Free Photos Downloads In Reviews And Advantages,

free photo downloads     
     Pictures, photo in order to get something students, teachers, and royalty free images and the images will be an excellent web site for graphics  The name of this site Open Photo. This is a photo of the Collection free stock images.  Surprisingly, many photo, art films, which are shown. you can download free photos, free images from this site.

      Photos of the category  in which the search for the images to be obtained.If you click on a photo, we have a lot of images that are displayed.Here you can download for free, which is often given in the form.There are images in which a fee is available. Categories of this site by clicking on the tape, all categories are listed with their name.The type of search, and can download free photos.

free images to download
     free photo editing also available other sites. Make click on each image, and on its right side, the film cares to find information about the license. different types of licenses, and shown how to use it.Our Web sites, power point presentation slides, and we will produce a variety of images on this site can be used on their own greeting cards.If anything good looking at a time, and use the Book of Mark. The site's address is:  this is one of stock photography types. 

How To Power Point Graphics Making Tutorials

Power Point Graphics Making Tutorials
       power point for presentation  using any of the graphics object to be at the right place That means you do not have the talent? To make others think. And here are a few guidelines. also you can download power point from internet.

About microsoft power point  -  1. Always Use Grid :

    We are not able to see the grid lines. Any object near these lines to / film product lines drawn near.The line seems to be something that the gravitational force acting alone. This is a presentation software package to draw an object on the screen when it comes to our take place across the continent. Let's see what you can do in this situation. Show and hide the grid lines from Bring tap lines.This available on Standard tool bar. Or by pressing Shift F 9 (Shift + F9) button. Temporarily grid - should not worry about using the Alt button and you can feel that. The objects to be easily you can not expect to sit on the right lines. power point for free tutorials placed here. you can also learn.

How to do power point  - 2. (Guidelines) Help:

     Object  one thrust line or lines on the screen to use if you want to sit. This press Alt + F9 keys. And  lines are now visible.You can interact with the objects.With the help of these lines at the right place and keep away objects.The lines disappear when you press Alt + F9.Guide lines will be the same on both sides of this one.Control (Ctrl) button and drag it into a floating fortress.If the line does not need any guide on how to remove it? Then click and drag the mouse cursor over it and leave out.

      You can do one of the traction Guide. Mouse Pointer is enclosed in small numbers.Do you know what this means? You can set the number of inches away from the central area of the slide to the object that represents the number.The numbers start from zero, but if you want to learn how to In that involve dragging when the shift key press.

creating a power point grid and guidelines way to set:

       Pressing the Ctrl + G keys are always available to both Grid and Guides on the screen, get set.that mean, you can press the Alt key and press the keys to make this effect.The lines must be set at any level in the dialog box that let you define. best of luck. you can make graphics power point presentation, power point slides easily. 

Excel Tutorial - help with excel Text to Speech,formulas,Cells

Excel Tips - Tutorials, helps facilities

Microsoft excel 2010  - Text to Speech

     Do you enter data in the Excel sheet at work,They tell you what, you are presented with a facility, set in Excel.Let's see how it will turn on and off. If you have excel 2003, excel 2007 this tutorial you are lucky.The department takes off through the following ways.

1. View | Toolbars | Text to Speech select the way to go. Or Tools | Speech | Show Text to Speech Toolbar go to.
2. Here in the toolbar on the right to select the Speak on Enter tool.

    Now your computer is connected to the speakers, but the sound level is kept slightly more if you hear this feature enabled. Each time a cell in the data set, the cell on the left, what is it that you hear.Formula one set, you will be notified of its decision.The facility of stop motion, click again to turn off the Speak on Enter.The announcement will also be stop. Then you can run the silent Excel work sheet.

Excel Formula and Functions :

     we can not create an Excel worksheet without formula. Some of these simple basic things we need to know formula set. First Range. The calculation of the formula is that it can work on any sheet area referred to in cells. From one cell to another cell as it had Range.

(:): Golan. This code refers to a separate territory. The Range. Here A1: C2 in the formula set, it refers to cells from A1 to C2.

