* CON in the name of the folder you create. Windows will not load. Why? What is the reason? Is it because it is the word used in the system? Microsoft officials say the answer could not be determined.

* For any file, folder, and then select the one you press Alt + Enter information about the Properties window will be provided. The file, folder or drive can get all the information about.

Question and Answer

Question and Answer

Internet Explorer browser, click on the Address Bar will type the Web site address. Without this circuit, what kikalai sit on keyboards by pressing the Address Bar?
Fruit. Somasundaram, pallattur.

Alt + D keys and aluttalam F6 key. They can go to the Address Bar. Such as the Google toolbar for Internet Explorer toolbar unrelated to anything found in the Internet Explorer, F6 key switches standing on the toolbar.

Windows 2007 systems have given in my office computer. How is the process of implementing single click?
Fruit. Snake gem. Pallattur.

Press the Start button to receive the Control Panel. Opening the Control Panel icons for the various categories available. I was not in the upper-right hand side click on the View By Category. Small Icons and click on continue. The icons are available in, Folder Options and click on the icon. Click Items as Follows Next in the category Single click to open an item (point to select) Select that. Then, you press the Save changes by clicking on Apply, click OK and exit the next. Finally, in the upper-right corner of the Control Panel and click on the X to exit the stage.

As a research essay writing, one company in my computer, I have created an auto text entries. Now they do not need. How do I delete them? I use Word 2007.
You are the doctor. Sundar Prakash, Madurai.

 In Word 2007, make the following process. Select Insert on the Ribbon teppinai. Group Text and click on the Quick Parts tool. Word several options to choose from. Select under the Building Blocks Organizer. (In Word 2007, the Building Blocks of a "super Auto Text" was introduced as.) Next, the name you wish to remove from the list and select Auto Text entry. Choosing the correct means you, make sure you can close the preview stage. After that, press the Next button, select Auto Text entry delete. I deleted everything you want, click OK and then come out of the Building Blocks Organizer.
The same process is carried out in the following ways to handle collection of Word prior to 2007. From the menu select Insert Auto Text apsanai. Is available from the sub-menu click on Auto Text option. Word Now Auto Correct, in the dialog box, Auto Text teppinai unfolding. Select the Auto Text option from the list available here under the text you want to delete all the entries and select Auto. Telit button and then, they will be deleted.

I have long been using Windows XP computer with a range of 512 MB of RAM memory. With high capacity hard disk can be changed if you do not have that type of hard disk market. Is to buy a new computer. What is your advice?
Cha. Nanaraj, Coimbatore.


You did not mention about the work done on the computer. Without the use of internet, making and reading some of the Documents, Excel orksit application, watching movies, listening to music and video on the rest of my work, use the kampyuttaraiye. But, one thing you have to accept. The technology is changing all around us rise. Published in 1988, is now a large-scale spoken Walkman. No cassette players, pagers communication on the big surprise given that the location is unknown. Absolutely no floppy discs, CD soon, tivitikkalum disappear. Additional facilities offered by modern technology, we need to change our equipment. A modern processor, a computer monitor, you can switch to. Flee with the world; series win.

What is the primary mission of the browser for the goat, but the package? If you want to install to the press? The computer, there is a risk?
Karancantiran DC, Tirupur.

goat, but browser or ekstansan (called in this extensive collection), we provide a new look to the browser or the use of additional software packages that pays little. Mined toolbar facilities in specific sites, download manager Converter, download simultaneously from multiple sites make facilities, and send images directly to specific sites, Web sites in languages ​​other than the language of the text comp packages provide such facilities, but the goat. In the browser, we think that such a facility tantirukkalame many features that are available to us today is a goat but the packages. After installing them, I do not need to remove all piravucarkalum provide comfort. These often appear to cause any harm. But, like a virus or malware goat, but if the package, it is definitely harmful to our computer. Persons but one download package on the Make, make sure that it is available to download from the site and want to use.

are warnings about the impact of radiation waves. You're writing. But, it will not be using the mobile phone. What must be avoided at this?
My. Bronze Parvathi, Chidambaram.

You can not be that we have made use of the mobile phone. Note that some of the radiation is affecting us and follow directions. If landline phone near, give priority to use it. Loud speaker said, do not talk on the phone waiting. Mobile phone use has no distance scale, reduce the radiation level. Using the headset, the wireless Bluetooth headset gets to talk to. Avoid pecuvatanai long time. If possible, you can exchange information through text messages.

If the signal is not available, ciramappatamal to speak, to speak. Because, when the signal easily available, more radiation. The speech signal strength to continue to search for the available space. Department of Telecommunications has these suggestions. And some suggested. Ulokattin with the old frame with glass eyes, do not talk wet talaiyutanum mobile. They will attract more radiation. What is the most stunning news, shirt and pants pockets, the mobile phone will not go with. If so, once every one or two minute mobile phone network radio alaiviccinai express check-press. This wave of care delivery, particularly affect the heart.

Screen shot of the desired size

Screen shot of the desired size

We are looking for a Web site. Its design, visual appearance, the text appears to be the most important, and then we will create and save a screenshot of a presentation or Word document used in the counting. The Print Screen, and then the image editor (such as Paint Sun @ rakiram) pailakkuvom paste it opened. Greater than the expected size of the file, may shrink. Therefore, we want to try to set its size. In some cases the problem can be that too. The site is in a very simple solution to address one of

Go to the site, you need to take a screen shot of the U.S. site. R.. L.. Need to address. You must then select the desired size. Entire size, 1024 x 768, 800 x 600, 640 x 480, 320 x 240, 200 x 150, and 120 x 90 that would have given many options.

 The selection is required, then it must be in the Start Capture button.
Screenshot of the machine, go to the site you specify, in your definition, its Page Screenshot taken, it will download link for the download. If you click on it, file it down your computer. Or in the directory you specify, Boulder filed in the movie. Give it a try once.

Personal Brake

Personal Brake

Wi - B-channel connection to the natural enniyiruntom problems. Your article has been written on the solutions, with maximum efficiency through the use of the tips are conducted.
My. Pankaj Kumar, Chennai.

The router is running so well that there are technical matters press has described many things clear.
Pera. My. Civasanmukam, Madurai.

of the hyperlinks, placing a good idea to read related articles. Easy to use in the study of a facility. Thank you.
T.. Karthik civaraja, Trichy.

Government will help the development of rural Internet, often getting the right type of connection. Telecommunications industry and service companies must update their devices. Like radio, Internet usage, a change in the countryside is happy to be growing.
B. Nallatampi, Cholapuram.

Designed to give Microsoft the company, Surface teplat PC market certainly likes a good place. But I doubt that change the use of the personal computer.
Ka. Princess, Coimbatore.

All of the packages in the main program of the Office 2013 package provided, readers are ready. List the following tips now.
The. Kantiraj, Tambaram.

Spare batteries for mobile high price, the same price as the other natumpati batteries are low. Large companies realize the cost of the battery is reduced, it will be fine. Tips for the care you provide, failure to follow a hundred to a hundred.
My. R.. Mahendran, Puducherry.

Without question, send important information, Thanks for the detailed answer. Following a detailed description, but now time to install, operate without a computer problem. Thank manatarnta.
Ka. Ms. centamil, Chennai.

Tips on buying a shortcut pukmarkkin OK. But, the list is extended. The Group is asked to explain the cause.
B. Devdas, Tirupur.

As was explained about DDT R, hard disk, flash drive, CD, DVD explain about the category. Specify how to choose them.
My. Wow Mary, Tiruvannamalai.

In terms of technology, the mobile phone connects to the portal page. Pulanki are a lot of words without meaning.
Ka. Camcutin, Puducherry.

Email medicine

Email medicine

Always mail addresses of the recipient or recipients, type email message after it, after connecting links, the final set. This is done to ensure that we are fully mail. Anuppuvatanai prevents haste. If you try to send without address, e-mail program to warn us. I send, and who will skip it.

Sending postal mail to the same answer, click the Reply button, and email address of the sender of the mail program is set! I have a copy, cut, and keep the first line of the mail message. Please type the complete message, the address in the first line and re-cut, and paste in the press box for the recipient's address.

* New address, one learns from one's enough, enough to talk through one's e-mail address, it will send a test message, and make sure.

Spell Check Tuning

Spell Check Tuning

Everyone uses the computer, detects errors in the text to create a right to resort to frequent use spell check. It gets into all programs, including email client, Word program, having used it when creating Documents. However, it is utilized in the most effective aiyame. How to use this facility in order to provide additional benefit can be found here.

1. Change or Leave it all:

Spell check is written incorrectly and warn each telling. Right-click and select the menu item with the correct term. Or directly give correct order. Tell me if there is a specific name, ignore it (ignore) can command. The same term, spell check, met again the next time to give the same command. Instead of Change All or Ignore All kattalaiya tantuvit, and that all errors were found in the edited document, or assigned.

Spell check, its tasks, connected with the program is run on the basis of large-scale dictionary. But, this dictionary have all kinds of usages. The keywords used in the right way, the wrong spell check. These words in our dictionary (custom dictionary) can add. Spell check next time, we will add the words in the dictionary as a test message in the dictionary. We will meet all of the words in the dictionary that alone should make linking routine. At this higher level, delayed Spell check work.

