Microsoft Hot Mail E Mail Review

Microsoft Hot Mail E Mail Review
       The microsoft company made ​​several changes to its Hotmail  on the site, customers will have to be fast to give additional information. Hotmail - by far one of the free e-mail. Create capir Bhatia from India, the Internet has made the world with popular. After the site is fully operational, it was purchased by Microsoft. In the midst of Google's G mail, which began to speed with the facilities, the place was close to impossible. More than one in a week, providing customers with new features, Gmail and other his side. Microsoft now, his full attention on the page back  Hot Mail. It brought many changes, the new brightness, to provide useful functions.

Mail configuration:
     Given the number of new features, web mail sites are facilities that these are the first ever brand new. In subsequent e-mail messages in Gmail, like a conversation is hosted. It is constant for Gmail. We need to get this in the hopes that Gmail. Hot Mail in which we leave the option. In order to keep the old, or the like in Gmail and make conversation. Option is provided for both. It will definitely be worth a welcome. All other facilities are available in two types. Yes, for confusing inbox. The photo with the message, on the basis of the Document and other links, the facility handle the emails.

  Annoying -e mail cancel:
         Thus sent a message to someone you do not like it! What will you do? Please select the e-mail message into a total wreck. send him back? Hot mail message no longer comes from the e-mail address, Hot Mail will destroy itself. Fill in your back prevents the junk mail.

New View menu:
       Through the View menu are fresh, It assumes that you have unread message listing, only making emails from a specific address, social network sites such as Facebook, to see only the types of emails are coming from. The left side will be given "Quick views" through the menu, you can set the mail, only mail the attached photo, Document attached to mail, courier companies only from the mail and emails that can separate lists.
       Link to a photo of Attach and mail or photo sites if they are allocated separately, and the images, set your inbox to be displayed on the presentation. But this will not work with the facility pikasa the photo. The reason for this is unknown.States in the same mail messages - such as the duke Ling If there are video sites, from the box without the facility is watching the videos.

Photo sharing:
      The  Hotmail, photo sharing is available. Save on the photos, while Microsoft's Sky Drive, which allows them to view email addresses of friends .the message they send by mail so beautiful. The e-mail went to them, and that these photos, you can see a slide show. They address a Windows Live ID If they post a photo of their reference. 

Computer Parts Review

Computer Parts Review
Mother Board :
    (Mother Board) in the personal computer electronic circuit board. All the parts of the computer (monitor, key board, mouse, printer, etc.) are also enclosed. Co-operate with each other.

Hardware : 
     (Hard Ware) is a computer based on the data of all devices.Motherboard, chip, mouse, keyboards, printer, modem, router, this term includes all that.

      Windows Operating System. Today the world's most used operating system in personal computers. After the toss of operating systems provided by Microsoft. Many of these facilities are followed. The user interface is easy to use and set up basic graphics.

Web Browser: 
       (Web Browser) for Internet based applications can run the package. This can be obtained through the pages on the Internet. Internet Explorer, Firefox, opera, chrome such popular browsers used today.

        (Registry) combined with Windows running on a Data Base. Information about all the hardware and software on which is written and posted. With options for user-created levels for operations filed. The information obtained from the site of the Windows operating information will be handled as little attentively.

Control Panel:
        Given that it is a tool in the Start menu of Windows is running. The basic functionality of Windows can be refined. As well as personal computers and associated devices regulated nature.

Virus : 
       A computer program can cause harm. His annoyance at the interruption, the first computer to computer and keep frozen until operation involved in a variety of computer  to transfer files (email, CD, floppy and flash drives), which ravaged go along with their causes. After the sale of the computer for email addresses to send mail to itself as engaging in sabotage. Usually show no symptoms of the virus program will stored in computer. Day or undertaking any work is done on the sabotage. 

Microsoft Office 2013 Review And Question And Answers.

Microsoft Office 2013 Review And Question And Answers.

1. What is the difference between Office 365 and Office 2013?  
       Microsoft Office 2013 package usually comes with MS office. With modern facilities version of the suite. It is have a desktop program.Office 2013 to Office 365 program fee for those who receive. Online Storage, Sharing files, the files through Microsoft Update service facilities to be made ​​available. Office 365 Business, consumer, educational, governments available in several categories.

