiravurru action. It is open source, so anyone with symbols, their use needs change. Oh, Windows and Mac. S.. Compared with systems, simple in its operation, there is lightness.

Personal Brake

Personal Brake

But something that, up to 44 years, an important part of our life and upbringing Mouse changed today, is amazing. Enkalpart they gave it to us, we are all duty. We thank everyone who has been through in the name of the Web site.
Q.. Laura Jesudas, Coimbatore.

We had a magical device that Apple or Microsoft mouse was counted for many of us, the mouse your article 44, which gave a good clear information. Thank you.
C. Vanitha Siri, Kovilpatti.

Ram memory, there's so much information? Quiz given to a stranger. Quiz of the data for each segment as the computer world.
Q.. My. Civappirakas, Madurai.

More information about RAM memory, in which the images of many visitors tantirukkalam turning point. You expect from a long article about memory.
C. R.. Cuvamitas, Chengalpattu.

Nearly a S.. L.. R.. Combined with the ability of the camera is a camera phone, Nokia has designed. To maintain its first place, it is expected that several attempts to engage in a course Nokia.
M. Cukavanam, tirupuvanam.

Calculator will be able to draw on the day that the account is not enniyate. This is useful information that Windows gives  Were not aware of this yet. Thank you for the information.
M. Speaker, Karaikal.

National jiyakrapik that nature before our eyes, in the name of getting a peyarayirre Dutt to be lifted. Its website, there are several features that dramatically Information.
Ka. Murukaraj, Dindigul.

Click done, as was seen in the different phases of the movement of Windows. 're Using. Their properties, providing operating facilities, input and information notifications and Windows boxes article explains very clearly. Thank you.
B. Krishnaraj, Puducherry.

Vacaki where he asks the question, is really thought provoking us. Their response is incomplete. Science can not predict any immediate path.
S.. Pupalan, Tirupur.

Internet address of the new system, the number increased; simply be? Get any information from which everyone in the new system?
Sea. Bala Vignesh, Madurai.

Key Indicator Board, is the best help. As it is, the computer application programs to assist small, small amounts of data, and Web site addresses data available.
Pera. C. Murugesan, Madurai.

In this week's magazine, Windows 8-based information, article, nothing more. In answer to the question in part, through answers given some tips. Windows 7 and Windows 8 systems to please Tips, Tricks and set up to receive the weekly location.
Dr. E.. Centamil state, Coimbatore.

This week's download - Windows 8 system Start 8

This week's download - Windows 8 system Start 8

Windows 8 System functions provided personal computer or laptop you bought? Click the Start menu is already familiar to you, it's not, it may be difficult to operate a computer. In some cases, the system asks who? 'll Be some irritation. That is connected to the Start button, and search for the application, the five dollar fee up to $ 50 from sites you can find online.
Away from them, completely free of charge, there is a site which will provide the solution. Its address

Go to this site, click the button to download for free, ClassicStart8 Setup.exe file, the application is download them to your computer. Then, if you must install it. Immediately after running the Start button on the Windows 7 system and its functions, Windows 8 will be available in the system. Following the Start button, similar to the Windows 8 operating system are combined. It can be used to handle files as we have already used the Start button.

This week's Web site - website right?

This week's Web site - website right?

In some cases, our favorite, favorite Web site by clicking on a bookmark wait. But, we would be unable to show that the site will get an error message. Speed ​​Internet as well as the perception or not, we wish to see the site and wish to debit and cut off the internet connection, then connect again, try to see the site. Then come the same error message. What's the problem now? Piravucarila? If so, which other sites do not have to be a problem? No!

Perhaps the problem is that site? How do I know it? For this run a web site. In this site, the address of a Web site, but the problem is that if a particular web site, have available? Or is running smoothly? This site shows.

If the Web site at the address, Phase One of our names will be displayed. In addition to static, displayed. At that point, you want to press the test must enter the site's address. As soon as the site is up or down on us at the information that is displayed. Not based on the "It's not just you! (Site's Name Here) looks down from here! "Get the message. If the site correctly, It's just you. (Site's Name Here) is up. "Get the message.

4 million Windows 8 license sales

4 million Windows 8 license sales

In the October 26 release, the Windows 8 operating system, the number of licenses sold 4 million exceeded hand, has been announced on November 27. "" Our company's success is a very good product,'' This is the channel that the seal and the company's chief marketing officer of Microsoft, said the official Tommy rellar.
When Windows 7 was released, received a similar reception. The operational status of the other two operating systems veranavaiyakum published climate and systems. People dissatisfied with the functioning of Vista, the next operating system, Windows 7 system with the hope of resolving the grievances were greeted with love.

But, Windows 8, showed to be quite a changed operating environment, the quality, enthusiastic people, before they come and get it.
Similarly, Microsoft's Outlook dot com company, released back in, it kitaittiruppat 2 Three hundred and 50 million customers rellar Tommy said. Carms and start the operating system might be widespread use, most customers using Microsoft Application Store is coming.

Users on average, 19 Windows 8 Start screen tiles are combined in the new. Customers, understanding the movement of the new system, ceyalpatuvatanai shows together.

After the release of Windows 8, which will be available in the store for two matankakiyullatu number of application programs. At the end of November, the number was over 20 thousand. (Exactly 20,610) million as a creative efforts are underway soon.

Collection systems since Windows 95, Windows 8's, Microsoft will release a very large project. Than other operating systems, Windows 8 completely new changes are provided to customers. Steven cinopski After leaving Microsoft, he has led some of the tasks rellar.

how to prepare Tamil food?

how to prepare Tamil food?

How to do that cooking is an art. However, women in this period, parallel to the men, even more than they are employed in offices. This is not the time to learn about them in order to prepare different meals. To teach their daughters, come before. Thus a method of producing food on several web sites (Recipe) released. Each Web site that lists every type of food preparation method described them.

All Tamil dishes, go to the web site that makes them so no way to know, that all is not on the same site. But, all in search of a Tamil food recall site, listing them, all the sites that link to come up on its website. The site's address This website and its categories on the site is entered into and surprised us.

Between the pit to eat sweet, uttappam, North curry, pudding, as Azhagar dosa 23 food items, following the 13 rice varieties, joint types 15, broth Type 26, Type 16, sambar soup, fries, steamed 27, type 6 eggs, fish type 13 , sheep meat food category 16, chicken curry lunch 14, dinner, then drink talicca whey starting to cut the root drink until 8 type drinks, chutney, powder, pickles, a package of 24, sweet type 46, snack, 21 as a way rebound food for the link provided . Clicking on these, we opened the sites to prepare the necessary materials, etc., have been described method. This list is often linked to new types, which are shown as new.

We put everything on a CD to download, can give our daughter is going to get married abroad. CDs can give your son that you are planning to eat cooked ceytitamal marriage. Or send information about the site. What retiya? First you read this, prepare meals, others suggest there enjoying GMT.

Alarmist older browsers

Alarmist older browsers

Some Internet users use a particular Web browsers, and very old, found that older versions. Kasperski company internationally in the study of the use of their customers have come to know this information. Overall, 23% of the browsers used by people, are very old. Approximately one in ten have been using the old patippukalaiye. Thus, they use computer security.

