How to Use A Laptop Touchpad?

How to Use A Laptop Touchpad?
     Laptop users have a large pain, which is running on the touch pad. Move a finger on the keyboard, To change the cursor location, including where we do not have to type under. Stop work, the pain from that which I write, delete it and then come back to the place where the cursor should be run.The problem is not, quite a few palms down under  can type the keyboard. This is a very bad effect. The pain arises.

       The solution to this problem and some of the programs available on the of the best in the Touch Freeze. This is a simple, free program Windows NT/2000/XP / Vista / 7 and is designed to run on all systems. you can download it, install laptop computer is on. Do not have to make any settings work. To operate automatically with Windows running, touch pad we take care of the problem to occur. 768 kb takes less memory to run. Type text on the keyboard, Touch pad disable the movement makes.

     can stop touch pad operation without using this Program. But every time I go to the Control Panel for this purpose, Mouse click on the device icon and select Device Select,  "Disable Touch Pad when USB Pointing Device is present" to make the tick mark. It is a way round. want to go back in and have a touch pad. Alternatively, if you do not use touch pad, Touch pad on your laptop computer settings to "Disable Device" driver can operate them. When you want to re-run each time to go. Dell, Hp, Sony  laptop computer companies also gives with laptop touch pad disable software packages. Go to Settings and enable the Touch Pad. Some models of the Acer laptop by pressing the Fn + F7 keys that, Touch Pad is disabled. Then again, if needed, can be re-initiated the movement by pressing the keys. The circuit work and prevent Touch pad Freeze. download this free program / p / touchfreeze / Jump to the address of the Web site.

Lap top, note book, smart phone Reviews And Advantages.

Lap top, net book, smart phone Reviews And Advantages.

Lap top Advantages And Special Features :

       Personal computing is changing the world. Now we get to see reports on sales, after sales goes back to the desk top. Laptop liked its location. If the computer is a laptop that has a situation. Notebook computers is rising sales in the same category. Easy to carry, the price being reduced, Some sacrifice in anticipation of the operating computer, notebook computer, people are ready to use.

     1. Corporate, office jobs :   the institutional basis for our life, office work only if you are using the computer! A Word Document, Excel Work Sheets, Multimedia display sets, set-up software programs for your organization Did you work? These devices can be used how you see that?

     The best choice for this type of work is a complete lap tap.  CPU with high energy, Ram Memory, Laptop computers. no circumstances is strong and carry risks. But a good business laptop, other than the price of high.

Smart phone  Advantages And Special Features :

       Than all these things, which is smart phones are catch its place.  The movement is quite similar to a computer, Instead of a computer, smart phones are being used. Hence the company, the software application, developed in parallel to the smart phone has been released.It costs money to the user, as the value of time, many people are starting to use smart phones in place of the computer.

Note Book computers  Advantages And Special Features :

      In the space of less than a keyboard for notebook computers, Office application.Screen and low power CPU, RAM memory, are creating an obstacle to select. One of the smart phone in this type of work you will need to operate. But it will be available on the laptop computer is still lagging in getting speed.So who engage in this work, with a capacity of one laptop computer, smart phone, you can buy one themselves.

Contact social sites:
      Social network of contacts and to play online, Currently that was hobby.  Their friends and relatives were always in touch, occasionally update events, and assist the social sites.In this type of Twitter, Facebook, and the squares of linked sites are like.Smart phones use the most help. Laptop and notebook computers running slow for quickly spread. But to send the photos, edit them, Real Time Chat, smart phones are hand  than the notebook. The best device for the purposes we are  notebook.All of the above requirements may be to others. That needs to be done with any type of computing device is to get to it.

Different Types of computer Viruses Reviews.

Different Types of  computer Viruses Reviews.


     Computer user's without permission, users unknowingly, that program filed automatically.  can find searches the Internet to find information about the use of these programs. The computer user is aware of the options, that provides relevant advertisements. This not only a nuisance, it's hard disk space, CPU performance, without the need for us to take.also joining of Tracking cookies.