(,) Comma, the comma represents a two-Range fused cells. For example, A1: C2 B1: B4 and C2 between A1 and B-1 to B-4 to Range Range refers to a set of coupled cells.

Cells, such as connection is very important to carefully monitor. You may want to note that the formula is working.Range of space to the interval only refers to the overlapping cells. For example, A1: C2 B1: B4 indicates that the cells where the two Range Formula  only be operated in the cells.Examples are the names of the cells are shown. But when the formula is calculated their values​​. Also to be taken into consideration.

Spreadsheet in excel
    In  working in Excel work sheet, select the cells often have to work.  If we know how many cells that we have chosen, and all it takes to ensure.  This information is one way to learn Excel.

     You can use the mouse and key board to select cells. Take a few hands from the keyboard to use the mouse with the intent to use the Shift key with the arrow keys cells selected.In the Name box, select how many cells are displayed. The problem is that, with a finger from the shift key, Name box over.he number of cells available in the following information. Arrow key again to deal with this shift plus arrow keys. Displayed together with the number of cells with the already selected.The arrow indicates the cathode pressure only select the cells with the cells, many cells displayed the information correctly.

Safari Browser 5 Advantages And Reviews

Apple Safari version 5 Browser Advantages

What Is Safari Browser ?
     Apple recently released Version 5 of Safari browser,  released versions for Windows and Mac systems. It comes without any prior notice. The new version browser features are provided.

1. Reader Safari:
      The new version has no ads. Web sites with unwanted pop-ups are excluded.If the reader by pressing the button that visit web sites, according to the above we can see without any hindrance.

2. Support Html:
      HTML. including HTML 5 Geo Location.based techniques, the browser will support.

3. High Speed​​:
      Nitro engine used in the browser.his is far more than the browsing speed is fast.For the links on a web site, web sites addresses and provides very fast.

4. bing Search:
      like the i phone, and Bing search bar in Safari is attached.Yahoo and Google are already provided with.Safari browser to run, Windows XP (SP 2) requires at least. Memory must be 250 mb. Meha at least 500 MHz processor speed to run at. Mac system to run on the Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.8 or Mac OS X Snow Leopard ® 10.6.2 is required. The browser is based on Apple's high-speed, announced that the primary problem.

Safari Browser Download

 (See: using the browser on the computer in May, and the information provided by Apple.  is running Windows, Apple has made some fast results, it can be accepted. There are lot free web browser available in internet.

Microsoft word- Merge Cells, Split Cells Tutorials And Functions.

M S Word 2007 - Merge Cells, Split Cells Tutorials

tutorial of word 2007 - Connect split table cells:

       The first line of the cells, how to do merge cells to see how. Here is a link between two or more lines of the cells and the formation of a single large cell.First, select the cells you want to merge cells. Hold down the mouse button is required to select it and then release the cells.Now that cell is selected. The Table Go menu (Merge Cells) option a mouse click. Right-click on a table and click on it, select Merge Cells option. Now many cells together into a single grid view can see.

create table in word 2007

       Now let's see how to do the split cells.  Go straight to the opposite process merge to split. Select one or more cells are cells separated set to split cells. You need to know which one. When the table is split in some cases enlarge.Because a cell must be at least one level. select the cells to divide before the prompt.Button, and then click the Split Cells.

excel merging cells

        Here Table menu, select Options and click Split Cells.Or Right-click on the available menu click on the Split Cells.Now go to Split one open window.How many beds inside of the cell in which you select a row (number of rows) and the thrust line (number of columns) should provide that.At that point, then click OK.

Word in copy a new way  :

     Documents created in Word, while  the way we use the clip board. After the selected text or object to copy.  Make it goes to the clip board. Then we want to place it on the area. Copy one again, the copy was already removed the clip board, the new text will placed. In such a situation, so without removing the clip board, and a coffee Tex and move to another location, or if you want to what do?

The Word is one way. Without the help of the clip board, one copy and paste.

