Windows 8 Special Features

Windows 8 Special Features
Windows 8 Special Features
     Some application programs in conjunction with the new interface of Windows 8 system is offered. Windows Store access, we need thousands of application programs, mostly free of charge, can be obtained. Along with the operating system can be made ​​here about twenty applications.

1. Store: 
      We have many new application can access the Windows Store. It works similar to the Apple Application Store and Google play. We search for the required application by the Church, The movement can be brought about by pressing the button to install. Some of the application, they would have been able to obtain from web sites.  Link to the site, download and then install the can.

2. Internet Explorer:
     Windows Internet 8 system gives internet Explorer browser10 is based on the stationary state. This is a browser than before,In addition to running speed. Can touch it. can not operate Plug in, add on programs. Only in a few web sites allowed to run Flash.

3. Mail, Calendar, and News:
    windows 8 System, Mail, Calendar, People, and Messaging and all connected together. All of these are available in the Windows store. Connecting one of these applications, And others will get it. It will be available in the Mail application, only gives us the ability to receive emails. Here in Hotmail, Outlook or Gmail accounts are linked.  IMAP, POP, or Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) has options connecting such things, can attach any Account mail.

       Calendar application, Web site services that display calendars. Hotmail, Outlook and Google Calendar are also connects. People application provides everything in one place for your contact. not only Hotmail, Outlook and Google Accounts, Facebook, Twitter and connect linked contacts. pplication Messaging allows you to communicate with our friends. Windows Live Messenger and Facebook Chat support is provided. But, like the other popular Google Talk does not support.

    The application, displays the computer running the climate of the place. For other places with the weather display, let set. By now the go, Hourly, weather conditions, and can be forecast for the upcoming stage.

5.News, Finance, and Sports:
     This application works with Microsoft Bing information from site News Recent news application, gives the finger touch. In a constant state of "Bing Daily" is the message. The BBC, New York Times, Wall Street Journal and the news channels as it takes on the set.
       Finance Application Market sounds and images to provide information. We only want to see information about stocks, let it set Sports application, the information relating to the field of sports, the competitions will be held, and gives the results of the competition.