3. I do not accept the amendment:

Spell check is very right, to correct errors. However, that error was rectified a few words, are completely wrong. For example, please advise if that type, please advise Mr. Spell check. This amendment is not right. Therefore, the indicator will be changed to spell words on being a good eye.

4. No grammatical correction:

Spell Check Tool, to correct grammatical errors. But, we only concentrate on the most spelling errors. There are grammatical errors. Or do not worry about it. Therefore, this process can be stopped. Spell check will speed up the work.

We have set up Internet addresses. These are the words and set personal options. Spell check these ceytitamal amaittuvitalam test. Similarly, avoid e-mail addresses. Go to Tools and select Options. Teppinai available window select the Spelling & Grammar. Next, Ignore internet and file addresses and check the box in front of a positive identity. Now, Internet and e-mail addresses will not be tested.

6. Speed ​​test:

Spell check is to press the F key 7. But, to correct spelling of a word, select it and press F. 7, spell check and displays the result.

7. Tune ceytituka rules:

Word spell check function can be our choice. Eluttup
Please check with the grammatical errors, it arivittitum error. We are required to set up the various options.
They do not want to see everything here. If the window before the Spelling & Grammar tab, and a section that will be available in the second Grammar. Clicking on the Settings, all of the options available. We need to select one set. By doing many activities like this tune, spelling test, make the task easier and quicker.

Computer sales and Windows 8

Computer sales and Windows 8

With Windows 8 operating system to come out, sales of personal computers is very bad. It's not ordinary; computer manufacturer Dell and HP make the leading companies The risks to publish this comment.
Seminar to talk about their own sales, Dell corporate officers, to be released Windows 8 system, computer sales directly attributed kuraintita accused.

HP Name of entity operating system, but accused. Waiting for customers to come to discover, in this quarter, personal computer sales as the recession has reached.

User Interface

User Interface

User Interface scripting on this page kurippukalilum the phrase often studied in computer-related texts. But it is a time we thought about what that means. What is in this context that the enniyatillai. Every time you are on the computer, computer user, a new program that uses a user interface during use.

With a program based on the connected device or computer that connects you with the user interface that acts on the basis of the work introductory work. The program comes with a small controls (eg menu, Link, Button, Biel, like sound) is all shown in the user interface. Do not install a new program on the first screen you will receive a User Interface. If you have a computer connected to the device or get a new harver first screen is a user interface. You go inside the program that acts as a user interface Lighthouse.

Almost all purokiramkalum intarpesaiye provide a simple easy to use. It's easy to use and if it is its own special character. There are several types of interfaces. Graphical interface, Web-based interface, command line interface, such as operating on the types of taxes would be examples. It works with any program that will change depending on. Program is one of the few days of practice with the new interface. And functions of the program depends on the time you are using it.

Shortcut keys Facebook Platform

Shortcut keys Facebook Platform

Most of the web site using the Facebook social network site has been rising. Shortcut kikalai can use this site can be found here.

Before using Shortcut kikalai, the first key matipaiyar Key (Key Board's function is to convert key) piravucarukkanatu use what you know, it should connect. In the Firefox browser for Windows Alt + Shift, Chrome and Internet Explorer browser Alt. With these keys, can be used in conjunction kikalai given below.

1. Message to the new M
2. Facebook search?
3. News Beat's Home Page 1
4. Your purapail Page 2
5. Requests of friends 3
6. Message 4
7. Notifications 5
8. 6 Settings in your account
9. Your Privacy Settings 7
10. Facebook Home page 8
9. Facebook statement and License Agreement 9
10. Facebook Help Center O

Kikalai given at the end, as noted above, must be used with the matipaiyar key. For example, use Firefox browser, use Alt + Shift +2 to get their purapail Page.
Shortcut numbers on the keys, and key namlak should not be used in battle. The numbers should be used for more than characters kikalaiye.

Country via the Internet will be more effective

Country via the Internet will be more effective

Countries benefiting from using the Internet too much detail about the World Wide Web introduced by Tim Berners-Lee commented on recently. Sweden is ranked first in the country to receive the highest benefit.

Next, the U.S., and Great Britain are next. Based on the use of eighty, he announced the decision to study. Cable broadband connection, such as the use of modern technology has the primary level goal. Moreover, the extent to which a country's Internet site that operates in a beneficial manner is the basis of his analysis.

Web sites of a country's economic, political and social changes, the extent to which it is being brought, he was important in the study.

Following the above three countries, in order of the most effective countries, Canada, Finland, Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia, Norway and Ireland takes place. In the first ten countries peratatarku China because of the location, as the country has caused many Web sites vitittullate ban.

Computer and Internet customers in Ireland and other countries, most capable off with and he has found useful.

Many in South Asia and African countries are countries with very low margins. Nepal to be the last place on this list. Yemen's State very little benefit in the Middle East, as they are deployed.

For use of the Internet in many countries, is the large gap between rich and poor. In 61 countries, a broadband connection, one has to spend half of the average income.

With a total world countries, 80% of people looking to the Internet as their normal operation, do not attempt the Forbes Web site said. If this condition should change, everyone will benefit from the Internet, to encourage others to use the Internet in order to obtain useful as well as Berners-Lee commented.

Get new work sheet

Get new work sheet

In the vast majority of users need an extra set of Excel work sheet where I go on the Insert menu, click Worksheet section of. Many clicks are needed to get a orksit? We might think that. Aluttiye kikalai receive some directions about it! The next time you press Shift + F11 when you are working in Excel package. You have got another orksit.

In the same number of cells

In the same number of cells

In orksit Excel, you want to set the same number in the hundred cells. The number of cells used in the calculation may be carried out in orksit. But for this, you can set the number in each cell? What is a shortcut for this? First of all go to number to choose. Type the number and press Control + Enter kikalai. The number selected will all cellukalilum

When a computer malware. . .

When a computer malware. . .

Malware programs are developed every day in hundreds of murderers released. They arrived in our computer, we know, we steal personal information, we would like to send it. In many cases, we set off Computer.

If it's fun, kappattu such malware programs are designed with a fence to protect themselves. So, nothing new antti virus program, install the malware on the affected computer can not press. Already posted antti virus program, will not press Update. If so, how, to protect our computer from the malware purokiramitam? Destruction of malware?

Helpless; Update CD is one of the antti antivirus program to run on the inside. Computer can run, but you can always disable malware?

Many antti virus programs, computer operating cistattutaneye (bootable malware scanners) are available. And, through another computer, recorded on a CD from the internet, and bring it, drive through the computer's CD drive, remove malware.

Their names:

CD only, the same as the flash can also register at TRI. Two antti virus programs are the best in this category. The "kasperski rescue disk 'and" epcekyur rescue CD'. They are easy to play, produced by the company, there are several cotanaikalukkut patuttappattu. Their names:

The two purokiramkalum ISO As files, are available on these sites. Click on these, tarappattu a user interface, a CD in the way it treats pativatarkena. If it is unable to register, Active @ ISO Burner by the utility program, can register on the CD. After download the program, you must install the. Then, the above ISO Double-clicking on the file, record it to CD.

These yuespi Enable in TRI. But, the ISO Files, Flash TRI operating in the register, some programs are needed. ISO virus program kasperski antti Recordable file Utility to record Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10 to USB devices require a program.


it from the site, and install and use. F Secure Virus ISO antti File, yuespi To register in TRI, Universal USB Installer program as needed. In his address to the,

 install and use.

Windows 7 to remember

Windows 7 to remember

In Windows operating systems that are not yet Windows 7 has some new features. Some of them will remember.

1. Then a folder:

Are you often take files from a specific folder? Specific files to your daily activity? To obtain the file folder in Windows Explorer and open to all. Specific folder, then in the tool bar can keep up. Right-click on the folder, and drag and drop tool bar. Windows 7 will automatically put it in the Explorer Jump List. To open a folder, click on the task bar takes its icon.

2. Double Windows:

Open the driver have one program. In some cases, another type of the same program to process, preserve another run in the open window, press the Shift key and click on the task bar icon in the program. Bring the same functionality of the middle mouse button.

3. To change display settings:

Please correct the monitor's visual appearance, as well as the displayed images and text to tullitam, monitors ceytitamal adjust, press Windows 7 allows you to directly drive some files. There are two programs for this applet. These Clear Type Text Tuning and Display Color Calibration. To bring the operation, run, run to that point, cttune.exe and dccw.exe.

4. Sort icons:

Program icons in the task bar, we set up the list. Right-click on the icon and drag, and you want to leave in place. The first five icons to run the program, with Windows key, serial number, it is enough to press as 1,2,3. For example, if the Word program icon Firstly, the number 1 key press the Windows key, the Word Program operation.

5. Task Bar menu:

Care programs operate fully in the task bar, press the Windows key with the key was. Taskpar menu shown on the screen, which will be available in the list of programs. Arrow key to select the program on which we need to, enter, or bring it by clicking on the movement. Press the Escape key to exit the screen display.

