History Of Computer Mouse

History Of Computer Mouse
1963: engal part of the structure, the English Bill (Bill English) created a mouse. It was only a button.

1968: engal part, a 90-minute operate of the entire mouse, there is new generation are started There were three buttons on it.

1972: (Jack Hawley) and then joined the bill English Computer mouse with a Xerox digital enterprise designed to serve. One small-scale ball, operates two rolers, From the handling of digital signals. This is the basis for the next 27 years, when the movement of the mouse.

1981: Xerox Star computer company in order to be used in Designed a mouse. It ran two buttons and a roller ball. But, if the computer's price was too high, the mouse does not reach the people.But, in the same year, Hovey Kelley, who obtained permission to design a new mouse, Application mouse designed with new variations. Low cost and all the people were going to use. Later, Richard the Lion was one of the first optical mouse designed to run completely. The movement, one of the points where the bat was needed.

1982: Sun work station for use in computers, Mouse with Mouse Pad (Steve Kirsch) was designed. In the same year, the logitech company P4 mouse its first commercial was for sale. Designed by (JeanDaniel). It then sold for three hundred dollar.

1983: Apple's first mouse, sold with its Lisa computer system. There was only one button on it. Apple is the company's identity, which was in circulation for 22 years.

1984: logitech wireless mouse device company designed its first offered for sale. It is similar to a TV remote control, the mouse ran through inpra Red wave radiation.

1986: Apple created.Key Port paired with one of the mouse,

1987: IBM. Company  2 line of computers introduced. The world's first PS / 2 mouse and released it.

1991: Radio frequency based on, first designed and released logitech wireless mouse.

1993: Honey Well Company, first released opto Mechanical mouse.Instead of rotating the ball, two small discs, are placed at different angles. In the same year, Apple released Apple Desktop Bus Mouse II Mouse has a new design.

1995: Scroll the mouse wheel one, for the first time, the company released the mouse Systems.

1996: Microsoft Mouse with Scroll Wheel mouse use.For this released intelli mouse. the mouse developed a small rubber mixed plastic roller set. In the middle of the cylinder, can Scroll, click the button that was conducted two operations.