1. You must first select the text you want to copy
2. Next, press Shift + F 2 keys. Look States in the Copy to where? The message is displayed.
3. interpolation of the cursor, which will make a copy of the text you want to paste, then set it to go.
4. Then enter the tapped, text copy, and pasted there. During this work, the coffee was already on board, the text or object, there is stayed. 

Ms Office Tutorials And Advantages.

M S Word 97 And M S Word 2000 Tutorials
About Ms word       
     Creating Documents in Word, we often revise, like to make the changes. Word that was what we were before, but always as the good. For each correction, a version of the file, can not have different names. This tool includes facilities provided in the Word. The name of the Reviewing toolbar.This tool gives you the greatest flexibility, its benefits can be seen here.

Word Tutorial - Word 97 and Word 2000

     This movement to bring the toolbar, View from the Tool bars menu choose, make sure it Reviewing the perfect. word processor it is usually displayed at the top of rular. The work is divided into four categories reviewing  toolbar. They are: Comments: This is the first five tools. Through which we have notes, edit and delete. Go back and forth through these notes may be faster. Next Track Changes. It consists of the following five tools.changes to the text. Prior to the change, and the other showing the changes.Bypass changes, ways to accept.

      The third tool Highlighting. Look, it's the same tool on the toolbar format. also connected on the toolbar. Conducted by the same process.Miscellaneous Group's Outlook Toolbar sends the text to the collection. Documents can be sent by email to a save by doing so.

Word Tutorials 2007
    From the set Word 2002, Microsoft Word  brought some changes in the tool bar. But the work objectives were unchanged. You can see them.

1. Display: 
first, given the volume of the two tools. Both of which are listed in the drop-down list. There are no changes in the type of changes that you made ​​to the text, this tool controls.

2. Next Track Changes: 
In the above, the changes made in the text, and for them, to remove.

This category contains only tools. Notes that the controller is capable of handling a Document.

4.Track Changes Control:
 The total of all the changes can be brought under control.

5. Reviewing Panel: 
This tool creates a separate partition screen display and hide under the global.  Additional information about the changes we make will be shown.The usual appearance of this reveing toolbar in Word 2007, Microsoft changed.Described by the Review ribbon, tape sets.Comments and Tracking tools have been available for most of the two categories.

Broadband Internet Dongle,Smart Phone, Other Essential Devices Reviews And Advantages.

Broadband Internet Dongle,Smart Phone, Other Essential Devices

Broadband Internet Dongle USB  

     The device, known as Broadband Internet Dongle USB, always have metastasized, traveling, working on the computer connected to the Internet will device. Computer's SB Port Connects to the Internet world in the palm of your drive through the Internet, in any corner of the world, people make video conference; These emails may immediately, at the time that a message is in a position to know what our business, improve work.Rental fee for their friendly, many Internet service providers offer them.

Smart phone: 

    Mobile phone requires an enchanted changed after chapter, the office and perform daily tasks, to help us with the high mobile phone is a smart phone. The 3G connection and Wi -Fi  facilities with smart phones and personal services to our office, have In our hand.

Data Transfer Cable:
     These cables are also known as Data Transfer Cable, and other digital devices and computer, quickly and easily help you to exchange data files. The two personal computers, data files Converter Pack can keep up.

Encrypted Storage Device :

      register securely retain, Encrypted Storage Device category of devices that are available to us. They have been instrumental in the bio metric. Printable data summarized by these devices, simply can not get this one. Then register finger prints, after used, can get. If you use a certain number of incorrect password, the data is automatically deleted in this category are starting to drive.

Presentation Remote

      These devices are known as Presentation Remote, using laptop computer, a good device for presentation of scenes bankers often. We want to show the presentation of scenes from 50 feet away, it can be run through.Laptop computers do not have to go near. Lodge is a small laser so specific information can be brought to the attention of the viewers.

Internet Security Software: 

     We must be using the software on the computer.Others, especially when using the External Data Drive, an Internet security software package must be reported on our computers are enabled. Anti virus, anti spyware, firewall, spam antti, learn to identify the facility, as the data security software packages with multiple security features for free and get paid for it.