2. Office 365 is required to run Office 2013?
       Not at all. Office 2013 program can be obtained by paying a separate fee. Microsoft Online account to associate with this one (Windows Live), and can save files in the Internet space.

3. What are the hardware and system requirements to run Office 2013?
       Office 2013, Windows 7 and Windows 8 will be a test version of the operating systems, computer hardware, which can be enabled mobile devices. should be At least 3.5 GB of free space on your hard disk .

4. How to install Office 2013 program takes?
       Microsoft's online portal site by logging in, clicking, you will be offered the option of install. this site to install the monitor on your computer. Therefore, installing this program is made from this site, your computer must be connected to the Internet.

5. Office 2013 program Can run  Previous Office programs ?
       Yes. Microsoft says so. Office 2007 and Office 2010 programs work together with it.

6 . Office 2013  can operate with windows XP or Vista computer running package to somehow be able to run on?
        Can not. Microsoft is very clear in this case, only the Office 2013 running on Windows 7 and Windows 8 system, announced that. XP and Vista systems running, you can run Office 2010 only. (After Windows 7, Office 2010 was released after seven months you will remember.) So, now nearly 50% more than Windows users, you can not use Office 2013. Those who want to use the Office 2013, forced to switch to Windows 8. Office 2013 on Windows 7 operating system, Planners to change the system, the system must search a new. Removed from office by making a new set of Windows XP, and Microsoft Windows 8, contributing to the spread. 

Gmail - Some Special Features And Advantages.

Gmail - Some Special Features And Advantages.
       There are numerous features in Google's Gmail. Some of these features are used. Here we use a lot, you can find some important features.

1. Message on the screen :
       How many messages are displayed on the screen at a time that can be configured with three options. If you click on the gear icon, a list of available, Comfortable, Cozy and Compact are three options available. Select the required setting, the difference can be seen on-screen display.

2. Video Speech:
       When looking at the mail  in Gmail, Outside of town, in the country of your friends have Gmail, call him, you love him and let's face. This video will be displayed. Gmail voice and video chat in Gmail you enable this to be done by installing. It is easy, you can register to download.

3. Emails on the label:
       Gmail labels operate in the same folder. If you give a good color for the label in the mail, you can find them easily. If what's in it, provide an e-mail message to more than one label. Friends "Friends" of the label, immediately responded with "Reply soon" for the label, may provide for a single message. To create a label, on the left side of the Gmail page, label on the bottom of the list and click the More.
        Create new label and click here. Here you can type the name of the new label, and then click Create. There are several ways to set up message on the label. Back to the news by clicking on the check, then let's click on a specific label. When you read a message, click on the button on the label, label set. Write the message, send it by clicking on the button on the front label. Remove the label, change the font color, click the label near the downward arrow symbol. Here you will get a menu. The color change, name change, and make the change.

4. Filtering emails: 
        We use a number of emails in Gmail filter, which filters (filters) are used. Using these, mail itself, takes a particular label to join in. Archive of the protected areas; delete, star formation takes Forward to distinguish or others. Creating filters: Let's see how this filter to create a filter.
  1. In the Gmail search box on the site, click on the arrows on the side in the bottom. What type of search that you have displayed in a window.
  2. Put in your search type. search sure you set the search button to see the available information mail.
  3. If it was right, at the bottom of the search window and click Create filter with this search. 
  4. What is the process to make it through this filter, select here. 

Windows 8 Special Review And Advantages.

Windows 8 Special Review And Advantages.
         In the new operating system, Windows 8 operating system is designed with unexpected features,We definitely want to know, have not met, or in order to practice, what different specialties? Specific touchscreen, square build system, called Windows Store, etc., and some features can be found here.

1.Associated with  Antivirus: 
       Windows 8 system is connected with the new one for the antti virus and security program. The program called Windows Defender, our personal computer virus, malware, Trojan programs and other harmful programs which provide protection. We bought this one alone for a antti virus program, Microsoft announced that there was no need not install on the computer.