14.5% of these people, patippinaiye currently use the previous version have been released. Of 8.5%, very old browsers, see the Internet. 77% users, use trial version and the new version.

After the release of the new full version of a browser, a month later, the users begin to use. But the cyber world of hackers and malware programs will force the dance, a new version was released a few minutes, which is clearly the mistake that their scope can be used. Using them to form the basis for their sabotage.
Companies, its employees, switching to a new browser provides access to management.
After some time, so reluctantly allowed. This trend is completely wrong. It is companies like to use old browser, which the company's computer, which can result in danger to the price matippilla data files.

XP Count Town Starts

XP Count Town Starts

Windows XP operating system is not the end of the period to 500 days. Microsoft's operating system in order, too much time, 11 years, in order to use the XP system is disabled. On April 8, 2014, Microsoft will stop support for this motion. Many companies, including Microsoft on their web sites, how many days more, Windows XP operating system that will help drive the clock showing the time being. Run the new operating system to users, the company icttininini in Britain on its Web site ( / news/thecountdownstartstodaywith500daystogobusinessesm

/ News/thecountdownstartstodaywith500daystogobusinessesmustpreparefortheendofxp /) This watch comes with a driver.

Microsoft XP Operating System abandon his day, the system will run for 12 years, five months. Previously, Windows NT 11 years, 5 months and stopped the drive system.
Microsoft has provided its capporttai more days to XP. The reason for this, XP, Vista and later operating systems, payanalarkalitaiye etupatamal past several deficiencies.
Until last month, using XP users, 40.7% of internationals came from. Use Windows 7 operating system, last August he overtook XP application. Currently its users, which is 44.7%. Vista uses only 5.8%. Following that will be the end of the month of April 2014, Microsoft has warned. All of its customers, has been asked to change to Windows 7.

But, after Microsoft stopped support, many , many expect that the XP system used towel. 27% to 29% of the number of people that will be calculated. Your computer, the Windows XP operating system, the end of the day if you want to run the alarm clock, download the address to which the application can be used for the clock.

Windows 8 comes with movements

Windows 8 comes with movements

With the new interface of Windows 8 system is offered in conjunction with some application programs. Windows Store to access thousands of applications for our programs, mostly free of charge, can be obtained. About twenty applications can be provided with the operating system here.

1. Store:

We have many new applications can access the Windows Store. It works like the Apple Application Store and Google Play. We search for the desired application by the Church, install it by pressing the button to bring the movement. Some of the application, they are able to obtain from Internet sites. Link to the site, download and install the can.

2. Internet Explorer:

Windows 8 Internet Explorer 10 browser will be provided on the stationary state of the system. It came earlier than the browser, in addition to operating speed. Can touch it. Plug in and play programs can be obtained in this ad. Only allowed to run Flash on some Internet sites.

3. Mail, Calendar, People and News:

Aer 8 System, Mail, Calendar, People and Messaging, all of which are connected to one kill. All of these are available in the Windows Store. Connecting a akkavunttinai in one of these applications, it is available for others. It will be available in the Mail application, only gives us the ability to receive emails. Here in Hotmail, Outlook or Gmail accounts can be combined. IMAP, POP, or Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) for connecting apsanaiyum such things, so it can be connected to any mail  Application calendar, calendars shows that internet services. Hotmail, Outlook and Google calendars connects. Contact gives you everything in one place People application. Hotmail, Outlook, and only Google Accounts, Facebook, Twitter and Linked connects contacts. Application Messaging allows you to communicate with our friends. Windows Live Messenger and Facebook Chat support is provided. But, it does not support other popular Google Talk like.

4. Weather (Weather):

The application, running computer shows the climate of the place. For other places with the climate display, you can always set. By now the go, Hourly, climates, and can be forecast for the upcoming stage.

5. News, Finance and Sports (News, Finance, and Sports):

This application works with Microsoft Bing information from the site. News Recent news application, and provides finger touch. In a constant state of "Bing Daily" gives the message. Other BBC, New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal to news channels as it takes on the set. Finance Application Market sounds and images to provide information. We only want to see information about stocks, you can always set it. Sports Application, the information related to the game industry, the competition to take place, and gives the results of the matches.

6. Travel (Travel):

Application Bing Travel Travel to places where we can learn about the information. Information about a specific location, travel facilities, hotels, etc. can run there.

7. Photos (Photos):

We retain Save photographed in various locations and see through this application. Drive or Hard Drive is connected, Sky Drive, stocked on Facebook or ethyl plikkar as Accounts, which can be seen through. But, any other photo service sites, including Google pikasa in which the support was not done.

8. Music and Video (Music and Video):

The song and video files can be played on your hard disk. Online music and video stores, which are to connect. The application fee can be obtained by songs from Xbox Music Store.

9. Games (Games):

It can only Xboxbranded Windows 8 Games.

10. Bing (Bing):

This application is Microsoft Bing search device.
If you want convenient Google search, Google Search application for Windows 8 can be used to install. In his address to get this visit the Microsoft.

11. Maps (Maps):

Using the Bing Maps application. GPS. If you have a combined teplat, will place you can get through this map. May I use Google as a way to get the two itankalukkitaiye trip.

12. Sky Drive (SkyDrive):

In the Internet in your SkyDrive account register shows which files the application. Your files, through this application, SkyDrive site, you can always upload. You can access Sky Drive, want to use it on the desktop, you must download and install. Http:// to visit it in the address.

13. Reader (Reader):

This is a simple application to read PDF and XPS files. In this category, Windows system was the first to PDF. Has a reader application.

14. Camera (Camera):

Using your Web Camera, photo and video taken by the camera application. Personal kampyuttarileye webcam has been connected, it can be used. Windows accesses the store, a lot of them can be used for such applications. Windows 8 cistattutaneye we are all shown above. In the future, Microsoft will provide facilities for this application can be expected to align them.

Hide specified text in word

Hide specified text in word

Only a specific portion of a document in Word if you want to hide it provides ways to Word. Hidden in the back of the set. This way: maraikkappata have to select the text first. Then select Format in the menu bar and click on the Fonts section ceytituka. One will get a new window. The Hidden Effects of the area shown on the final tick the box in front of a positive identity. Then again, this text will be displayed in the same manner as if the band vintovirku Ctrl + A to go back and remove tick mark. Hidden text is now displayed again.

Question and Answer

Question and Answer

 mutiyappokiratu in 2012. In the digital market, the best products of the year, reaching out to people, and what facilities you respect?
De. S.. Marttantan, Thenkasi.

I'll tell you what I know of. In view of others, may be different others. First, Windows 8. Microsoft, Windows 95 and later, our digital experience, a great operating system in order to complete the change. In the longer term, there will be a big issue for those who use Windows. But, this is definitely a good uruvakkamakave to seek a succession of new facilities. Secondly, Apple aipet (thirdgen). This is saying here, is teplat impact in the market. Received a good reception among the people. Apple's Retina display with high recalyucan it is the first device of its cirappirku.