Ergonomic Chair :

     We demand the right of the chair working on the computer. Following the work, the main parts of our body, eyes, spine, arms, specifically designed to protect the wrist and chair, digital life is one of the most important.This issue, along with the muscles, along protect bones and  additional pressure.

Laptop,Printer,Wi Fi Router,Broadband Internet Dongle,Smart Phone Reviews And Advantages.

Essential Digital Devices Reviews
    Working at home with a small office, home office tasks on the devices to operate on the current practical aspects of life have changed. Obliged to perform certain tasks quickly, often in daily life. e mail have come through, it will become necessary to perform the office of the weed. In this life we have to be critical for digital devices.To have no circumstance in life, progressed, and we needed to be there in the first stage. You can see them here.

1. Laptop computer: 
      Office and home but, in many places we go to, to explain something related to business. Information about our jobs, often to improve.You first need to have a lap top computer. Even in homes and offices, the place of desktop computers, laptop computers were caught. One of the digital inseparable friend, the life of the laptop computer for upgrading the device is the trapping, ordinary people to buy today has its price.

2. Multiple printer: 
        the period of application of computer, printer, and its co-breaking is to help our friend. But now, a printer, not only printing work. MFP Multi Function Printer, known as the printers, printing, scanning, copying and taking Xerox, Fax device to operate, as well as the phone has become a device performs many tasks.It has become a boon for small offices. Depending on the nature of our jobs, Color MFP printer, mono (black) MFP printer to buy one, our saving additional time to carry out the work.

3. Wi Fi Router:
        To provide Internet connection without wire connection, a Wi Fi  router within the home or office, keep - the facility that enables devices to exchange data files. Smart phone, desktop computers and laptop  computers his device helps to make this transaction.If you are buying, how much space are carried on the wireless data transfer On the ground, have to be capable of managing. 

Excell, Windows,browsers Related Question And Answer

Excell, Windows,browsers

Question :
In my Excel  work sheets for students that there are many classes. Go to next work sheets, tape pressed below, you can go to any keys?

Answer :
    If you press Ctrl + Page keys Town, go to the next work sheet. If you press Ctrl + Page Up, go to the previous work sheet.

Question :
what is the Sum Formula of  Excel applications ?

Answer :
     SUM formula is very simple to handle. The numbers indicate the value or formula in the cells that give cells.The system for the Formula SUM (numberl, number2,.,.)For example, SUM (3, 2) will result in a 5. The numbers of these cells can be found in the cell values ​​along.Take for example, the values ​​taken from Al to A30 to = Cook M (A 1: A 30) must be set up as a formula.

Question :
I always operates keep my desktop  current This is my desk top are trash. I like it. But the news is that Windows often does not clean the litter.Click on this side will be ignored. What must this be for?

Answer :
     I understand your feelings. I like on a real desk table books, files, mobile phone, pen, pencils and paper to keep the dust. But I can tell the computer.How about that! Right click on your desktop. Properties available on the menu (Properties) select. Properties display  will be screened. select The Desktop Customize Desktop and the Make button. Next Desktop  Items will get a new window. In the "Run Desktop Cleanup Wizard every 60 days" to check the identity of the place take the stage.Make click OK. Now there will not be any warning message.

Question :
Spell Checker in Word package. Do the same in browsers?  We would type the editor? How do I play it?

Answer :
   Many forms, fill in the answers on the internet is that we are not supposed to!Mozilla's Firefox browser only, then, is the Spell Checker.Spell Checker for Internet Explorer version 8 has not been granted yet. I think that's coming soon. In Firefox How about that operate! In general, the install the browser, it will be installing at a constant level.

     However, if you use this feature, If not, let's see how to enable it. operate Firefox browser Tools> Options> Advanced and go. There will be general tab Select it. And the "Check my Spelling as I Type" is set to be one of the tick mark symbol.Then again, back to the browser. Now if you type a word with any error, under the term of the buckling of a red line will be available. Right click on it, get the correct spelling of many words. If you need to click on the word, is the word bug.