6. Windows 7 Sticky Notes:

We often forget small things. So will the smaller papers about them. On certain days to make reference to our country, we will kirukki small monthly calendar. But, in many cases, to keep the memory reference, and set kirukkal, do not know what is. Where the mind is made or not.

We use the computer for several hours every day on the monitor screen if they so much facility. Windows 7 Sticky Notes in the name of the facility for which the system is provided on the screen. The sticky notes can be set up in seven different colors. Thus, we can set up an assortment of things to keep in mind. Note the color of the sticky point and click Wright, the colors change. If another node requires bit, bit the same node in the upper left and click on the + symbol can do. Get Sticky Notes in the search box, StikyNot.exe type and hit enter. Or Start> All Programs> Accessories> Sticky Notes and Get that.

Excel: select rows

Excel: select rows

Excel thrust line and the horizontal rows in set (Column, Row) to select the entire line under the cursor and drag the cursor or highlight side vattilo doing it? Two keys make it easy to work in this tug of war. No nettuvaricaiyinai (Column) highlight the need to press or to select one of the cells in which you want to control the cursor key and then Space with Barry (Ctrl + Spacebar) Press. Now all the selected cells. Click on the highlighted row, press Shift + Spacebar same bed.




Windows Operating System. Today the world's most used operating system in personal computers. After the toss of operating systems provided by Microsoft. Following are several facilities. Its user interface is easy to use and set up basic graphics.

Web Browser:

(Web Browser) based on Internet use is required to run the package. This can be obtained through pages on the internet. Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc. appara popular browsers used today.

Yuespi (USB):

Support for external devices that connect to the computer via a standard. The memory drive, hard disk, camera, mobile phone, printer, computer keyboards that can connect any device to connect to.


Small view of the big picture. What is it that I can see without opening the image file.

Question and Answer

Question and Answer

My flash traivinai, picking up my files back, always plug in and use the computer. Is there anything this bad?
CK Uttam Raj, Pole.

Good question. As mechanical hard drives, flash counter if traivinaiyum, you have these doubts. Flash TRI's depreciation, which is written to and read depends on the load. Since there is no area in which to move, does not cause depreciation in the category. However, when unused Connecting it to make it better. Because, I paid a lot of power in the event of Scientology, the chance that it will go stale. Therefore, the time to remove it, use it when necessary.

Word Document produced and the amount of text, reduce, zoom, with its grid cursor can not act? 0.5 reduce the size of the cluster can account for a character?
Skin. Tinatayalan, Villupuram.

 First, make it possible to reduce the size of any text. Ctrl + Square Brackett kikalai for later identification (Ctrl +] / Ctrl + [) Press. First given in writing, to increase the size of the next cut. Each time you press a point size varies enough. This phase of the band, and the grid size to go. But, if you need a change in the desired level of 0.5, the band will not be able to go with the cursor. If the range of 12.5 point, Not a valid number that will be available. This may, on the Format menu, click to select the band. Dialog box will be available on the band, the band that amounts to 12.5 at the appropriate level will be set up in the characters. The funny thing is, the first phase of this amount, 12.5 Word is not accepted during the program, as shown above, changing the size of the band, showing that the amount of 12.5 at. If we accept as a given.

 I bought a new computer with a famous company. The malware program records sent by the company that says my friend. Is this true?
S.. Music Queen, Chennai.

Companies producing computer, operating system, but also some other so-called Third party software programs are free of charge online. These "bloatware" called. In the course of a antti any existing antivirus program. Games and there is a small utility programs. Like it is their friend, on some computers with malware become purokiramkalum. Companies can combine them, or they may be mixed with Third party software packages. In China, it was an entity which detects a new computer in a botnet malware Microsoft filed a lawsuit against the company. Therefore, if you have this fear, computer purchase, it's more like the first, delete all programs. Start using the. It is difficult to eliminate. Because of this, sent, check the BIOS level, which is set to run them. Therefore, the operating system that you bought at a price, re-format the hard disc and re-configure the system better.

Word program in my computer set up some auto text entries. When using these, the small space that is behind you. The use of the plural form of the word pass es Admission is space between the two. Ventiyatullatu to destroy it again. It occurs in many words. What causes it? Longitude what way?
Q.. Genchi, Tirupur.

The problem is auto text entry. Pass the word on to set the term of the space set up, it will include the use of a short interval. Auto Text dialog box, and Auto entry for which this problem occurs, the words, the gap between them and then come right back to only press coffee. In the first position the cursor on the first letter of the word and then go with the Shift key aluttiyavaru only end up writing, copy and paste the press again. This problem does not arise then.

 I do not need a browser browsing through the tape, the end can bring to the old way?
C. Maraimalai, uttamapalaiyam.

all that easy browsing through the tape, while providing all the piravucarkalum this, you do not want to go back to the old way. Tantirukkalame for the right reason!
Come back to your question. Of course, the old system can go browsing. In Internet Explorer, Internet Options, select, and right click on the gear icon. Select General teppinai here. The click Settings under. Enable Tabbed Browsing in place to remove the tick identity. Click OK, and then exit. If teptu back to browsing, and the like, bring Dick identity.

From my email account, my name has been on the message to others, I have my friends. We are one of the link. If you click on it, too  Hour Glass. How is this possible?
Q.. Camraj, Aruppukottai.

camraj, the virus entered your computer. Some viruses, such as from computer imeyil use Address Book and sends messages with Linkin Park. Therefore, your friends, it came from you, thinking that the mail is opened, click on the link. Hour Glass are delayed at that time the virus itself can foothold in the computers. Your antti full use antivirus program, delete the virus. Panda Cloud Antivirus antti of this site will be helpful. It's free. The Trend Micro House call the Run minaiyum antti virus program. Http:// this program is available at the address. In such situations, more than one driver packages antti virus testing is done. Re citraivinai press or format.

In the Print Preview Edit

In the Print Preview Edit

To see how that will be displayed on one axis Word Document, Word provides a facility to print preview. The document at the same time can be found in the work of all parmattin. Thrust lines, parakkal, header and puttar and see all the pictures. Amendments to look like this when we want it. Similar in appearance, is to make alterations. But how likely is some strange puzzle. You can see it here.

In Word 2007 collection, available in print preview preview toolbar Group, Magnifier tulai, remove the tick label removed. After this, the cursor is already in the appearance of the preview will be displayed as usual aipim. Document available in Normal View. Documents can always be edited.

Social Site User name and password do not want to trade online

Social Site User name and password do not want to trade online

Antti popular cemantek company to produce virus package, online business processes, using social networking sites, we warned not to use yucarnem and password. Facebook, Twitter yucarnem used in such sites, and password-stealing malware programs target the number of attempts, the alert was issued.

The use of social networking sites to build a safe yucarnem and password. Online bank accounts to handle alone, you must keep your password.

And social web sites, information about the source of their funds is to share with friends. Similarly, clicking on links Unverified must be absolutely avoided. Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif recently about the social web sites tarappattu a link, click it occurred events of the stolen credit card information.

In India, online application, browse hundreds of millions of malware programs. It acts as a secure password is set. Ghosh said the company's Managing Director santanu cemantek this information.

Test version of Skype with new facilities

Test version of Skype with new facilities

Program to use Skype, you do not need to use its own to create a separate user name and password. Account password is using Facebook and Microsoft.

Through the internet, talk with our friends in the video connection, Skype can be used to package. Pasvertinai create a user name and register now to use this alone should be used legally. We invite our friends, the user must use nemaiye.

But, given the trial version now, Facebook and Microsoft account user name, password and use the skaippinaiyum use. (Skype company, in May last year, Microsoft company with $ 860 million tanatakki readers may remember that. Although the company still is housed in a separate section.), A joint venture between Microsoft and Facebook for corporate classes is the result of a contract.

The Facebook Skype video on its site, and its incorporation into Web Chat facility. Microsoft and its Bing search site, Facebook connected features. Skype to test the new features provided in version 5.11. In this edition of the six languages, integrates Skype.

Thus, to exchange messages with friends on the Internet, Microsoft has tried Skype is promoting the package.

Personal Brake

Personal Brake

E-mail to take a dose of medicine. The need to provide each week.
TK Cayram Prakash, Chennai.

Windows 7 is now used much. You will be given a weekly basis, provide a list of tips, useful tarume. Thanks In Advance.
Q.. Nandakumar, maturavayal.

"Computer malware 'When the article was like reading science experiment course. Gradually gives way advice, it is understandable manner. Others to help.
Prof. S.. Muthu Krishnan, VIRUDHUNAGAR.

Forget the fight overpower their power, if the Internet grow, you will grow in any country. In terms of where you are on the witness list. Our rulers must act faster in this category.
Dr. CK Karthikeyan, Coimbatore.

User Interface Like many kanceptukalai explain them. To everyone.
De. Amarnath else, Sivakasi.

Spell Checking Tool is so much in common? Tips and Tricks provides a stranger.
Ka. General queen bee.