Next, Intel Ivy Bridge CPU. It is through receiving, laptop, with 8-hour battery. Based on this new CPU power efficiency possible. There are several low cost tablets in 2012. Their performance was the best on the Google Android Nexus 7 is teplat. This is one of the best in the category. Finally, I respect, Apple Mini teplat aipet. Apple is a joy to use this experience for a very small teplat worked. Aipet than previous devices, with high recalyucan display due to its cirappirku. No one less than the retina.
If only a little less than its cost, in 2012, of the digital devices, may be involved in the first place. Some devices are available in this list, there may be facilities. They are my habits
Maybe not.

I have e-mails to use Yahoo. My User Id After filling, my password automatically, which is shown on the stage. Whatever, this stage lasts. How to stop this?
T.. S.. Moni hamsa, Coimbatore.

The reason for the password displayed, when, if you click save my password or remember passwords. So, in your web browser, you will be given the Save password. Do not worry. It elitutan removal. Some browsers, you will give you all the password, the password for a specific user nemi only to you. All piravucarkalilum down, how do I get this set.

1. Internet Explorer: Favorites Star Next click on the gear icon. Next "Internet Options." And click. Day will be here in general, and under browsing history "delete" and click. Next, remove the tick marks. "Passwords" is the only sign of Dick. Click OK, and then exit. Can not remember your password the next time I visit a small window in the "no" to or "never for this site" and click.

2. Google Chrome: bookmark star in the bar near the thrust click customize and control Google chrome. The "settings" and click. The "advanced settings ..." and click. Subsequently, "Managed Saved Passwords." And click. Yahoo Web address found here, click on the symbol X in its vicinity. Thus, save the information will be erased. Next time, save your password ceytitava the question "no" to or "never for this site" and click.

3. Mozilla Firefox: Firefox button in the upper left hand side click on. Getting here by clicking on the options menu, then "Options" and click on. Available on tape, "Saved Passwords" and click. Yahoo Site location here, and "remove" in the click. Since then clicking on the come out. Can remember the password in the grid are getting, "no" to or "never for this site" and click.

I am running on a Samsung mobile phone to use the Android system. The S from specific numbers. M. S.. Ing to set how to prevent?
The. Nirmal Kumar, Chennai.

through a browser on your Android phone visit the Web site. When Google Play store, where "SMS blocker" Search for that. Or instead of straight to the efforts com / store / apps / details? id = com.smsBlocker & hl = en in the address to the site.
Google Play Store, "SMS blocker" displayed a lot. But, I Optinnno mobitech in order to use the company's program works well. And it's free. After installing it, open the application, app preferences page Go. On the second set of SMS blocking and Spam auto blocking. The Country code, which is displayed on the index number set for India.
In this case, the application starts to run, S. M. S.. Message when available, to monitor them. When the spam message, asking them whether you ituspem that, under restricted leave your wishes.
Second, get a message from a particular number, you can always set to prevent from entering in your inbox. In this application "Block" to tape. The "Add New" click. Here you can set the phone numbers of three types. You can give the number, the number in the box cuttik
And may indicate a larger number of spam box. The "Filter" that are an option. In this option, if a few words in spam messages in Mail, otukkumaru them, you can always set the terms.

Personal Brake

Personal Brake

For many years, been using old piravucarinaiye. Their own "alarmist older browsers' after reading the article, it is brilliant to know how much risk. Information Thank you.
Ka. Sivakumar, Chennai.

We will always be available for some applications with the operating system. However, some application that comes with Windows 8 system, a completely new approach in a given time. You write about some applications to fail. I expect them in the next issue.
Q.. Jesudas, Puducherry.

Application comes with the system, the Windows Store will provide some key application programs, their effectiveness, in order to enable them to provide one of the article.
My. M. Srinivasan, Tambaram.

Mouse, S. M. S.. Each day of the release of birth, their history and use of all your articles, and failure to see and read. Compliment.
Ka. Thenmozhi, Madurai.

Count one is going to get over to the Town. XP is still in use for many years. Its simplicity, speed, etc., are not friendly to everyone is starting to use computers.
De. Kannan, Dindigul.

Tamil food preparation tips and read a good site. No link to the items. However, we need to get to the top recipikkal.
R.. Kalairani Sridhar, Pudukkottai wishful serpent.

Web site right? Note that information, people will make the blood flow is smooth. Knowing where the problem is, check the Internet connection, is hitting the plate, as do many emergency measures, which repres This will tavar design, information given to you
Thank you, thank you.
My. Piratipan, kallal.

Mobile roaming charge cancellation message, like petrol price reduction, ink is no longer hear. But, puravai tarkal our service, not certtuvita it something else. We need to look at Troy.
B. Ashok Kumar, Chennai.

I was unaware of many sub-versions of the Windows system. Do something, I have to use. Windows 7 and Windows 8 and the differences and benefits of the specific write patippukalitaiye.
T.. My. Nagarajan, Theni.

For users of Apple devices, the tune is vacatiyakattan store. But, it added greatly to people. How many Apple computers and aipet, and use the phone. Partly bottle using only the Tamil country, why in India, is gaining popularity.
The. Mohammed Hussein, Coimbatore.

Once before, a Web site that showed the Indian recipis dot com. As it is the site of the Tamil food. We both women and men to learn cooking.
De. Yuvraj Senthil, Tirupur.

In browsers, threatens many hackers, Internet Explorer has been consistently higher. But, the company Microsoft, and for one party to not only based on the hardware, the decrease in the number of users.
The. Prasad Khanna, Vellore.

winsip for Windows 8

winsip for Windows 8

First released in 1991, vinsi application, the computer has become a part of the application. Summarized and transmit files securely, throwing reading, vinsip application has been used by the cheese. The company, based vinsip Share sip and sip cent (ZipShare, ZipSend) offers both services. vinsip for iOS and Android systems of release, Windows 8 cistattirkumana vinsip was present.

This is the first application to handle files where Windows 8 cistattirkena released. Summarized securely send files, execute it helps to spread. Windows 8 cistattirkerpa, touch-screen functionality works. Ei S 128 or 256 bit. It uses encryption technology. Share ZipShare use Facebook to file for the Web site. Send very large files helps ZipSend. For more information, visit in the address.

Apple devices in Tamil

Apple devices in Tamil

Many types of devices used in the Tamil fonts used in Windows, and there are many packages available Driver. But Apple's devices May Computer, iPhone and aipet use of Tamil, one does not take much effort. This type of research in the use of the computer for too long things will take, Malaysia, Sri Muthu, founder of the post, and the Bat mobile phone devices to use in the Tamil "cellinam 'has created a tamil software.
By 1994 he, Windows devices used in the post created by the software,
Tamils ​​living around the world are making use of its web site gave. What is special in this, he will tamilukkena all software packages, tarappattu font files are completely free of charge. Considers it his service to the Tamil language. For Apple devices to know before Tamil, Tamil language was activated you will see a very slow computer.

Since the beginning of Computer Applications, English, and American English was the language. Personal Computer Applications, English and other languages ​​Allah, when forced to be brought into the computer. Next to this, even using English as a second language, languages​​, Germany, France, Italy, China, Japan, Korea and Arab countries, languages​​, computers were in place.

India bought the personal computer, using the English language in the application ran well, but was not in the first phase requires the state languages​​. China, like other countries such as Japan, India, the computer should be in our language that must not legislatrix.