Open Office - New features And Advantages

Open Office - New features And Advantages

    Microsoft Office and Open Office package in parallel with all facilities being improved. This type of application via open source, and many people have fought to ensure that the new facilities. Let us look at some of the new features here.

1. Ribbon Style Interface: 
        Microsoft Office package and the usual rumors of his leaving the list, when it jumped to the Ribbon interface, many face.Click the ribbon for a few days with difficulty, over time, as usual, easy to preserve, came to the conclusion that fast.Following the Open Office suite is provided on the ribbon interface. 3.3 style interface called the Ribbon.

2. Right-click tesaras: 
       If you're a writer like me, you create a Document tools  for it, expect to be readily available. menu in Open Office, such as tecaras  without any kind.

3. Find bar: 
     Large Documents lot to learn, we are looking for.In the Open Office suite are now looking to learn a specific tool bar.

4. callk sheet tabs in single colour :
     This may be a very simple matter. In implementing these is its ability to spread kalk sheet. With the explanation given above, are matters for those in computer network design. S V G Importer, Flash animation technology for the processing, a lot of fonts, templates, clip art files and various filters, Open Office package are available now. Many of the Open Office suite, upgrading of technical equipment has been giving up.Of course the Open Office suite, received the package.

intenet Useful Information. And Applications

intenet Useful Information

DNS (Domain Name System):

        We have a Web site address that a computer can understand in terms of its number in the address to the system. After each Internet service providers to communicate with a system like this is that we want to have an internet site.


        Browse the Internet to exchange information with others in the communication policy in line with the basic characteristics of this term indicates that we need to store.


       Multi Media program created by Apple.The Multi Media (audio and video) to create and edit and operate can see. Only this program  can see the program on the Internet. If you click on these files from the program and that the site asks for your browser.This program has already been updated, sign it and then if it's a new program on your computer and Update your browser to get the message.


     Internet connection for a computer to another computer in order to find a way. The term command. Giving the address of a Web site on any given toss out pirampt. Then your computer must be online.Note that the Web site address of the server on which the data is available reaches your computer.

HTML document:

      that will explain that the Hyper Text Markup Language.that technical words it can be said that a programming language for web pages.(In fact, this is not a programming language.) In short, it is a Web page as a Web site.Another type of webpage Document. The Document written by a particular type of sensor is reading your web browser.

Post Office Protocol :

     Internet connection, E Mail sent from our computer, we set up a procedure to handle the received e mails.

Some error messages:

 400 Bad Request:  
     If you type the Web site address may have been typed incorrectly. If you're looking for your Web server so that you do not recognize any site feel. get this message. Make a type of domain names typed in a large font too small mixed. You can listen to it carefully edited.

401 Unauthorized Request: 
   You are not allowed to try to get to the Web site, you will get this error message. Maybe this site to get the information you require a password.Some of these sites are not available to you or your server definitions.This message will also get its due.Okay, what do we do? Listening to? To abandon trying to access this site.

403 Forbidden: 
    The message was to abandon the attempt to abandon the Web site.This means that you do not have permission to view the Web site.

Microsoft Excel 2007 - Short cut keys List

Microsoft Excel 2007 - Short cut keys

F 1:  a set of tips to help Task open

F 1+ Control  : Open stage help and close

F 2: The intracellularly active helps edit the text.

Shift + F 2:  edited to make a box to write a comment.

F 2 + Alt: helps to open the Save As dialog box.

F + Shift : open insert function dialog box.

F + Control : open Name dialog  box.

F 3 + Ctrl + Shift : opens create Name dialog  box.

F 4: Turn back the last command is given.

F 4 +Control +:  closes workbook window

F 4 + Alt: to close Excel set.

F 5: opens lines  dialog box.

F 5 + Control :  workbook window to return to the first level

F 6: jump Application window to help task.

Shift + F 6: Work sheet on the previous phase can be separated

Control + F 6: Work more than one book open while jumping on the next workbook.