Apple iPhone 5 introductory essay, computer flower muttana article. Steve Jobs, the iPhone 1 published photo-reaction, combined with today's photograph, which he paid tribute to the press, why does Apple company. Hats off to the U.S.. Thank you on behalf of Apple fans.
R.. Mukesh Ram, Chennai.

If you think that it was a type of display Retina display. Gave the best definition was excellent. Description of magazines available on Apple devices in general. Thank you for that defect is cleared.
Jay. Ismail, Dubai.

Screen Shot web site is best. Although the film is required to apply to everyone, useful information.
Embryo. Ilasmi Mohan, Karaikudi.

All the ways they can be used to escape from a given mobile phone radiation. In particular, women motherhood would be sure to follow. Whichever is the radiation, to protect the tavarillaiye.
Dr. S.. Renuka Devi, Tirupur.

Apple iPhone 5 article is very cirapap. If you find a lower price, they reach even more people.
My. Chidambaram, Villupuram.

Spell check our help, we as a dictionary, a good idea to put on the desk top. There are a lot of dictionary words better. Request to provide online dictionary addresses.

Learn pc tips

Learn pc tips

Motherboard (Motherboard):

The main circuit board in a personal computer. With this monitor, key board, mouse, printer, modem-like devices are connected.

Dialog box:

Set up a Windows application, press any of the facilities where you are trying to show what sets our desire and press the setting window.

Bookmarks (Bookmark):

Web site address that is used infrequently, vaippatanai The name refers to the Firefox browser. This is the Internet Explorer Favorites (Favourites) is called. In the book we are studying, we then simply open a page, a small Confetti, puttakattileye use this as a given, is not it a beautiful book, it's like this.

Event Handler:

Another function is to stimulate a process. Aluttivitukai mouse cursor on a button on the next activity  The theme of the pressing process known as Event Handler.


Multi Media program developed by Apple. The Multi Media (audio and video) to create, edit and view the driver can press. This program can only be run on the Internet if you click on files, this program had to be atan patiyava drop from its site and ask for your browser. This program keeps the register, and then updated, if it's new, Update program on your computer and get a message in your browser.

HTML. L.. (HTML) document:

HTML. L.. (HTML) Hyper Text Markup Language is the means of throwing. Technical words that it is a programming language for web pages. (In fact, it is not a programming language.) In short, the Web site that it is a Web Page. Another kind of webpage document. This document is written for a particular type of sensor will read your web browser.

Wallpaper (Wall Paper):

Ground Windows desk top as the image used for the film. What kind of computer owner can have a taste. The motion animated films are not just static images.

Drag and drop (Drag and Drop):

Program file, or drag the icon to another folder, or place the cursor in the aluttiyavare will call this function.

New to computers? - Use shared printers

New to computers? - Use shared printers

In one of the devices connected to the computer, the devices that can be used to share one of the printers. A computer will be provided for each of our offices. It is connected to the network. Connecting a printer for every computer is unnecessary. Many readers who work in this situation, many questions about the use of computers connected to the network requested a written explanation. Here are some tips to help them generally.

Share files and printers:

Your computer is connected to the printer on the network and keep vom This means that you can use printers, and if you feel generous to give it to you.Granted to Start> Settings> Control Panel command line. The Network icon, double - click. Available in the Configuration dialog box, select the table and press its button in the File and Print Sharing. Two check boxes know. Please include your choice and choose OK.

Local printers, and use:

On your computer to be able to use the printers on the network. Start> Settings> Printers Give the command. Want to share the printer icon Right - click Sharing, click the command. Type a name for the printer in the Share Name.

You may not use anyone other than specific printers; password known only to use it if you want to enable it. Seen in the previous paragraph in the Share Name Password Type in the password.

From any computer with one of the printers on the network in order to achieve the icon for the printer must be installed on each computer. The printer driver CD and System CD discs to keep on hand. They will need to install the printer driver.

Start> Settings> Printers Give the command. Add Printer icon and double - click the Wizard to get one. It's saying you have to act. In response to the select Local Printer Network Printer, you must select printers on the network.

Tell accatikkumpati Wizard is a page for testing. The printer can correctly identify whether kanappattullata.

Static network printers (Default) and change the printer:

Like any other printer on the network and the printer is installed on your computer, but these two printers, you can print. In the Printers dialog box to print when you print them, you will be able to choose.

Maranilai one of two printers in the normal (Default) printer, what is the benefit of the change? You are giving print command, if not selected printers printing in the printer maranilai. So we left for work choosey.
Start> Setting> Printers Give the command. There are two icons for your printers. Maranilai printers, printer you wish to change any of its icon to the right - clicking Set as Default laiyai give up.

You can print the job to withdraw:

If you command your computer to print from a network printer, the print job is not on the axis? Then remove it from the computer to the printer in order to print, you do not want to run.

Withdrawal axis only, do not print it, we'll stop for some time, do you think that you can stop a print job temporarily.Under your computer - right most icon in the System Trey is for the pirin Darr. It Right - click the Pause, Delete commands are similar. Print jobs if action is carried out accordingly.

Get special symbols

Get special symbols

In preparing to set up several special symbols in Word Documents. We are given a special number to create a silk Alt key aluttiyavare with text. They are here. The numbers above the letters on the pressure should not be set. La kiyinai given to us as well as for enkalu must type the numbers from Pat.

To get this identification, such as a knife, Alt + † 0134
Alt + double to the terms ‡ 0135
Trade Mark ™ Alt +0153 to identify
Alt + £ 0163 to £ identify
The Japanese yen to ¥ Alt +0165 karanciyana
There is a coffee Alt + Right © 0169
Identify the cause rejistart ® Trade Mark Alt +0174
Alt +0176 ° degrees to obtain an identification mark
Show means ± Plus or Minus Alt +0177
² superscript 2 that show the Alt +178
³ superscript 3 show that Alt +179
· Loss to identify the point in the middle Alt +0183
Alt + ¼ quarter 0188 indicate that
Alt + ½ mark half 0189
Alt + ¾ indicate that three quarters of 0190
This quarter, half and three quarters of the same character set as the fraction 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 type and tapped the space bar ¼, ½, ¾ feel that the set automatically.
Similarly, it can lead to many more codes. We will often try to use the symbols given above. Key indicators

will give them more seats to see ~ awinkelried / keyboard_shortcuts.html the address and access the site.

Close Internet Explorer 8 package

Close Internet Explorer 8 package

Microsoft Internet Explorer version 8 of its browser for security assistance, announced that November 15 will be the first stop. Thus, there is a problem with using it on Windows XP system. Because the Windows XP operating system, Internet Explorer version 9 and 10 will not work. So insecure people, must use version 8. Or new hardware and operating system must be changed.

On October 26, Windows 8 operating system is released for commercial sale. Support for Internet Explorer 8 parked on November 15. After this day, through Internet Explorer, Google Application Service If you want to get something from the site, a message advised us to upgrade your browser. Because, Google, Internet Explorer 6 (January 2010) and 7 nai (July 2011) kept aside.

Google always at the then current browsers, it will allow only the previous version of the browser. This result is the company's policy. The contract between the companies.

Independence Support for 7 to 7% of the world only if it is in the basin was used. But, Independence Version 8, the 25% has been used widely around the world. Have used two versions, Independence 8, 47% is used by people.

Independence of the Windows XP system 8 users which is no longer difficult.
Independence 8 through Google Mail, Google Talk and Google Calendar or facilities may not be available. And may not be used inside a box. Thus, users of Windows XP, you can switch to Firefox or Chrome browser. These browsers running on XP are no restrictions.

The phone number in workbook

The phone number in workbook

Most companies use the Excel Program is a program. In many of these companies and customers to exchange policy, creator of orkpukkai, particularly telephone number and, if orkpukkileye good to think about. But, to keep them in cells, may not be correct. It is a solution.

From the file menu, select prapparttis. Biel is now available prapparttis window. In these phases, Fukui who use and work days, information about the Excel program is set. You can also change. Kaments or other places in the area set up in the phone number. However, others see this orkpukkinai, this explanation can be contacted amaittavarkalai

Google purchased virus Total company

 Google purchased virus Total company

Virus and malware scan programs, will result in free online virus last week, Google acquired the company in total. We do not have information about how much money was served.

Internet addresses, as files in the computer hard disk drives kuripittalum, free of charge, through online virus scan results as a company, Total is active. The use of more than forty Total antti virus is a virus benchmarks ways.

Google this purchase, searching for viruses and malware to detect, capital and basic infrastructure facilities, modern technical facilities available at Total Company announced that the virus. "We are looking for
Our primary aim is costlier securely online customers that the company has announced.

In addition, the company continued to operate independently as a separate section added. According to Google, the Internet is the most important in the defense of a thing, and works effectively in this category Virus Total has purchased the company. It is scheduled to announce its Chrome browser, Google has additional security.