After 1985, it took place gradually in other languages ​​than English. The state languages ​​of India, in 1987, after the Great refined. For various reasons, confusion occurred in Tamil accession. Computer expert Tamils, their thoughts were with the use of the Tamil language in many ways. Today, the use of the Tamil language, in terms of Unicode, after consolidation, for some personal reasons, Tamil them on the computer receives many faces. This is normal user, has banned the use of simple things. This confusion could tell them that lasts for many days.

Application mellinam are currently used in Apple's devices. Mellinam in, as vallinam and itaiyinam consonants as in section names, digital things, especially things for mobile devices, as mellinam, named it produced.

Mobile phone with Tamil, we have S. M. S.. Kurunceytitan as we remember. Get mobile in Tamil, both the sender and the receiver, tamil software records should be kept. Cellinam to run on Apple devices, aio S .4 (iOS4) operating systems should be. Without it, the 3G phone, the iPhone 3G S and iPod Touch holders, free of charge, it can apkiret. iphone / softwareupdate / in the address on the site, which contains the description. Accordingly, please install the iTunes software already, it must contain the akkavuntinai. Then, we opened link below, cellinam software available.
After apkiret operating system, http://www.iphoneappshome. com/sellinamiphone337936766.html go to the Apple web site, cellinam downloadable software, you can register.

http://download. The availability of this software and will address the information needs of February. Go here, we take the first cellappatuvom Apple Web site. This software, Apple devices elite in the record. Cellinam version 3.0 is available now. Size of file 1.7 MP When there is no charge to use this register.

Http:// find ways to use this site in the address. Menporulukkena cellinam running the site ( information available.
By cellinam, we set the send messages in Tamil. The set of messages, Twitter and Facebook sites set up. Ponatik called (in English) on the basis of sound is the key board. If this register, a few books, literary read.
In addition cellinam, Tamils ​​popular, English - Tamil, lipko index, used in Apple mobile devices in the given category. However, it must pay a fee to get the 5 dollars. Also on Apple's Web site, app/lifcosellinamtamildictionary/id391740615? Mt = 8 can be obtained at the address. In this dictionary, the words are in search of the facility.

Website of the Week - World Carrot Museum

Website of the Week - World Carrot Museum

Good health, blood flow to restructure some say, our parents gave us வளர்த்திருப்பார்கள் carrot from a young age. (In some cases, sell high prices, the blood flow will jump). What the carrot, carrot category is how many, what is its origin, for which the seeds came from where and how to give answers to questions such as the number one in the World Carrot Museum is housed on the Internet. The address

After entering the information given to us about the carrot and makes us puzzled. In this web site, Start Your Tour from the beginning, everything was explored how the ancient carrot surprises us with information.

Next, the Division carrot colors. Carrot always counted as one or two colors will be in the us, its colors are available putiyavaiyay us. With these, carrot cattuvakaiyai What will our health, diet recipes that can be prepared with carrot available. And, surprising to get information on the various sections of this site, find out once.

1.6 million Samsung computers

1.6 million Samsung computers

In this year, Windows 8 and Windows 7 by installing a Three hundred 60 million, lap top computers with Samsung teplat and India will bring sales, corporate vice president of Samsung Electronics, said Jin Park. India has a touch screen computer with the Samsung Ultra Sun. ATIV Smart PC and ATIV Smart PC Pro Series 5 Ultra Touch other. with all Windows 8 systems.

In Ativ Smart PC and Ativ Smart PC Pro, by pressing one button, the notebook personal computer is, the device can be teplat personal computer. These are the 11.6-inch wide screen. Thickness of, respectively, 9.9. Mm and 11.9 mm. Has become. The pricing is Ativ Smart PC Rs .75,490. Ativ Smart PC Price Rs .53,990.

The Windows 8 on line 5 Ultra Touch, Samsung notebook computers, touch screen with Samsung's first altrapu Its screen, multi touch facility with a width of 13.3 inches set. Ectiemai in full size Ford, U.S.. S.. P. 3 port one and the U.S.. S.. B. Two are 2 type port. Multi SD Card slot, Ethernet port, camera with 1.3 mega piksel are online. The maximum price of Rs .64,990.

Set roman numerals in Excel

Set  roman numerals in Excel

In some cases, instead of the usual numbers, Roman numerals (eg VIII), we wish to use. We remember the Roman number for all numbers can be used. If you give this one a Formula in Excel package, it will automatically set the Roman number. The formula = ROMAN (123). At 123, in which we want to use the regular number for the roman number amaittuvitalam. This space can be used from 1 to 3,999. (Over the Range that is not using Roman numerals) we get roman numerals. Therefore it can not be used for any kalkulesanilum.

To get Roman numerals

To get Roman numerals

We need to write some numbers to Roman numerals. For example, V Std, Chapter VIII written that. Low values ​​to numbers, Roman numerals set. Roman numerals for numbers you get from a big project? Even in the dictionary and set up all the numbers and roman numerals are not given. Google helps us search site. Roman number to any number you want, writing the number "in Roman Numerals" is set to. We are given a number for the roman number.

Task Manager to get faster

Task Manager to get faster

We come vacattirku, do not operate, not close, the screen will freeze at the same programs, helps to close the Windows Task Manager. In addition, computer programs are running in the background, and how much memory is used for each program that shows us the Task Manager. This task is usually Ctrl + Alt + Del to manejarai kikalai press.

Task Manager to get them faster, there are a few ways. In the empty space on the task bar, right-click pop-up window is available, Task Manager and click on the get.
Secondly, Ctrl + Shift + Escape (Ctrl Key, Shift Key and Esc key) kikalai press, Task Manager will be available. In some cases, moving the mouse, without ever clicking ceytitamal like stubborn. The above mentioned keys will help us.

Balloon, pop-up, tool tips

Balloon, pop-up, tool tips

Tips Everything is on the computer screen. The balloon, pop-up, Tool Tips Why some people are trying to divide? A vacaki asked that question. Sent letters to some of them are about the same thing. In this article, why these tips are different names. You can see that there are differences in the nature of specific tips.

Takes a cursor on the icon, the icon is displayed or it will reflect kuritto Program, each containing a small text box, type the message that what was in the box, its name, screen tip (screen tip) is. Someone, it's my uncertainty, I think that everything should be called a screen tip, which varies on the basis of a character to be given a new name. Here one can see them.

Balloon Tip:

Area nottipikesan cursor over the icon to bring together the supply chain, rises above the "balloon" or bubble containing a box that looks more say on the rise. The two types. The first type, the operating system on behalf of the icon that is displayed. Network connection status, etc. These are the amount of volume. The second type, on behalf of the icon that shows what program is running.

Pop-up (descriptive text) tip:

Our small amounts of mouse on the icon and description text is available in the supply chain. A. Eg: Word document, like the song file. They not only on the desktop, and is available in several locations. Document, pictures and description wherever required, where available.

Tool Tips:

Tips are available in the right corner of the Start menu. Any program, folder, program name, and the name will be called tipsinai. With these tips, the icon that represents not need these tips if you want someone, you can not come. But, more to stop each category, one must Settings. Therefore they are not given here. But, these tips on what type it is, it is termed as a screen tip.