      Available on the Internet who want the benefits of the program, you can download and use it. The same program, you unknowingly, that collects and saves Application on your computer, Web sites you visit, you buy goods on the Internet, such as informants. You do not know your program you use to perform this task. like these some programs. In your browser's toolbar, you unexpectedly, If you see one on the toolbar, that Back Door Santa object is in your computer. then go to  Add / Remove Programs and remove it.

3. BHO :

      It is explicable that the Browser Helper Object shown. This will work with you expanded your browser.Some BHO also assist us.But some programs, return to us on the Internet, go to the other sites. Highjak If this is your computer, and the computer will start to run very slowly.Some Trojan viruses can use it in their work.


    The maximum damage on the computer.As with the active virus and worm.This virus spreads through e-mail. this will spread rapidly All  virus program. 

Some New Free Anti virus programs Features.

Some New Anti virus programs Features.

1.  Zone Alarm Free anti Virus and firewall :

    The Zone Alarm firewall provided free virus protection. now has a complete performance in anti virus. kaspersk provides free anti-virus protection  technology.  In general, all free anti virus programs, in particular the level of security facilities.  paid anti-virus programs gives complete protection available. But, Zone Alarm provides complete virus protection. Its user interface is very easy to. If the password set takes. / security / enus / zonealarmfreeantivirusfirewall.htm the address of the site you can get it.

2. Microsoft Security Essentials:

     Designed by Microsoft, This operating is only for those who paid for its Windows anti virus program available for free. Automatically at specific time intervals, scan files on the computer will make the facility which is available at. Especially, when it is not undergoing any work available on the computer. Do not scan the file for the exemption will be carried out is also available. This is also provides Windows 8 system. This is the name that the Windows Defender. Microsoft's anti-virus program, and can not believe that fighting against all viruses.

4. Panda Cloud Antivirus :

     Anti virus different from the regular packages, Cloud computing and security of the anti virus package came in the first set. It is available free of charge. Be careful when installing it on the need to answer questions.This will make the search of computer and home page.Cloud computing is the need to act.The complete program can be used for other types of virus protection this one of anti virus. It is available at the address

5.Rising Antivirus :

     This product is a Chinese national. This free package is available only when the first of the Chinese language,Currently available in English language. This version will be available to pay for the facilities international package is available on the address. But, it is still set in The Chinese website (www.rising. if, V16 2012 for a more recent version available.However, since the English program's virus definition update of codes,It operates as a set of updates. Anti virus packages are available to use for free. Their names, names will be available, will find here a few benefits.

Free anti-virus programs in 2013

Free anti-virus programs in 2013

1. Avast:

      In recent years, Avast (avast!) anti virus, is also popular among computer users. in CNET's download site,  Avast Free Program are large number of times download.Available for free, AVG and anti virus avira download this package is more than times download. In the free version  facilities are Safe Zone, Firewall and Anti spam facilities.  which are available in all the people who want it. Not only prevent virus programs,The Avast process uses less RAM memory.  And many additional features ( remote assistance, auto sandbox, boottime scan, non annoying browser protection plugins, 8 different real time shields and cloud reputation) which are listed in Avast. To access it you need to go to the Web Site Address:

2. AVG antivirus : 

     For many years, the use of  free anti virus avg virus package that was in the first place.  avg facilities are Viruses, and harmful e-mails, via the Internet and personal information theft, virus attacks and offer the best protection against the virus. Windows 8 system, its user friendly interface of the site, for the free anti virus.But, it is all the way around it is to install. first download 4 MB  amount of Installation Program. next 60 MB sized file containing the virus codes for Notes must download. They must then install.Rather than individually, a total of  file given for set up.  install this toolbar, by installing at a constant level. The questions come looking for, choose your own good.To access it you need to go to the Web Site Address:

3. AdAware Free Antivirus+:

    This development has to be a complete anti-virus program. Hence, it has now developed into third place.But, some of the advanced features of the program fee will not regret it provides information. To address this, go to: http://www. / products / ad_aware_free.php

4. Avira :

   in Windows operating system, enter in any way, Detection of contamination in the program, which is considered to be the best program.After installing it, run, stop button is shown only.If you install it, the browser search tool converted into static.The pop-up message will be updated daily shown. In the first place it was a year ago.But, all the above reasons, it is now in fourth place.To access it http://www.avira. com / en / avirafreeantivirus the address of the site visit.