Excel Short cut keys

Excel Shortcut keys

CTRL + SPACEBAR: thrust line will be selected by the cursor.
SHIFT + SPACEBAR: bedding line will be selected by the cursor.
CTRL + HOME: Go to beginning of Work Sheet
CTRL + END: Go to the end of orksit
SHIFT + F3: Formula readied a pansanai
CTRL + A: Formula Formula Ballet after hitting while typing in the name of Hot News
CTRL + A: Formula Enter or select all will not be edited.
CTRL + ': (Left single quotation marks) to find the value and subsequent cell formula.
F11 or ALT + F1: This chart will be made based on the Range.
CTRL +; (cemikolan) between the insert date
CTRL +: (colon), the time between the insert
CTRL + ENTER: Entry to the selected cell, then on the Range
F5: Go To dialog box to display the
CTRL +1: Format Cells dialog box to display the
CTRL + C: Copy of
CTRL + V: Paste
CTRL + Z: implemented to remove
CTRL + S: Save the press
CTRL + P: print press
CTRL + O: Open a new file folder displays

Windows XP Performance

Windows XP Performance

Used XP operating system halt, he could switch to Windows 7 and Windows 8 systems, Microsoft is constantly listening to its customers. The action has been taken on several fronts. After 2014, which provided support for going to stop.

Now, use Internet Explorer, XP, in the absence of notifications has been issued.
However, the terms people are using the system they want. More than 42% of the world recently reported to be using it. In India it is much more. XP clients, in the event of problems in the system, where solutions are properly tracked.

XP operating system provides a number of solutions have been to many of the Internet. Here are some of such solutions. On computers running XP, the operating speed change occurs gradually. Activities carried out slowly. There are several reasons for this. They have already given information about the computer on the flower. Here, the positions of XP Performance Settings section, as the system can control how the movement.

1. Performance Options (Performance Options):

In the Performance Options section for XP to function in a number of ways to change positions. In so modified, the results we want, bring back the old levels. Get access it from the Control Panel on the Start button. This means selecting System, click. The System Properties window is now available.

The tapes will be seven. Click Advanced and select the teppinai. Settings in the Performance section, click here. Next to the Performance Options window is displayed. The Visual Effects, Advanced, Data Execution Prevention shown the tapes,

Visual Effects section at the selected level. Click on the radio button in the Adjust for best performance, and we will get many options. Apsanai in which we choose to, or ventatavarrai away, you can always set. XP into the load, speed and functionality. In the same window select the other two sections, to avoid unnecessary operations.

2. Visual EffectsSettings:

Press the smooth implementation of the Visual Settings in XP epakts system provides simple ways. In the stationary state, Windows XP, Visual epakts iyakkiye has everything. For example, in the Start menu can apsanai Scroll. All these effects, computer work, the operating system will increase the efficiency of processes. Overall, it functions as set Adjust For Best Performance can select the partition. However, appearances can be converted into a beautiful. However, performance will be better.

3. Processor schedule

A section in the Advanced Performance Options window will be available. In this section, Processor Scheduling, Memory Usage, and Virtual Memory is displayed in three sections. Erpatuttapatum of these changes will improve our high performance processor.

Processor Scheduling of the system, Windows XP, per program, it takes time to determine how much movement. Is a condition of processor performance. This, all programs will be brought forward movement must be shared.

Programs that are selected, the maximum operating time processor, the Program will be operated on. If you select the Background Services Logistics, equivalent to all the functions assigned to it. The print runs in the background and it included such purokiramkalum.

Therefore, the problem is XP, if you try to change it on the basis that it would take a longer time, Programs, select that. In contrast, the printer will print very slowly; program in a macro function is very slow if the low, Background Services option that. The processor time will be divided equally. In general, Windows XP computer, the server performs, Background Services can select.

4. Memory usage:

Memory Usage section, Windows XP provides ways to handle memariyinai Ram. The Preferred Programs of the first option, to run application programs to provide more RAM memory. The very low RAM memory, desktop computers, this option gives better movement. Containing high amounts of RAM memory in the server, and desk top computers, System Cache takes an exam. Do this in sets, systems, most of the space in RAM memory, disk and memory use cash. It will be much faster computer performance.

5. Virtual Memory (Virtual Memory Settings):

This can be organized in a variety of settings, change Windows XP ceyalpatuvatanai. Virtual memory is a part of the hard disk. This, like Windows uses RAM memory. At the same time, the use of multiple application programs, may not in Ram memory. At such time, the virtual memory is used. It is used as an alternative location.

When a new application for a place in the absence of Ram memory, where information is already stored in the register into virtual memory, RAM memory, given the location. Written to the virtual memory page file or swap file called this place. Empty space, RAM memory should be in place to use the application programs. If you search for the information systems in the swap file, Windows will go back to the RAM memory.

In any explanation of RAM memory, and 1.5 times as much space on the hard disk, the Windows swap file is assigned to. Let Windows manage it completely. Or can be taken as a whole. Deleting it, if undesirable effects, virtual memory Windows vittuvituvate good movement.

A small change in the movement to improve the system. Posted operating system without drive, the other in a tri allocate virtual memory for the location. But, nothing will be changed to run slowly, it should not be too much load. In such a case, the system already traivirku good replacement. The changes in the Virtual Memory, Performance Options dialog box, the Select the Advanced tab, click on the Chandge to the tape. After further changes, Set to click on. After the changes, the system will automatically re-boot, the changes will come into effect.

pc tips

pc tips

Registry: (registry)

Windows movement combined with a Data Base (database) in which all the hardware and software information is written and recorded. With these options for the user, created the conditions for operations filed. Windows movement of information from this site is to act as a handle so attentively.

Virus: (virus)

A computer program can result in harm. Interference with the free movement of ericcalaittarum keep the computer off until iyakkattinaiye to engage in a wide variety of sabotage.  to transfer files (email, CD, floppy and flash drive) to go along with these ravaged their cause. Usually did not display any signs of the virus program will  Tuntivitappattu out to sabotage any day or functionality.

Question - Answer

Question - Answer

Document, as set in the brake line, can be set up in Excel orksit? When I tried tavarutalakave, other effects.
De. Shweta, Coimbatore.

Word Shift + Enter key will cause the brake line. This set of Excel use the Enter key to further the process. Pressing Enter will move the cursor to the bottom to the top by pressing Shift + Enter. Press Alt + Enter to set the brake on the line.

I am using Windows 7. This will make the system repair disc one, that is produced through this system. How to prepare it?
C. Francis cakayaraj, Puducherry.

Yes, be prepared. Occasionally, Windows movement since the beginning, entered it, acting is difficult? At that time kaimarunt This will help you to repair the disc. The solution provides a variety of programs to the operating system defects filed. It solves the problems of operating systems. Or as restor program, the level of the previous day are brought to the operating system.

Disc prepare and observe the following ways.

1. Start (Start) click. Then in the search box (Search Box), Create a System Repair Disk and press enter. An icon is displayed in the list above. Click on it.

2. Now you will get a wizard. Now, the CD or DVD, attach empty. Ceytikalukkerpa displayed on the monitor screen to the next place. After completion of the entire work, to secure these CDs. Operating System and occasional disputes, lock up the system if, on this CD, insert the CD in the tray, Run. The operating your BIOS (BIOS) set-up, the need to add a CD via the boot making.

 Computer Terminology dictionary "nibble" the term refers to what?
Mua Palaniappan, Tambaram.

"nibble" the term used in the Data Storage section. This is equivalent to half a byte. If a byte is 8 binary bytes, nipple that is 4 bytes. Heksa be specified with a decimal character.

What is the Carriage Return is? What is the function of the press to computer
Do you want?
S.. Puminatan, Tindivanam.

Have you seen taipraittar? They are only used them in many places. It is a lever on the left side. After typing in the end of a line, press the iluttuvit, the next line of the first to take place cellappatuvom. This makes the computer enter key. If you press it, the cursor goes to the next line of the first character. But, if you continue to type, this aluttamalum, the cursor on the next line, you know that he will continue to work.

Some of the files in the folder's name in front of me, there are indications that $ $. They represent what? And delete them?
De. Karthik, Tirupur.

 If you specify a temporary pailkale these files. The name of the files ". Tmp" is the name ekstansan. They will often stay in Boulder temparari. What are the causes? Nearly all purokiramkalum make such temporary files. In the data set for the Auto Save and files, temporary files and programs, such as paving. These programs, completed work on the shutter, and save files in patiyappatukai, these temporary files will be deleted. But this is removed,  time programs. Computer Crash, turn off the computer and do not, as a general program issues for a variety of reasons, do not close the programs. In such cases, it will not delete temporary files. But, as we removing them, the main file is not going to cause any harm. In general, we can delete all files in the folder temparari. These must be removed periodically. By trapping the files on the hard disk space, which mantappatuttum computer operating speed.

In the tool bar, icons on my own levels, the location was changed. But, he did not make any difference to me. This obstruction caused by a virus? How do I delete? Avast Free Antivirus Program antti'll be using.
My. Vijayarani, Cuddalore.

You are locked in a sudden Task Bar. It was an accident happening regularly. Right-click on an empty space on the task bar. You will get a pop-up menu. The 'Lock the Taskbar' that can be identified on the tick. Clicking on the tool bar lock is removed. Barry task may no longer be as you wish.