Cameron malware hit by India

Cameron malware hit by  India

Names of famous hotels in the email, which is given by Linkin Park, and Cameron's called weed Computer Malware 1.89 percent in India, Trend Micro said in a statement that the spread of computers. Thus, undertaking large-scale expeditions, their mail messages succumbs to the mailing list with this malware. This malware, the messages, and sends the stolen information to the individual. This malware has been BKDR_ANDROM.P name of the file. Trend Micro provides protection for this. Detects and destroys the above file.

The world will turn off arms

The world will turn off arms

Your friends, relatives wherever I wanted to be with them through the text, without any fee you want to chat? Bridge of friendship which bind tightly to the rope that is freely available to us looking? Utavattan WhatsApp is the application for you. It is free to download, install and you. With your friends at any time, in any place, they will pass on your message. We need only one, yours, you are communicating with friends, Android System must be something in the device. Today, as usual, the two ponkalum must be connected to the Internet.

First teplat your Android smart phone or any device that, download the application for free press. The "Play Store" conducted by the online store. Search through the site, one of the "WhatsApp" type that, press download it from one of the listed sites.

Icon for the application of green color, comic, bubble-like Characters speaking, the film is inside a telephone. You are the first, the application begins to run, make sure your phone number is requested. Next, your name, your friends asked to be shown how it can get. In this picture you'd like your picture, or you can set it to show. You can also make a later time. Next, an empty page in the "Chats" is displayed in the title. The one shown in the sketch in pencil in the middle. This is your home page (homepage).

Following the WhatsApp application, the phones numbers on your phone, all in one, whichever the application, list them. Its right above the lens and the image is displayed in pencil. If you click it, through your Chats, your search may be conducted. Evarutana your friend, and text anywhere you want to contact, his name is displayed on the touch screen. This is a chat as soon as pettiyait ('chat box') opens. In which you type a message and send it with. Above right, a paper clip, image, smiley icon is displayed. Click on the paper clip icon, any photo, video, audio, location and contact information, connect to others.
If you click on Gallery, the Gallery opened in your phone, which is displayed in the images. With this application you want to send the image, click on the image, along with a message and send. At the time, open the Camera, take a picture, send combined. Send the same video file. The audio files recorded in voice recorder, voice files are then filed, anything that can connect to.

Next, Location under, you can send information about the location. By declaring this to your friend, that you are in any place of the world, let your friend. Your friend can contact you accordingly.
If you click on the smiley icon, as many emottikan emotions get the list of images. After you start using, you can easily choose to later on, you've used recently (recent emoji) listed smiley icons. Each icon is displayed in the view, to sort the available icons.

During this process, if you want to go to the previous screen, press the Back Space is kiyinai. From your Android phone, so if you use it, you use this feature.

system Tips!

system Tips!

1. Try creating a folder named CON. Windows will not load. Why? What is the reason? Is it because it is the word used in the system? Microsoft officials say the answer could not be determined.

2. Using Windows! Open System program with the program given its notpet. The "Bush hid the facts" that (without quotes) press enter. Save the file with any name and then press. See the file and then open it again. Type the text you can read now? If not, tell me the reason.

3. Microsoft Word can open the package. Then on the first line = rand (10, 9) and press enter. Type this line come down and tap Enter. What's happening there? See that.

Back to Table Space / telit keys

Produced in a Word table. The cells, thrust row or rows to bed completely clear what are you doing? To delete the selected telit kiyinai aluttukirirkala then? What's going on? Marukkirata ruined? So is the way the menu. Select the queue and choose which type of table you need is alintuvitume give telit. But listening to someone else so that steps tantaventume. An alternate key (the drug) is another key. Back in the Space key. If you press Back Space key to select the required rows will be deleted rows. Since all data will be destroyed.

Question and Answer

Question and Answer

In my house, and I want to use one computer for personal use. Double Core processor on the computer you want to be? Or if there is a single core?
My. Tevapakkiyam, Puducherry.

Thank you for the question. The single / double core should not be. Dual Core / Quad Core should be. But, in answer to this, what works for you at home, are planning to use depends on the computer.
See e-mail, bank accounts, to meet any small press on the Home Work, If you ever see the YouTube video, dual core is enough. Graphics, animation, HD Watching a movie, playing games, then your application easier, more fun if we'd been good quad core processor.

With the purchase of a new computer, or parts of them, Deputy additional elements, operational efficiency, and how to understand the basic functionality of the hardware components? The computer is put in the box or sometimes bills that actually know?
C. Uma Maheshwari, Chennai.

Good question. Open computer, can not understand all of its main additional features. If this is to run the program, it displays a list of all the components in your computer.
Its name is Sandra. Provided that the company SiSoftware., Which is available free of. The fee can obtain additional information. Purokirame we have free will. Some suggestions to better serve all segments of the computer. This program can be obtained free of charge from the site the address.

My lap top computer using Windows 8. The Print Screen, Screen shot taken, was unable to use the image in the program. What is the reason?
C. Akash else, Tambaram.

Your question  slightly. Screen print at you, trying to take a screen shot. But it was unable to paint with such Program. Windows 8 system, this facility has been improved slightly. Previously, take a screenshot with the Windows key and press the PrtScn key, save the image on the clip board, image manipulation program such as Paint and paste the file to convert, did you save in the desired format. Windows 8 will present this work. If you press the Windows and PrtScn kiyinai. On screen display Biel, My Pictures \ Screenshot folder is in the save. It will be save in PNG format. If you need a different format, you can change it later.

 There are more files on the desk top. Clean pop-up window asking ceytitava can prevent these?
My. S.. Maraimalai, Kadamboor.

Why have rubbish. If we say that a friend or a friend Make a Clean, muraikkalam them immediately. It's frustrating, but we  computer. However, if our feelings  computer is set to be the king. Here, the appropriate way.Right-click on your desktop GMT. Prapparttis available on the menu (Properties) select. Prapparttis display (Display Properties) screen is available. The teksktap (Desktop) Select teppinai. The kastamais Desk Top (Customize Desktop) and click the Make button. Next Desktop aittams (Desktop Items) will get a new window. The "Run Desktop Cleanup Wizard every 60 days" to take the place of the identity tick in the box. Do smile and click OK. There will not be any warning message.

Question: In my office, Excel Work complimentary sittinai take up beautifully. In some cases, large cells, the two characters in the set, a little bit different, is suitable. By this thrust, or can be set for cross?
My. Gajendra, Sivakasi.
Answer: generous set, Gajendra. Excel provides two ways for this. Net Tex can be, or may be placed at an angle of rotation. Select the cells you want to change up the text in the cells. Right mouse click on one of the following menu will be available. Click on the Format Cells. If you select how many tapes in which alainment on the Net, the bed side, the specific angle of slope of the ways to Dex given up. Click OK and exit the command set Tex karpanaikkerpa select your design. Now looks set to be an empty place for text.

In Internet Explorer, open any file that is read. Can not open the file? What must it?
My. Q.. Jayaprakash, Coimbatore.

generous open. I am writing this week that Internet Explorer Magic. Through its program to open a file at a time to less than tirantuvitalam by Internet Explorer. The images quickly open the files in this category.
Internet Explorer is a load on the computer as soon as possible. But the images will open Picture Manager, Application programs, such as Adobe Photo Shaw takes a long time to open up the run.
What do I need to open the file? Internet Explorer window and then drag the mouse on the file to pottuvita.
This is not just a text file will open image files. Outlook imeyilkal, why M. S.. Mentkalaiyum It opens office Tahoe. But only on the computer more. S.. Office to  Is not that enough? Okay, so I got the whole of the Internet Explorer window Put a folder. All file is displayed. Then open.