2. Battery Back Up, Speed Boot ​​Up:
      Windows 8 system, personal computers Ask boot up much faster then Other. Compared with any other operating system can find the speed. Moreover, when the computer starts to run, start running with a list of programs, we will let you open Task Manager. Similarly, the electrical power required to operate the computer with the set and in many ways, in an unwanted position, to reduce power takes on the set. As a result, laptop and notebook computers, PCs teplat, the power usage are reduce.

3. Easy Windows 8 Update: 
        Update the operating system files to be done, and is easily updated and this facility provided on the computer. How is a mobile operating system, the System update files, as well as improve. Teplat PCs, running  wifi connection where available, can be set up in order to make the update process. not only Operating System Update, also update file is for application programs. In addition, the new facilities will be released in the files, they can register in the system automatically.

4. Windows store application programs:
       Windows 8 Metro application programs, and other programs function as a mobile application. Application software programs running on the computer, like one of these functions. Beginning, Microsoft's Windows R D. With the system, application programs a total of 11 have been as a joint program. Through these social sites, Maps, Mail Application, news reports of the facility and the many facilities available. Windows 8 system is the same in this category,all computers, mobile devices, which run on the same model as the system is designed.

How to Solve Computer Crash Problems ?

How to Solve Computer Crash Problems ?
        In many cases, the screen turns blue suddenly become a computer crash. Or it will lock the screen display. In some cases, the message will be available on the screen. Blue Screen of Death that this is in computer language. That is why it can be found here.

1. Hardware problem: 
      Many parts of the computer work together. In some cases, when these entangle the problem will stop running. Each device that is a way to make his movement. In general, such a computer would be at least 16 ways.The only way in which the two devices (printer, key board / mouse) when taking to stop the movement.
       This occurs Start> Settings> Control Panel> System> Device Manager and see that, The device works in front of the name refers to the surprise of a yellow color appears. In Device Manager, click on the computer and see, For directions to this channel. IRQ number is displayed. That's where the problem is, if the same number twice. What is the solution? But if the device manually installing and re-installing it.

2. Ram Memory Chips:   
       Ram memory chip for a new one joint for speed  increase. They may be different from each other but are faster. Fatal Exception Error may occur when the condition is unlikely to join them. Computer parts operate people's though, Open the BIOS settings, Ram slightly raised position. Or chips can run at the same speed.

3. Hard Disk Drive:
       Began to use the hard disk of the order of a few weeks will begin to crumble. Unnecessary temporary files logged. According to the files stored scattered. The operating speed of the hard disk will not be able to run in parallel. It is also possible to crash. The hard disc must be cleaned frequently. The Defrag must be do. And delete unnecessary files and programs to stay on the C drive.

5. Virus:
        virus due to the computer crash. Anti virus program installed and the correct one, do not update it often to prevent it. Boot sector viruses can ruin many. The computer can not operate. It is therefore in a position to give such as Windows start-up disk with one hand to create. 

Difference Between Notepad And Wordpad ?

Difference Between Notepad And Wordpad ?
       they are Two different editing software programs. Notepet a simple text editing program that is to be connected with all Windows systems. TXT text files which can be edited takes. The icon will be displayed and written a few lines on paper to be folded. Notepet can not use  all types of  fonds.  can not make format work. Can be very easy to write a few lines of notes.

       Wordpad processor is set to be slightly improved from notepad. But as word processor, text can not be set again. This is only available if both operating systems. Open Office Program is a free word processing application is a free program that is available to us. Word on the above program, when available, to get all the features, you can use it.

      Notepat Windows text editor instead of coming up with the search for a package, a package can be viewed on the Internet. For example, notepat + + and can notepat 2.  But instead use the set wordpat find one another package. Because they take office suite to use word processors. Wordpad, as notepad package, helps to speed up the text. Provides good support and for text editing. Provides many editing features gives in wordpad. Viewed in this way, in wordpad package is available as a package.

Water marks Problems in Word : 
        Water marks can be made when making a Word Document. I do not know how to set it in Excel worksheet. that answer are Water Mark on one sheet of Excel to work, It is not to bring it in print. But in the circuit can be brought together. Some make Format | Sheet | Background Watermark are going to be. But one of the graphic on the back of your Excel worksheet. It can not show print Preview. Never prints.                      