I (age 67) Always Start, click All Programs, will run programs from the list. Therefore, when installing Windows 7 on my computer, any program on taskpar workshop should be organized in the category. But, recently I sat in the Internet Explorer button. How do I delete this?
My. Kacinatan, vattala bomb.

Under Windows running, the longest period possible tool bar. You know it. Microsoft, the Windows 7 system, it changed its movement. After doing a program in which you have to run when you click on it. The program is misbehaving, then the program will display the icon. Then when you have many programs in which, on oneStacked together will be displayed. Uninstalling from this elitutan taskpar. Right-click on the icon. Is available on the menu, 'Unpin this program from taskbar' Select the apsanai. Similarly, any of which set the icon of a program, program list, right-click on the name of the program, the menu will be available in the 'Pin to Taskbar' means click Select.

In the Print Screen key as Sys Rq elutappattullate? What is this? What is its use?
C. Shanmugam, Madurai.

Sys Rq is an acronym for the System Request. This is the central computer in the main frame computer operating system that is used to attract the attention of a kiyakum. Tiruppuvom one's attention is not paid before the pager! It is also less. It does not seem to be any activity on the Windows operating system. Linux users use this system, press this key to the study of errors that occur on the first use. However, much of this key can be used to crash the system.Please note one more thing. Print Screen key on the key portukalilum do not expect it to be written. In some cases it is not.

Documents to remove the tapes

Documents to remove the tapes

Document, you may have one person from your friend. He created a lot of  tapes. You saw it, usually called the tapes might want to remove the rest. Take the following procedures.

1. Documents can be opened. Next, press Ctrl + A kikalai. Documents selection is now complete.

2. Next on the Format menu, select the kucnan apsanai. Word Tabs dialog now displays Bagh.

3. Click on the Clear All button in this box. Click OK, and then exit.

Windows 7 Shortcut keys

Windows 7 Shortcut keys

In Windows 7 operating system, the system always runs on Windows Shortcut kikale usually operate normally. However, some features are new, and is offered in addition to the facilities, Activities for some Shortcut keys have been changed. Here you can find all the functions of the individual keys.

To change the name of the selected F 2

Barry F. 3 file or search tool

The Address bar list in Windows Explorer to display the MF 4

Vintovinai repres 5, then press F.

Screen objects displayed in a window or on the desktop of each F 6 to go

F 10 running program, menu movement to bring Barry

Terntetuttatanai telit destroyed, then the process is re Bicycle Escape to back off
(to close the selected vintovinai)
Right Arrow on the right side to open the drop-down menu / sub-menu to the left to open the Left Arrow to open the next drop-down menu / sub-menu to open one

Personal Brake

Personal Brake

Windows XP systems are still in use, like me your article to thousands "of XP Performance 'was very helpful. Written all, unsolicited information yet. Thank you.
B. Nallatampi, Madurai.

XP Virtual Memory System on the lines of the article after reading it and clearly understand what is right.
The. Nur, Virudhunagar.

Was set as Excel, Outlook like presentation and publish a collection of short cut keys. We use it to print stuck.
TK Paramasivam, Palani.

Prapparttis through the window, the file is suitable for producing the information about the programs are all set! This article about you in Excel has included a line.
Hey. Pankaj Kumar, Tambaram.

Internet Explorer 8 you said to close the package, Microsoft last week for them to get it to the errors manually. All of this aside, departing for other browsers, including our friendly staff.
Q.. Tirumaran, Coimbatore.

Key to symbols and special packages for them to continue them. If a table, along with print, it will be easier to use.
G. Ulakanatan, Tirupur.

There is a separate number for each of the mobile phone, so that this information came out. In the end, the only number to 18,000 phones? Where is the error.
C. S.. Thyagarajan, Pollachi.

Very nice tips about network printer activity. Read this to learn to work in my office and told puripavarkalai well.
De. Prakash, Chennai.

Microsoft Skype last year after disposal, free seats are available. The Microsoft have come forward to additional facilities without charge.
Pera. Ka. Ilanceran, Coimbatore.

Online trading is not only good patuttatiruppatu use social sites anywhere else for information. It's not publish the photo. In an article on the need to stick to the urge to shop.
De. Epanecar Richard, Puducherry.

Malware New collections? There is something to be feared. Purchase a bicycle, combine split again, as well as installing your operating system re super tips.
R.. Kalaiyaraci, Chennai.

It is convenient for browsing through the tape. Is not that wrong, it is a way to say, respect your readers interested in the shows.
Dr. Francis Xavier, Karaikal.

Auto Text entry and was confused as long as you have the space. When the logo is written on the card, I get the answer you vilakkiyatarku.
Q.. Genchi, Tirupur.

If Windows 8 imminent, to get it, what must be safe to operate and provide tips.
Ira. Kannappan, Karaikudi.

E-mail: Some Suggestions

E-mail: Some Suggestions

E-mail application introduces us outside world. Overseas friends to get you through this. Making it easier to send information. Your business and personal relationship with the valuppatukiratu. Happiness and life becomes complete.

But in some cases, if you are sending imeyil irritate others can be accomplished. Friendship, relationship can be broken; business go hand kutamal job may not be available. Others to send a lot of e-mail letters are on the way you need to follow. Let's see some of them.

* For the first letters in the email sent to them to realize that they can not get back. Sent in a hurry.  so lame that it had no place here. After listening to it carefully and send it to the sender.

* In general imeyilkal spelling, grammatical errors, do one. The manufacture of the Internet and emails from you online in time kuraippatiltan to your attention. It is reasonable. If you have time to correct the errors. It's okay to send emails as quickly as the errors.

But sending emails to know when not to find errors. When sending emails to strangers before you send any pilaikaluminri. Email this purpose client programs such as Word's Spell checkers will help us to provide their client programs. So they can be used to correct our errors.

* After preparing mail read it again. The opposite concept is that you do not let go of you. A concept note should not go unrecognized. Sometimes there is an error in the words we use. But to give it a different meaning, or the reverse will cause the idea. You'll be writing about a third person. But the impression to the reader and should not be writing about himself. This is why, prior to sending the letter to be read again.

* Who wants to go to the answer to the only response he send. Do not unnecessarily Reply All button and send your reply to everyone. The News Group, meyilin list of such use Reply All button. Email service is required only if the Reply All button on the dial.

* Perupavaraittan We povatillaiye letter and mail anakarikam on the idea of ​​adding anything inside. whom he appears before the letter you how polite he sends pecuvirkalo meyililum show him the same dignity.

* Tayarikkatirkal mail in anger. Then send it to production immediately. Arappottu or two days, the mail is read. Author hurt after removing send mail.

* Speaking in person to one of your facial speech fluctuation, there pranks and you will be able to put weight kopattila or keliyakava or whether makilcciyutana talking.

But the only text based email. Simply sends the mail so you can understand one mistake. Smileys to avoid this is to add imeyil identities.

* Notice that uriyavarukkutan anuppukirirkala mail. Remember to prepare some of the mail to send mail to someone unrelated to remember something very wrong. Confidential mail, personalized with the recipient's email address when sending mail, etc. check.

* Will have to send the same mail to all your friends. One of your friends, another friend of yours, is not necessary to be a friend. So they need to know your email address. So everyone's  in which you have to use the BCC Field. Fill in the address field kuni. Learn more as above suggestions go to the site.

Unit Converter to page

Unit Converter to page

In our daily life, we encounter many times the value of goods ventiyatullatu say in its units. Change in the situation, for each object are supposed to use two types of units. Also, some of the evolution, and for us, that they know ventiyatullatu unit.

Upon the country, saying that the distance kilometers miles enattan to say. We will require many changes in the same unit. Many Web sites that are predicated on the view (including Google) Anyway, this generated sites, recently I used it as a base to operate with a little extra special. This is simply the best.

Http:// this site's address with a name entered in the Conversion Tool, a semicircle, with its three sections, showing a mouse people can see it coming around. The three categories are displayed.

They Length, Temperature, and Weight. In this section you need to change, it must choose. Units can be changed as shown below. We need to select in the list, then click the entry, will be replaced with it.
Onriliruntum in two units, there is another way. Make sure you have learned to use it to bookmark. Use when you need them later.

Windows 8 pre-operations

Windows 8 pre-operations

Commercially in the October 26, Windows 8 is released. New, so register on their desk top computer before the operating plan to take measures can be found here. Activities alleged here, register and activate Windows 8 on desktop or notebook computers only. In particular, the absence of Touch Screen Monitor

1. Update test:

This activity, no operating system, Linux, Oh. S.. X, Windows XP or Windows 8, the recording is to be done. Register or security programs on your computer, with the recent update to improve programs and to ensure pattullata. We expect to rely on the security programs will be fully updated. Filed before the operating system, and keep updating security programs. Or with regard to the programs, press System Update with deeply.

2. With the option Settings Type:

It is unique for those, we will use the computers and their application in order to better set. Some personal computers, merkolvom our jobs. In some cases, merkolvom funny games. In this type of system, Windows 8, Tiel box representing the desktop, the Start screen is set at the top left. If this condition holds, the desktop will be hitting you with Tap.