Personal Brake visitors commonts

Personal Brake visitors commonts

Tamil is not only Apple devices, the use of some other Indian languages ​​cellinam is a company that provides Program. It is a reference in your article.
Pera. My. Raj Shekhar, Karaikudi.

Cellinam tamil see and read is very beautiful. Input is very easy. This service is free of charge bankers, Tamil serve.
B. Nanmaran, Chennai.

Watts gets right application connects friends internationally. It can run on all devices?
My. Girish Kumar, Karaikudi.

At any time, Computer, Internet browser and whether the without help, somewhere through the window, talking with friends, what a wonderful experience. Your notes was a poem.
CK Kumaravel, Coimbatore.

Screen pop-up window tipskale all tips. If peyarkalin, any difference in the nature of their scale is not big.
S.. Srinivas, Thiruvaiyaru.

Pat was a detailed article about the application programs. Mini aipet, and about its activities and provide a detailed article.
M. Sundar, Chennai.

Not only for mobile phone, lap top computer teplat and sales force in the course of Samsung's record. Starting a company in a large number of customer service centers, will be commercially successful.
Dr. Se. Pandian, Madurai.

Matikkalama mobile screen? Nowhere else is the unread message. If in existence, the mobile phone safely with care and do not want to take it, right?
D, Shruti Prasanna, Chennai.

In the question and answer section, you can list a hundred to a hundred true stories about the 2012 digital devices. Used Mini Pad with joy, jump on your terms. I have the same feeling. Providing information on the use parattukkalum I thank you.
C. Kalpana Eswaran, Coimbatore.

School days from the handheld device is now available in the lipko Dictionary? Could not believe it. This purpose, Apple bought a used mobile device.
Tsu. Thiruchchelvan, Puducherry.

The information is kalanciyamay carrot, your Web site. Students should take advantage of this for all the information.
S.. Cattis, Tirupur.

So far only used the Ctrl + Alt + Del kikalai. New Short Cut kikalai pointed out, many of them like this, we are unaware of the causes of suspicion.
C. Arultas, Karaikal.

Miyuciyama karattirku? I read the title of the fun, information, reading, watching very carefully to find out together. Write to Web sites of other food products.
R.. Jay. Pirakatis Kumar, Chennai.

Touching vinsip period began, has been a good friend of computer users. By releasing his album for Windows 8, this has proven.
S.. Sundar, Sivakasi.

Office suite on mobile devices

Office suite on mobile devices

Teplat personal computers to Internet search, e-mail only to see their performance in the office of the package we are now in a position that can not be easily changed on the run. Usually, we all take on a personal computer with the ability to multi-point level that teplat picikkalilum merkollalam, teplat picikkalum purokiramkalum applications are currently available for them. Therefore, many people run their laptop computer in place, operating results teplat PCs are bought. But this decision before purchasing teplat PCs, their needs, and to select exactly the right teplat pcs. Ventiyatullatu take care of the many features. If not, difficult to perform routine office functions in the application.

In the Microsoft Office package for PCs provide teplat, Apple and Google to a strong competition exists. Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 is currently released version of Office for Google declared that it will not be formatted. With Windows 7 operating system, Google is the company that Google wants to aplikesane's Office. Desk top of Windows 8 system functionality, that Google is planning for its Office suite iyankuvate
Tions. At the same time, Apple device to provide customers with the Microsoft Office package has been taking great efforts.

The economic plans to sell it through Apple's store. Decisions for which Microsoft, Apple company tries to. S aio. Provided free office suite running on the system. But, in attempting to implement it, to get to the Office 365 package fee. Apple is asking for a 30% fee.

Google Android and Chrome devices operating on Sun computers running its popular Office suite to be. Similarly, Microsoft's Office package, mobile devices, attempts to bring to the front. But, in the case of mobile devices, Android, and Apple S. aio. Iyakkankale used in large quantities, Office packages designed to run on the systems, providing a good place in the mobile office market plans.

Therefore, in their teplat PCs, Office of the driver package to undertake their work, clearly realized this after three angles, to choose their own teplat PCs. If Google can use the Office package, Windows Surface R. Teplat PC, now is the perfect solution. Microsoft Office tokuppinaiye use if it chooses, aipet or Android teplat buying delay.But, in one day, all of your devices to operate, can be expected to be available this office was designed packages.

Free anti-virus programs in 2013

Free anti-virus programs in 2013

Several hundred million dollars of investment in the business sector, which continue to operate as if, without the slightest hesitation, antti antivirus program may indicate manufacturing division. Entered into computers, personal information, steal key information of companies, through their multi-million dollar loss antivirus programs that are spread via the Internet. Everyone uses the computer, anti-virus programs are forced to buy used. If individuals are reluctant to spend money on this, many antivirus companies antti basic features of their product packages that are offered for free on the Internet.We continue to be committed in the year 2013 will be available here on anti virus packages Can be found.

1. Avast:

In recent years, Avast (avast!) antti virus, is also popular among computer . CNET's download site, download Avast Free Program is a large number. Available for free, eviji and antti avira antivirus download this package is more than a number. In the free version of the great facilities, SafeZone, Firewall and Antispam except that all the facilities which are available, people want it. Not only prevent virus programs, this process uses less RAM memory Avast. And many additional features (auto sandbox, boottime scan, remote assistance, nonannoying browser protection plugins, 8 different realtime shields and cloud reputation) which are listed in the. You need to go to this Web Site Address:

2. Anti eviji virus (avg antivirus):

For many years, in the use of free antti virus package, eviji antti virus package that was in the first place. Virus, harmful e-mails, virus attacks and personal information online that offer the best protection against theft and virus antti eviji running. Windows 8 system, its user-friendly interface of the site, these are virus free antti.
But, this is the way around it is to install. Installation Program must download one of the first in the range of 4 MB. The 60 MB download file-level antivirus notes must contain the codes. They must then install. Without separately, the set-up of the press is a ekskiyuttapil file. Do not install this tool on the number of bars, the install will be static. The questions come looking for, choose your own good. You need to go to this Web Site Address:

3. Ad Aware antti virus (AdAware Free Antivirus +):

This development has to be a complete anti-virus program. Hence, now grown enough to take third place. But, the program fee is sad that some of the advanced features which are not in the information. To go to this address: http://www. / products / ad_aware_free.php

4. Avira (Avira):

Windows operating system, enter in any way, detection of the contamination in the program, which is considered to be the best program. After installing it, run, niruttavumana button is shown only. If installing it, the device browser's search converted into static. This update is available daily ceytitumaru pop-up message is irritating to many people. In the first place it was a year ago. But, if all the above reasons, is currently in fourth place. To access it http://www.avira. com / en / avirafreeantivirus in the address to the site.