        The only way to create a Watermark to Word Art in Word package. Set colour in Semi Transparent, Light Gray then gave the graphics, Excel orksit required for each side of the paste. But this process will take some time.Some printers have features that make it watermark. Another way to make you familiar with the Watermark by image editing software, set up by the header in Excel worksheet. If you need to, get this, you can use some software programs.  

How do Increase Computer Working Speed?

How do Increase Computer Working Speed?

When I go on the Internet connection, My computer begins to slow. If check the Task Manager, It shows the performance of 100%. What is the reason? 

Answer :
      There are several reasons for this.  first ensure Anti-virus and spyware programs install, and that they update on your computer. See also all updates perfectly. If everything up properly,  operate them must take complete test on your computer. These programs can remove viruses and other harmful. The file contains the Windows Help system that  helpsvc.exe.

      In some cases, this help file to the file will be turned into annoyance. Get to know the problem, Clicking on an empty space on the task bar, Select Task Manager. Select the Processes tap in window. Next there on the topics 'CPU' and click. Then run the program takes processor time is displayed. It is listed on the basis of time. If the first helpsvc.exe on this list, as this can cause a problem for you. The stop motion, so choose, Left-click on it to close. There will not be a problem anymore.

Increase computer speed in Without software :
      The system is super fast on the newly purchased. Day by day it diminishes. There are several reasons for this. How to increase the speed of any computer software? Let's see that. If you use Windows XP  go to Start => Programs => Run , If you use Windows 7  go to  Start => Programs => Search => Run. So why you Run Window must be open to you. short method they are press Star + R  Window are Run. Now that the type gpedit.msc. Is a new window open. Listen to Mark as Not Configured is now checked. And change it to Enable, Bandwith - from 0 to 20 to change it. That's all ..

       Now restart your computer and try experimenting. The system can be operated faster than before. some tips they are do not open any applications imediately.system must boot perfectly. Do not place photos directly in desktop from a digital camera as wallpaper. When applied to the images on the high level that it takes too much memory.After you close the application, you need to Refresh Desktop. (Mouse right click - Refresh or F5).

History Of Computer Mouse

History Of Computer Mouse
1963: engal part of the structure, the English Bill (Bill English) created a mouse. It was only a button.

1968: engal part, a 90-minute operate of the entire mouse, there is new generation are started There were three buttons on it.

1972: (Jack Hawley) and then joined the bill English Computer mouse with a Xerox digital enterprise designed to serve. One small-scale ball, operates two rolers, From the handling of digital signals. This is the basis for the next 27 years, when the movement of the mouse.

1981: Xerox Star computer company in order to be used in Designed a mouse. It ran two buttons and a roller ball. But, if the computer's price was too high, the mouse does not reach the people.But, in the same year, Hovey Kelley, who obtained permission to design a new mouse, Application mouse designed with new variations. Low cost and all the people were going to use. Later, Richard the Lion was one of the first optical mouse designed to run completely. The movement, one of the points where the bat was needed.

1982: Sun work station for use in computers, Mouse with Mouse Pad (Steve Kirsch) was designed. In the same year, the logitech company P4 mouse its first commercial was for sale. Designed by (JeanDaniel). It then sold for three hundred dollar.

1983: Apple's first mouse, sold with its Lisa computer system. There was only one button on it. Apple is the company's identity, which was in circulation for 22 years.

1984: logitech wireless mouse device company designed its first offered for sale. It is similar to a TV remote control, the mouse ran through inpra Red wave radiation.

1986: Apple created.Key Port paired with one of the mouse,

1987: IBM. Company  2 line of computers introduced. The world's first PS / 2 mouse and released it.

1991: Radio frequency based on, first designed and released logitech wireless mouse.

1993: Honey Well Company, first released opto Mechanical mouse.Instead of rotating the ball, two small discs, are placed at different angles. In the same year, Apple released Apple Desktop Bus Mouse II Mouse has a new design.

1995: Scroll the mouse wheel one, for the first time, the company released the mouse Systems.

1996: Microsoft Mouse with Scroll Wheel mouse use.For this released intelli mouse. the mouse developed a small rubber mixed plastic roller set. In the middle of the cylinder, can Scroll, click the button that was conducted two operations. 

