Computer Parts Review

Computer Parts Review
Mother Board :
    (Mother Board) in the personal computer electronic circuit board. All the parts of the computer (monitor, key board, mouse, printer, etc.) are also enclosed. Co-operate with each other.

Hardware : 
     (Hard Ware) is a computer based on the data of all devices.Motherboard, chip, mouse, keyboards, printer, modem, router, this term includes all that.

      Windows Operating System. Today the world's most used operating system in personal computers. After the toss of operating systems provided by Microsoft. Many of these facilities are followed. The user interface is easy to use and set up basic graphics.

Web Browser: 
       (Web Browser) for Internet based applications can run the package. This can be obtained through the pages on the Internet. Internet Explorer, Firefox, opera, chrome such popular browsers used today.

        (Registry) combined with Windows running on a Data Base. Information about all the hardware and software on which is written and posted. With options for user-created levels for operations filed. The information obtained from the site of the Windows operating information will be handled as little attentively.

Control Panel:
        Given that it is a tool in the Start menu of Windows is running. The basic functionality of Windows can be refined. As well as personal computers and associated devices regulated nature.

Virus : 
       A computer program can cause harm. His annoyance at the interruption, the first computer to computer and keep frozen until operation involved in a variety of computer  to transfer files (email, CD, floppy and flash drives), which ravaged go along with their causes. After the sale of the computer for email addresses to send mail to itself as engaging in sabotage. Usually show no symptoms of the virus program will stored in computer. Day or undertaking any work is done on the sabotage.