5. Virus and firewall Zone Alarm Free antti:

The Zone Alarm firewall needs to be free of the virus tatuppirkena, currently has a full performance antti virus. The anti-virus technology has kasperski. In general, all free antti purokiramkalum virus, in particular the level of security facilities. Celuttinaltan fee, complete protection available. But, Zone Alarm provides complete virus protection. Its user interface is very, very easy. You can always set the password given. / security / enus / zonealarmfreeantivirusfirewall.htm this site can be obtained at the address.

6. Microsoft Security Essentials (Microsoft Security Essentials):

Microsoft designed by the company, only to those who paid for the movement of its Windows antti virus program is available free of charge. Automatically at specific time intervals, scan files on the computer on which to make the facility. Especially, when you are undergoing any work. The scan was not carried out is also available to provide relief to the files. Windows 8 System is issued. But, this is the name that the Windows Defender. Microsoft's anti-virus program, be sure to fight against all viruses can not be trusted. It is better to be applied to any antti virus packages.

7. Antti Panda Cloud Antivirus (Panda Cloud Antivirus):

Antti virus distinct from conventional packages, cloud computing and security will give the ceyalpatuvoruk antti virus package came in the first set. This is available free of charge. Be careful when installing it on the need to answer the questions. Home Page of the search of computer equipment and replacing it. Moreover, tulparkalaiyum sets. Cloud computing is the need to act. Any other type of security can be used to complete a antti virus program. available in the address.

8. Antti Rising Antivirus (Rising Antivirus):

This is a Chinese product. The first came in the Chinese language only available in the free package, currently available in English language. Most of its facilities are available in the paid version is available too. international package is available at the address. But, it is still set in 2011. The Chinese floor (www.rising. if, V16 2012, a recent version is available. However, the English program's virus definition codes are constantly updated, it works better as a set. Antti virus packages are available to use for free. Their names, names will be available, will find here a few benefits.

9. Antti kincapt virus (Kingsoft Antivirus):

The Chinese company has been operating for the past 11 years. It provides a number of different facilities. Site Address: http://en.

10: portti client (FortiClient):

Antti provide network security firm Fortinet antivirus program. It provides functions of type 11. Site Address:

11. Antret (UnThreat):

Antti virus program in 2011, the first set of the operating company. Press Installation requires 100 MB sized files. Available site:

12. Antti komato virus (Comodo Antivirus):

Operates in two segments that antti virus and Defense. Although the new viruses and filter technology has faced. Http:// to go to that address.

13. Nano antti virus (NANO AntiVirus)

The package is available from Russia. Currently only available for free trial package. There is a very simple user interface. Site Address: http://www. / index.php? option = com_content & view = article & id = 4 & Itemid = 50 & lang = en
Many of them are available on the Internet free antti purokiramkalum virus. They are suspicious that operates with the same capacity. However, these can be used to read about the study notes.

Google Maps on your phone

Google Maps on your phone

The aio S. Apple iPhone. After Apple's iOS 6 Maps provided in the system, different problems, poor  received from customers. From this problem, in order to save the company Apple, Google again has its Google Maps feature. The application is now available on the App Store. Jies and its subsequent aio S iPhone 3. Users of Apple devices and systems, it can be obtained. Google Maps all the facilities which are available on the device. Note furnish each  map, street image displays, search information about nearby places, including the popular Google customers all the facilities, which are available at.

In its news website reported, Google company, announced that its Maps software shows how the seats are very accurate. Update on the set every day, tens of thousands of numbers. In Google Maps, in the event of any problems, the device uses a lottery kulukkivittu, by immediately displayed form, to send an error message, Google has announced.

Phone using a free application available to customers with a large number of applications is Google Maps. It took place a few days since the release of Google Maps. Feedback on Google Maps, a few hours already reached the number of 8,000. All five-star status alittiruntana to Google memps facility.

 Maps kukul nature of the quality of the system can afford. Information about the location of the question for us ceyto type, can be tried by voice. Specific address, location, and business organizations to be clear about the location of the available information. Are you going on, have the vehicle traveled on, as have the car payment, can respond accordingly.

Catanattirkena aipet alone was not released Google Maps. Pattullavarraiye to Apple devices can be used again. In the beginning, Apple with its phones, Google Maps has provided software packages together. Then, to show that he can prepare Maps, Maps, Apple began to create the package. Last September, the Apple company with its operating software package produced by the facility with cistattirkena alone Maps, Google, view maps throw out from his store.

But, given Apple software maps that show how false information with customers accusing, Apple realized his mistake. Maps by giving false information, the risk of confusion that many have accused the police. So its Maps feature, Apple withdrawal. Its chief executive Tim Cook to apologize to the people. Now Google Maps for iPhone mended by providing a software package, which has to help. Now, iPhone, iPod Touch 4G, aio S .5 and its Google Maps is available for subsequent systems. In 40 countries, in 29 languages ​​available in the Maps. Of English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, jappanis, including Dutch and Spanish.

Maps software problem caused confusion, Apple company, its software division's chief officer, asked to sign a letter of apology to the public. He refused, out with. However, in the case of Maps, Apple has had his nose broken.

Windows Live Mesh to close

Windows Live Mesh to close

Integrating capacitor to protect files in service in 2008, Microsoft Windows Live Mesh (Windows Live Mesh) began in the name. The Live Mesh, Windows Live Sync, and Windows Live FolderShare  that name. At one time, the use of this service announced கோடிக்கணக்கானவர்கள். In our devices without files, stored on remote operation, it is necessary to use the facilities, the Windows Live Mesh ranked first. But, later, Microsoft seeks to provide various facilities, Sky Drive resulted in the other configurations. In addition to the facilities provided by Live Mesh that Microsoft would be able to with ease. Live Mesh now in TRI facilities adding all the Sky, Sky traivirku all of its customers has requested to change.

February 13 will be the first to complete the Live Mesh facilities, declare that it is not given any capporttum. Live Mesh Used for all messages sent in a separate email, Microsoft announced the decision. Less than 25,000 people are currently using Windows Live Mesh. Microsoft has been using Sky Drive capable of 20 million people.

With Live Mesh, its customers have access to their computers remotely operated. But, Sky TRI noted here that the department does not Microsoft. But, this package is capable of providing Third Party Software has announced that Microsoft would be conducted using remote desk top connection. But, Live Mesh customers do not want it.

old computer and mew computer Reviews

old computer and mew computer Reviews

Program is a television show. The computer running the application package is a command to search for a job application. We undertake specific tasks on a computer running the program.
We are fed up with cleaning the house is a part of Windows. A bridge connecting the world today.
Ing with the cursor punitamallata blasphemy. In the blink of an eye to the computer today is our command post for a goal. A piano keyboard on that. Today, with our fingers to operate a device performs several tasks.

Old age is a potential memory teyum us. Today is a site for the machine's movements. CD On a Bank Account. After being used today, but wasted a plate mattappatum attokkalilum beauty bicycles.

If you smash on ansip public place. Today, everyone can see under ansip. Garbage on it will kampras. Today kampras are easy to carry information. If the hard drive before traveling long distances to get tired. Today the pen, pencil writing on a computer without the board.

But if you lay the wood on the fire, a burning log. It all started their work on the computer is the first thing like this. Mouse Pad Mouse on living place. Today we crawled the computer in the hands of a child's bed.
Cut with scissors did that day. Click vettukirom done today. Teykkattan tooth paste on. Ottukirom on a computer in the hands of today untouched. House on the spider's web. Today around the world knit digital valaiye Web. If there is fever virus. Today purokirame malicious computer virus.