Windows 7 and Windows 8 Calculator Working Principles

Windows 7 and Windows 8 Calculator
Windows Calculator
        Built-in calculator applications available as a Windows  System. The Windows calculator differs from the other in terms of ordinary Date Calculation Calculator is a calculation. Many of us are not used in this calculation. If you use it, using very small level. The details of this can be found here. To start it, press the Windows key,  you type calcul, The word is completed, you can get the calculator. With this opening, View, click Select Date Calculation that. Or press Ctrl + E keys. Here you can make two types of calculations. 1. Finding the period between the two days. 2. Or after a specified period from the date of making up.

       We calculate the number of days past, the present, the future, make account. For example, your age and the year, month and day you want to see in your account. Now, From field, click on the Calendar button. Select the day of your birth.

        At the beginning of the day will be displayed. The easy choice is your birthday tomorrow. Month, day and year by clicking on the set. After set up, including the present day, To have to click on the field and on the Today. After you set both, Calculate and click.  Time difference with your age, year, month, and day are displayed on the account.

        Now you can find the another account calculations, Subtracting from a specified number of days or a joint account with a bit of difficulty. A notification that you are able to spoil them for 45 days. What is the date of the end of the 45 days that we would like to know immediately. We estimated it to be, 30 days / 31 hours a month, in February, I, I need to calculate a leap year.
        Simplify the Windows Calculator menu "Add or subtract days to a specified date" is given an option.Here you only have to give a date. So, you want to take a particular country. As mentioned above, on the date first set. Must show that you meet or see him again in the next days. (add / subtract). Here you how many days, months, years, to specify that. After all set, Calculate the pressure and the answer for us, to get specific date and time. 

M S Word 2003, Windows 8, Windows operating system Names

Windows 8 system

Question : 
I Still using Word 2003. The File menu has suddenly become smaller. Each time, the files are only available by clicking on Down Arrow. 

Answer :
    This M. S.. Office is the full package. (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher), so you want to set,  Any program in the Office suite, including Word, Open all, Tools" section, select the "Customize" click that. In the tape, a window will then "Options" and select. The "Always show full menus" section, then click on the "Close" then come out. Now a full menu in all Office package categories menu will appear.

Question : 
I Got to use Windows 8 system. I dont want Each time the user ID And password set up. Is this change ideas? 

Answer :
        Operate Your personal computer, and input your Password. WinX keys and press Next. I mean, Windows key press the Alt X also press. Available in a pop-up menu, Command Prompt (Admin) and click. Available at the point of command (Command Prompt) Control userpasswords2 type and hit enter. (This function is not new. Already released Windows operating systems  the same procedure.)
        Next available in the User Accounts dialog box, Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer before having to remove the box is checked identity. Next, click OK. Enter your password twice continuously and automatically allows (automatic signin option) options confirmed.Reboot  the computer. Now nothing will happen password test. To make the computer function.

Question : 
What are the Windows operating system Names? 

Answer :
Windows 8 comes with a completely new changes in the level, the names of other operating systems, their knowledge of the various versions. Four major versions of the operating system are still widely in circulation. The Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. For Windows XP (2001, October 25), there are four types of Windows XP Home, Professional, Media Center PC and teplat. They are 32 and 64 bit speed systems.
        Windows Vista (2007, January 30) Operating System There are five types. Windows Vista Home Basic, Vista Home Premium, Vista Business, Vista Enterprise and Vista Ultimate. Windows 7, (2009, October 22), there are three categories in the system. Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate. All versions are available in 32 and 64 bit speed difference. Everyone knows, the current release of Windows 8. October 26 was released in 2012. The Pro version is a version of Windows 8.

Older Browsers Risks

The risk Of older browsers

The risk Of older browsers 

   Some Internet users use a particular web browsers, Very old, and found that older versions. Kasperski company, internationally, in the study of the use of their customers This information has been revealed. Overall, 23% of the browsers used by people, are very old. Approximately one in ten have used the old Browsers versions. However,  they use computer security are risks. 14.5% of these people, which is currently published version of the previous versions use.

   8.5% peoples are use see the Internet on very old browsers. 77% of users, the trial version and use the new version. After the release of the new full version of a browser, A month later, the users begin to use. Companies, its employees, switching to a new browser provides access to management. Some time later, very reluctantly allowed. This trend is completely wrong. It's like using an old browser companies, To the company's computer, which can result in the risk for the price heavy data files.