3. Believe computer:

This is a way to set his preferred position. If you are using features such as Sky Drive, to make sure the reliability of Windows 8 system.

4. Tiles Tuning:

Metro user interface further changes its name to Microsoft, Windows 8 at work, the phase in which the tiles are tiles which, of course operate on a large scale. Therefore, delete your custom needs or size of the tiles can be summarized.

5. Administrative Tools:

Setting blocks, Administrative Tools can bring the box to the Start screen. For those who frequent kanpikar Windows system, which is the main requirement. All the necessary tools, integrated set at this stage.

6. In Internet Explorer Desk Top:

Internet Explorer version 10, is provided with Windows 8 system. To activate the browser in full screen. It can run on this type of desk top.

7. Lock Screen:

Desktop personal computer, the system while waiting for our password, lock screen is shown. With the help of Group Policy Editor can deactivate the Lock Screen.

8. Register your application:

Application programs are a lot of Windows 8 system, we use a Third Party Application. For example, some people may become the preferred browser, Chrome or Firefox. You must install these.

9. Groups of tiles:

After installing the application to our programs, our vacatikkerrapati, these groups can be configured on the tiles. It might take some time, but later, when performing these sets that the system is easy to realize how much our work. Similarly, in the tool bar and then put that plan to implement any programs. Vaittita want their icons on the desktop for many years. But the message of the facility is on the tool bar, it is not necessary.

10. Biel Run History:

Windows 8 system would be best for everyone praising the facility, is history file. The files will be automatically packed up. So the first task is to take this important must face. It functions you want to highlight, with Windows 8 systems must be posted. In order to fully benefit from your computer is easy to operate.

Points on Google mail address

Points on Google mail address

E-mail addresses, names, often setting up points. But some of the names linked with the address form. Similarly, a few letters, in English, set in large letters. For example, Albert.Einstein @ be different from the address of the other addresses, points, a letter is enclosed.

But, according to Gmail, dots, small and big letters does any variation. Below is the email address as mentioned above can be written in many ways.

albert.einstein @
Al.Bert.Ein.Stein @

Pak is reached in all of the above address. Google servers to this point, it does not distinguish between large letters. We are, we are easy to read, is set up as shown above.

Internet of the future

Internet of the future

Internet is not owned by any one country. Worldwide, many countries have managed to set up one of the Internet Society. In this system, a number of technical groups are groups consisting of representatives of the country. Consisting of large companies operating on the Internet groups are implementing the decision in favor of the motion.

In December, representatives of 193 governments gathered together in tupaynat, are no longer to take decisions about the future of the Internet. This symposium during the World Conference on International Telecommunications to be done.

Decisions to be made here, in the world, nearly 600 million people using mobile phone, 200 million Internet users are affected. Generally, such a decision to be taken in a seminar, held meetings in small amounts, then this will be decided at the conference seminar. But, so far, in no way, this Seminar delegates have now separated the two different views.

Each country, public opinion and expectation of having a side, Internet-driven and service
Companies have a feedback page. The Central Government of India's Department of Telecom Secretary said Chandrasekaran, we kettullom two-sided arguments. And take part in one of the final decision, we will inform the conference.

Until 1988, all countries, all of the phone companies came from the state still holds. Internet facility is provided to the consumer. In that same year, a multinational telecommunications rules (Inter national Telecom Regulations) have been defined. Organization of the United Nations International Telecommunications Union.

Many countries are now in the possession of the phone and telecom companies are private. In 1995, a Three hundred subscribers, with 60 million people, Internet service, today has spread to more than two hundred million people. Every day in the world, joined by five million new subscribers.

Where changes in the environment, leading the conference in December. The inaiyaveli security, preventing the use of personal data theft, fraud and other problems such as unwanted mail decisions are analyzed.

In particular, the ruling states is to increase control over the movement of technical devices. Amalin modern technology, the users of the financial burden of the research carried out here will be decided. Greatly reduced fee for SIM cards that can be used internationally at this conference are operational decisions.

Windows 7 search Register

Windows 7 search Register

Some of searches carried out on their computer in a few atakkivitalam. Further similar searches, computer files and continue their work. Type the search terms for each day they ceytitamal, search terms, and record them again, click the Windows 7 operating system is the search facility.

We see here how to Open the Windows Explorer. The Start> Computer and go, or as Windows Explorer on the Start button and type in the search box takes.

In the upper right side of the Windows Explorer window, you can be in a grid. Here you can always type the word to search for the desired category. For example, as I type jpeg, you got all the jpeg file. Like this, you can search for anything you want.

You get the information you provided above, Save search button click. It is a Windows Explorer window to the left. Now displayed in another window. Save the press in which you'd like to ask you to search by name Register. After the name, Save button. In the section on the left side of the Windows Explorer, will be reported on your search. May resign at any time by clicking this search.

Google provides immediate solutions

Google provides immediate solutions

We get to the Google site search queries entered kattame set. Set of search terms, searching for relevant sites in a few seconds for the page page as we are divided. If you set a limit to the codes of the search terms, the search speed and to change our tevaikkenavum. This article is about the computer was already in flower.
Here, the search only, and any questions that Google can provide immediate answers.

1. Calculator:

Your site can be used as a calculator. Google have set up at least one calculation, the calculator will be available. By clicking on some of our accounts to make it easier. We like to use a calculator on the kalkulesanai desktop or smart phone functions.

2. Unit conversion:

There are two types of measurements in various units. What means an amount specified in the unit of account and we need to see. Google made this device for switching the unit on. For example, 40 degrees Fahrenheit Celsius can change that. In miles and kilometers can be changed. Similar in many sizes and can get another unit. A unit can be combined with the two units. Two miles 500 YARD (two miles plus 500 yards in kilometers) How many kilometers to get the answer.

3. Change Currency:

The value of a country's currency, the value of another country's currency by means kanvartar Currency according to Google. Indian Rs 1000, in which he can learn how the U.S. dollar. Like a country's currency, the value can be another country's currency.

4. IP Address:

You create an IP address associated with the Internet Address (IP Internet Protocol Address) will be given. It does not care what nobody say. Google it, you will be heard. If you do a Google search box type in my ip. You can get your IP address with.

5. Weather conditions:

Climate of your city, you can open the window of the house. To another place, especially in very remote place, the aircraft are on the go. If the place is very cool, is not it appropriate to take the clothes! So what is there that climate marked by Google. If the weather new delhi in the search box, then displayed Delhi climates. Not only in our country, any country in the world (weather newyork) as well as the climate. I see the name, weather only if that, what Google site to your place settings  village, the village nilaikattappatum the weather.

6. Udaya sun, sets time:

Google shows the sun rising and sets in place a time. sunrise or sunset in the name of the link, in a particular place at any time, utayamaki sun, that will disappear when it is displayed. Sunrise or sunset town wears not only that, but the above mentioned climates, set the place you will get the information.

7. Time:

Time all cities of the world is not the same model. In my time here, the United States and Canada will be after a few hours on the previous day and night. I am here at eight in the morning, in the city of Atlanta, the first night will be ten. This time varies in each country. You can get it through Google. If you type the name of that city with the given time, then the place and the time of day is displayed.

8. Where is the package?

Fedex courier parcel sent abroad Are you through? After sending the parcel that contains information on where you can go through any country. Google will provide this information to contact the company's site. A similar agreement with Google by mail and packages sent via other courier companies can learn about the travel position.

9. Object Dictionary:

Go and learn the meaning of one word to a dictionary site. You can also find this site through Google. If the type that would define the word, the word with all of the materials provided. The right, to pronounce the word how do I know? Arukeye one radio button is displayed. If you click it, the word is pronounced.

10. Air travel:

Your son or daughter has a very long-distance air travel. Throughout a day trip, landing in another country to catch a plane, then you will be a little patapataippu. If the number of aircraft travel on the Google site, with the time it departed from any country, any country has nerakapparantu, when the information arrives, is displayed.

11. City Information:

Cities and countries, search for the various types of information can be obtained on site. Population, education, literacy rate, unemployment status information, such as annual rainfall information is available. For example, if you type population delhi Delhi to the city's population, can be requested the information. So just use Google to search your web site, shown above, use the searches.

pc tips

pc tips


The server is not connected to any computer in the network, the client computer called.


(Task Bar) running under Windows running on the elliptical phase of the monitor screen. In the Start menu, containing a set of icons that enable rapid application programs, application programs running and the clock phases for the files, and the icons of programs running in the background. When required, you can click on them.

Hard Disk:

(Hard Disk) files used to run a basic device to register. All of the post file. Operating System (Windows), Application Software (S visited. Office, like pejmekkar) and the post in which all the generated files. This time and must be handled carefully. It will become spoiled povataittan karapt hard disk. If you do it right once again spoiled a difficult time. He filed a separate copy files to other devices, such as it is put on the register.


(Driver) Windows and other operating systems and digital devices (printer, mouse, flash drives, etc.), contact the software program required. A variety of operating systems such as Windows driver files for devices already available patiyappatte. In the absence of such drivers will be given to them on a CD with these devices.