Microsoft 2012

Microsoft 2012

If we look back through the year 2012, there were many digital wonders of the place certainly encompass a surprise to us. Microsoft is giving more of these miracle. You can see a return on its spectacular performance.

According to Microsoft, in 2012, a record year, thinking I was happy to see. Windows Operating System is designed in a completely new system, the Windows 8 version has no facilities provided on the unexpected. Not surprisingly, the interface for users, user interface, providing fast performance. In particular, its touch screen operation, we were all together unexpected. The same operating system, providing its teplat computers, digital path, Microsoft set up a successful mailkallinai. Windows R. A so-called operating system. R.. M.. Structure and functioning, integrity earned two different types of devices.

Next, Windows Phone 8, Microsoft has brought mobile device. Not only are many new features in the future, many more opportunities to build new additional features offered in this phone. The amaippirkerpa, vativaikkappatta Nokia 920 and HTC lumiya 8 X successfully sold in the mobile market, to ensure well being of the people.

Microsoft's popular patippakiya the company, the new version of Microsoft Office suite, released in 2012. Although it has not yet come to market, users can use this download. Using this number , which has yet to have a facility opportunities. This office suite, Microsoft is offering a specialty act together easily with other packages. Moreover, in order to use all easily obtained, another specialty of this License  ways.

Microsoft's hardware division would be better able to operate in 2012, Surface R. By introducing the teplat piciyinai confirmed. This, by itself as a software company
Microsoft , digital services and hardware company in the world and a sizable this year.
Surface R. Activities of the teplat the PC, is a completely new method to show the peculiarities of the Microsoft company. This puzzled many of them are very good design. The key board with a very small thickness, the digital world is over. Also, it withdrew, teplat PC is designed for the protection of the upper lid and use.

Microsoft is already providing the services in 2012 resulted in several new turns.
The first Sky Drive. The various nunmaiyana facilities, improve, and has the best klavt computing category. Also, it completely integrates with its other services to its customers a complete, full service facilities provided. Next, keep the faith, with additional facilities for the Xbox music device.

As for the music, resulting in a device that Microsoft released it. Simple to organize music files on the Internet and it's designed to be more efficient. Each user needs their own, they wanted to get to the Internet through the way it works. In the last year, which is a new service that Microsoft Outlook is the dot-com services. It was the final service, newly renovated many changes Microsoft has provided it. The site is completely removing his Hotmail, Outlook, from the beginning of the dot-com e-mail service has changed the site.
Freshness and ease of use, additional protection as one of the  the email service, giving Microsoft customers are all large-scale reception.

In the following section you just run with Microsoft software, remember that the year 2012 will be the year level. Google and Apple in the mobile segment as the device for companies to challenge the company's main achievement this year, the year studded with stones.

some Tips ....

some Tips ....

Type text in Word

Do typing a word in the Word field and then held several jobs. A test that will tell amaikinranava the characters correctly. Type of Auto Correct the mistakes, the focus is already on the list of fixes for them if they will be converted automatically. Without a specific word in the list, if it was a mistake, as that term under the in red. Right-click on it in more than one of the same characters will be given a list of words that can be formed. From which we can select the desired term.

Question and Answer

Question and Answer

 There are many different Office versions in circulation. As recipients of the same file, the file format tankalukkukanta ask. Thus, in many cases, to change the format of the files. The only solution
Is there any application?
Thu. Deepa, Coimbatore.

In order to give all of the solution, not an application. However, many sites on the internet in order to operate the solution. Http:// suggested that I address in this site is running. The site and you want to change the file format, press the Browse button click. It may be a Word document file. You have it in PDF. Want to convert the file. Browse and select the file, the output file in any format that you need to specify the place, Adobe Portable Document must select that. Then, Convert click on the button, the file format change. Your e-mail address to get the file format must be changed. In a few minutes, your e-mail address, changed the file format for the download link provided ceytituvat. The converted files parmattirku about any of the information, and answers to many questions will be given.

In some cases, files from one folder to another, while coffee, a file of the same name, the name of the file, copy the file over elutava? I hear that. In this appetti given pop, Yes and, Yes to All the buttons are. But, No is only that. There is No to All button. What caused this mess? Please explain.
S.. Nithya Mahesh, Chennai.

their anger is reasonable. In taking up the pack,  Update: Copy the files in the face of this situation. Do not change anything in the file, give the command "No to All" command is required. This button is not available. But, it is a way. No button pressed, and if you need No to All, press the Shift button. No button in the "No to All" will change that. Any file with the same name will not be changed.

I bought a computer with Windows 8 system. The Windows tipantar (Windows Defender) Program is not running. Be given to the system described in the article you wrote before. If so, what must I must install?
C. R.. Nancy Joseph, Coimbatore.

Windows 8 system, many of the job is purchased with the computer. Windows tipantar provided with your system. But, disengaged been set. Antti program is a virus. According to this system, it will virpanaiyakamal among their people because of the antti virus programs, news organizations produce and sell these programs, computer manufacturing companies have a crisis. This crisis, when Microsoft announced to the company, Microsoft Windows tipantar allowed to keep the program stalled. You can see how it would run. Windows 8 Start Screen to the new system, as well as Windows Defender and press enter. Tipantar icon shown in Windows, click on it. Windows tipantar is now in static condition, your Windows system "At risk" is displayed in the message. Red X symbol is displayed on a large scale. Now, on top of Windows tipantar window and navigate to the Settings tape. Available here in the window, 'Realtime protection' means select. Later, 'Save Changes' and click on the exit. Now, "At risk" get the message. Windows tipantar work, this message will not be displayed. It had run, 'Scan Now' and click, place the computer in a system scan. Often the 'Update' by clicking on the tape, press this update. Before running on Windows tipantar First, the update process is important.

This site is not showing it. R.. L..'s What caused the relationship? The particular one, eg Antti avira antivirus site, Yu. R.. L..  to?
Pop. Narasimhan, pallikkaranai

 There is a web site on any server that the name of the server, its not showing character. R.. L.. The mailing address of the Web site if that's not a house. R.. L.. U of antti avira antivirus site. R.. L.. Finding it rather than saying how can this antti virus package that is available on the site? The site will be prepared to provide the name of the company. It can learn.
Or act like everyone, in any search engine Avira anti virus sites that will give the addresses of the file (United R.. L..) Listed. You can click on their site.

Windows 8 will surely win ataiyuma? To the extent that the hartverilum, cistattirkum spent? I have Windows XP using the bye.
R.. Shivraj, Tambaram.

If you use Windows XP, and you have this suspicion and fear. But, at the same time, new, computer, and you want to be in the new system. Of course Windows 8, the new hardware with the most people arrive. Requires that we change do. The luxury AC Bus, Multi sleeping facility with Axl AC Bus and pirayanattirku we learned not? It is like this. An information tarattuma? Microsoft chief executive Ballmer, comes the end of 2013, that has sold 50 million Windows 8 license. 2013 kkullakave the number of Windows 8 will reach that. You have a new computer purchase, if Windows 8 system with a kampyuttaraiye purchase.