Browser menus disappear   

     Releasing new versions of browsers, all very fast. In the new browsers, web sites need to give more space to the target All menus are hidden. File menu is old-time usual. Interphase browsers are now called on all interfaces, are different in a menu structure. All the menus are hidden from each other. However, some of my previous browser will go to the menus as needed. Menus are available in appearance to the old ways and the browsers. But, for every problem there is a kind way. They can be found here.

Windows 8 Special Features

Windows 8 Special Features
Windows 8 Special Features
     Some application programs in conjunction with the new interface of Windows 8 system is offered. Windows Store access, we need thousands of application programs, mostly free of charge, can be obtained. Along with the operating system can be made ​​here about twenty applications.

1. Store: 
      We have many new application can access the Windows Store. It works similar to the Apple Application Store and Google play. We search for the required application by the Church, The movement can be brought about by pressing the button to install. Some of the application, they would have been able to obtain from web sites.  Link to the site, download and then install the can.

2. Internet Explorer:
     Windows Internet 8 system gives internet Explorer browser10 is based on the stationary state. This is a browser than before,In addition to running speed. Can touch it. can not operate Plug in, add on programs. Only in a few web sites allowed to run Flash.

3. Mail, Calendar, and News:
    windows 8 System, Mail, Calendar, People, and Messaging and all connected together. All of these are available in the Windows store. Connecting one of these applications, And others will get it. It will be available in the Mail application, only gives us the ability to receive emails. Here in Hotmail, Outlook or Gmail accounts are linked.  IMAP, POP, or Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) has options connecting such things, can attach any Account mail.

       Calendar application, Web site services that display calendars. Hotmail, Outlook and Google Calendar are also connects. People application provides everything in one place for your contact. not only Hotmail, Outlook and Google Accounts, Facebook, Twitter and connect linked contacts. pplication Messaging allows you to communicate with our friends. Windows Live Messenger and Facebook Chat support is provided. But, like the other popular Google Talk does not support.

    The application, displays the computer running the climate of the place. For other places with the weather display, let set. By now the go, Hourly, weather conditions, and can be forecast for the upcoming stage.

5.News, Finance, and Sports:
     This application works with Microsoft Bing information from site News Recent news application, gives the finger touch. In a constant state of "Bing Daily" is the message. The BBC, New York Times, Wall Street Journal and the news channels as it takes on the set.
       Finance Application Market sounds and images to provide information. We only want to see information about stocks, let it set Sports application, the information relating to the field of sports, the competitions will be held, and gives the results of the competition. 

How do Change Video File Formats From Other Formats

How do Change Video File Formats From Other Formats
To Change the Video File Formats

 we set up video files In many formats. even send Register video e-mail.  video scenes files created in various  Formats. But some Web sites, Or in computer files, Only the former can play some video on a computer set up. The video files are often forced to change the format.  The video format conversion, Happens to many programs on the Internet, Recently watched a program to be the best, that has all the facilities formats.

 M2TS, RMVB,RM,AVI, QT,MTS, MPG, MP4, MOV, FLV,  WMV  With the format videos are change  Another format files. Its name Any Video Converter. not only Format change, From multiple video files The building used to connect only to specific areas.  you tube videos handles, The program offers more features. youtube videos Make any program in the download, It is give in FLV or MP4 Format. But they can not run the Windows Media Player. However, by this video converter program This problem can be solved. first  visit youtube video site. After that, visit your favorite video by clicking on. You will get there URL Address.Copy that URL address.

However, after use the video converter program, In the youtube must click on the youtube  icon. It's copy URL Address Paste it. In the drop-down menu in the upper right-hand operate, You must select the Windows Media Player interface. URL listing  After, 'Convert' button press. Becomes immediately download the video file. At the end of Format for Windows Media Player, This video has been download original MP4 format file.Using the Video Preview Area reaction to this program, Able to take a snap shot. And do video playback, Snap shot button displayed on the screen by clicking on Display image available. This is a free program. Prepared by a few months later, Why do not you get a pop-up window, the message will be set in type.