Question - Answer


 information on the computer's hard disk after deleting the files, it is said that people are looking for the opportunity to find out. If you are using a computer for my business, destroyed my business Biel and took the opportunity to study? What is the solution?
C. S.. Turairaj, Coimbatore.

What you are saying is true. Therefore, people should read the information posted Hard Disc, after deleting files, to remove, are computer sellers. Instead, delete the files that other software programs in use otherwise not be able to read it again. Tear sheets make it look like a garbage shredder machines kulam heard about. Purokiramkalum operate the same way. Many programs are available for free on the Internet. In their, 7768order, 1pag, 7768order, 1page, 1/description.html? tk = picks available on the site, super shredder program that performs better. Running the same as other programs, File shredder, Wipe & Delete, DBAN and say. Before deleting the files which you need to keep a good distance back-up copy.

 I plan to buy a PC teplat Android operating system. Which version of Android system, better clarity. Is the difference in performance between each publication?
My. Sandeep Kumar, Chennai.

 I appreciate the effort you are planning to buy Android teplat. There are so many features on the Android system. It can be configured to meet your needs. Version 2 through 4 are available. Many receptors, can be upgraded to the next higher version. However, giving some instructions. 1. Previous version of Android 2.3 (Froyo, Eclair, Donut), do not buy. It went very well, which is present in many application programs iyakkatu. Android 2.3 also known as Ginger Bread, Social Network, Voice over IP As directed. Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) System yuespi Connections (keyboard, joystick, etc.) to take. Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich known as the one recently published. Dual and Quad Core processor support message. Before buying a particular teplat PC, providing company producing it, press Android System Update to help ensure ceytituma.

 Format conversion of files to convert the information previously given to a site via email. Description of the site and provide information on the back.
C. Caumya Krishnan, Coimbatore
 If you are using it regularly, you will remember. However, once again giving the information. This website is puncture. Before visiting the site, then send the file format of the file that have changed, we must receive via e-mail. pdf> doc, docx> doc, jpeg> gif This site provides a variety changes. I made it through e-mail. PDA Biel Biel to change a document, doc ÷ to the email address and send your file to Atta. If you want to change the file sent to your friends Atta, the address, and you can Forward. In any format you want, with the name of the format, this site should be sent to the email address set up. Farman that any change to this site, this site can go. Free to change the size of the file must be a empikkul. In addition, the fee must be paid.

In Excel work sheet, setting up an account in one type of cell in the Formula Give your answer in some cases is available on the right. In some cases been shown to be of a round. Scientific nottesan shows in some cases. Palavari Why is this? How to modulate this?
De. Kirttanan, Tirupur.

Excel functionality makes it very clear. Creating a Work Sheet First, Excel General Format follows. Meets the general format of numbers set of ten digits. A total of ten digits to the right or left side enriramal set point. The answer will be more than 10 digits or 10 digits than amaikkappattalo If you round it off to the next number is displayed. If more digits to the left point, the number displayed in the appropriate Scientific nottesan. If you want to change the cell to change parmattinai.

Many versions of operating system and browser seems to be coming in, our Word file, you can always save as many versions as amendments carried out the study on the basis of need. How is this done?
De. Kanchana, Chennai.

 very good question. Many of the facility is unused. Research students, corporate executives need to know what it is to be used. Thank you. Now come to the point. Prepare Documents in Word, we can document changes in its different versions (Versions) prepared in the same file, you can always save. By doing so we always know what the main changes that erpatuttinom accept them. Go to the File menu and then select Version under the changes. Now versans dialog box is displayed. Save Now click on that as well. Save Version shown with a box, in which you set up your notes for that version.

In this example, this is what you versanai, wrote that the state can do to save. If you close and then click Close, Word versanai save the message. This is how it looks at the moment is that your document. Then again, you can cause changes in the eratu. What is special in this file is the same for all versankalum.

Personal Brake

Personal Brake

In the table we have the right to work, Google ullatanai it was better to have had a list of special features. Many more such facilities, to ensure that Google will in the future.
Peter Daniel, pammal.

In addition to providing us with Google site as provided special facilities, special facilities in its list of ways to search. Some sophisticated set of search codes, can be found in our search that we colkinranare category.
NT Apita, tiruninravur.

Calculation and Conversion of the most useful and convenient facilities to Google.
C. Venkatesh hours, cinnamanur.

Competition will be held by a new identity for internet powers, against any harm come to see that. Crash on the Internet as a whole, the world will change the direction of the movement. The danger to children around the world even later in life, thus forming a united world.
R.. Ms. Smita, Madurai.

After reading your dip, with points from another web mail send mail to Gmail. Arrived without any restrictions. It was the idea of ​​knowing இருந்திருக்கிறோமே these days.
Q.. Manivacakam, Madurai.

Windows 8 system is going to cause us any major change. It is a series of articles in your news reader no doubt that it will be used with maximum efficiency.
Tue. Anupriya, Chennai.

Information of mobile phone subscribers has decreased for the first time, people began to use it as a sign that ullatan. This is for the best.
CK Uttam Kumar, Tirupur.

Quantities and units to convert to the Web site, all the requirements , but very simple to perform, using the option increases.
Q.. Zeenat Begum, Tirupur.

You all gave good tips about where to send e-mail arivuraikale. I already said this on the basis of upset. Thank you for the wonderful suggestions.
Ma. Arokkiyaraj, Puducherry.

How to remove the tape as Documents, Farman delete references to other data.
Sundara Pandian, Sivakasi.

Cis wreck, like everything nipple, tiny things that were not used to so many years in the computer. Is happy when they get to know through. Retailers are we still write about things like this varavaram.
May. Antittevan, Usilampatti.

Tips and Tricks for Windows 7 and Office 2007 programs will have a lot to give. They have been decreasing each week.
Ka. Sikamani, Melur.

Google will give the company the opportunity to India

Google will give the company the opportunity to India

India, a country more likely Google is the company's business activities. The number of Internet users continues to increase, which is the primary cause.

Currently 12 million people are using the intranet. The 7 million people, through their smart phones, the Internet is used. In the past year, the world of internet usage via smart phone, 120% higher than the previous year.

Last week, Google Maps, the option of traffic congestion in India introduced its Maps web site. He said Google product manager Darren Baker this information.

Easy-to-green color to indicate traffic, refer to small-scale delay in yellow, red color to indicate traffic congestion in large-scale, shows Google Maps. To obtain information about transport, smart phone that uses Google depends on customers. It has been spoken about the help they received.

Windows 8 only for the next 20 years

Windows 8 only for the next 20 years

"" Windows 8 as a result of the creation of the company is not trying. Computer Configuration'' sustainability movement for 20 years as chairman of Microsoft, Bill kopet institutional investors, announced that the friendly unit.

I do not claim it to be Windows 8 package. Computer users focus on the Company's future operating Microsoft calculator. In April 2014, Microsoft Windows XP System capporttai when stopped, all companies are using XP (currently 42%) will have to change their operating system. If they do not want Windows 8 system, Windows 7 will change to cistattirkak. If so, who System like Windows 8?
IPhone, Android phone and aipet page last corporate clients, Personal Computer, PC teplat combines everything that could go off, Microsoft expects Windows 8 operating  that come and go.

Moreover, computer and teplat users, Microsoft expects to use touch screen technology to. That's why, despite the opposition, the Start Screen User Interpol and forced absence.

 Many developers program, in terms of running their programs via the touchscreen, Windows 8 touch of the hand movement. Because, today's smart phones with touch screen operation has become one of the routine. Now everyone expects in terms of computer and teplat pcs. Windows 8 system only gives them hands.

Therefore, if Microsoft via the old desktop behavior, absenteeism remain in touch screen computer habits. Third party developers can set program, not to touch the page. It is to them, the Microsoft company will be a death blow. Thus, smart, a touch screen in Windows 8 User intarpesinai Microsoft has continually emphasized.

Windows continues to interact with the people, touchscreen user interface will set a good foundation. The developers, Windows 8 System package provider, Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer said itanaittan. 40 million computers are sold each year in the world. Of these 26 million computers running Windows.

Application of these developers to create programs that provide good sales. In this way, developers Microsoft has dragged its disposal, the way consumers are sure you will come to their page.

When the next version of the touchscreen movement, certainly most consumers, Microsoft expects to be using Windows 8 system with its touch screen. In the category of 20 antukalukka, Microsoft wants Windows 8 to be enduring.

But, Apple and Google have companies thinking in a different way. Now I know it.

Microsoft Windows 8 computers for employees

Microsoft Windows 8 computers for employees

Microsoft for all its employees, Window's 8 system running on the personal computer, Windows Surface teplat and smart phones have to offer. These are provided to approximately 94 thousand employees.

After the release of Windows 95 operating system, on a very large scale, with much fanfare, Microsoft will release Windows 8 system. Appropriate arrangements have been made ​​seriously. On October 26, Windows 8 will be released on the same day, Microsoft employees for their computer, and the phone will teplat.
All of his staff, modern technology and devices that Microsoft plans to use their panikkena.