F 7: Spelling correction phase

Control + F 7: Work Book window when passing move maximize

F 8: running Extended mode and stop.

F 9: Work sheets in all open accounting work books.

Shift + F9: Open've been working on estimating Work sheet.

F 9 + Control: workbook windows minimize.

F 10: choose menubar. Open the menu and its sub-down menu to select one at a time.

F10 + Control  : Opens minimize window

F11: create function to data on the Range.

F 11+ Shift : choose New worksheet.

F11  + Alt: Visual Basic Editor and before leaping between the worksheet.

F11 Shift + Alt +: Opens the Microsoft Script Editor.

F 12: Save As dialog box will open.

Ctrl + Shift + F 12: open print dialog box .

Computer Hardware And Software Cleaning Tips.

Computer Hardware And Software Cleaning Tips.
       This is possible only on the computer that is no longer in life, doing it right now, do must clean computer. Or one day, suddenly will affect. As written here many times, back up files, application software, anti virus updates, firewall everything is under construction, we now usually used to make. Still others are a bit lazy, false confidence that our computer does it all, the security measures are taken.Because in our daily life, we will not be ready to work sweat, thinking can not that. Here are some tips for such people.

     Are you still using Windows XP? Then, in Windows Vista and Windows 7 packages now, the system performs a few things, to make  in Windows XP. For example, do tipirak Hard Disc, Windows 7 system, set up to be done automatically. In Windows XP, but we have to take it.  want, right click on Properties, Tools, Defragment Now tipirak let that go. Now comes the hard disc capacity is very high, small hard discs and will be available in the tipirak facilities, which are not available in large quantities.So if you buy a new computer, and if you have a large capacity hard disk,  tipirak be no need to worry about.

       in the next section, we need to be careful, make up a backup job files. If that does not happen often that we work on all the files I thought for a moment, that you realize how important they are.Drive or External Hard Drive Back Up Images Rather than that, the storage sites available on the Internet to view and select one of them, and protect back-up copy. to save photo album can use Facebook,pikasa use web album.

      If the Document files, we use it for our personal and business activities on a daily basis to Back Up Documents necessary. Amount of GB have the same dimensions. Tera byte is enough. The Back-up Facility is ideal for online storage.Application software packages on the system running more secure way to periodically updates. Some of the packages themselves, and are updated frequently.Or we must update them. They will get the protection from malware packages.

Microsoft Word 2007 Tutorials And Useful Information

Microsoft Word 2007 Tutorials
Line up in between paragraphs

      Documents created in Word, we can set up in the middle of the beautiful lines. Word of the lines we are looking for ways to the number of diminish ways. Using multiple lines can be very beautiful. from the left to the right is make a simple three minus (-) signs up tap Enter. One line is drawn. Three equal (=) signs up hitting the double line is tapped.
       If not, how do I delete these lines? Bring the cursor to the top line. Then press Ctrl + Q. Word on your computer to draw a line in the package is not available in the settings can be changed. Open the Tools menu. Auto corrections in the Open section. Auto format as you type in the dialog box that is available in the Border Lines check box to set identity.

Beautiful shapes tables:

     Word Document produced, we have a number of tables creates, See the information easily, quickly and help them understand. a small table in the coming years to show through in the data set. Initially, we set up a table in the Table menu, and thrust rows, set on a bed of rows are required. These are set in simple lines. These colorful and beautiful shapes, a variety of scales set them. The Options are available in menu table. Let's see how to set them.

       First, create a table. Then position the cursor inside the table and the Table menu, click Table Auto Format section  Here you will see how many categories that are displayed in the table. Select your favorite one and click OK to create the table, you can setup the same appearance. Option to many styles of tables displayed.This will attract the attention of your viewers of the table can be found. Particularly impressed by the way this is set to go when making prints.

 Total removal of comments:

       Some Documents in Word, set up a lot of comments. Further amendments in its base, to show others.Translation Documents, Documents produced in institutions, set up in this category.Comments must be removed at the end of this. And delete one by one.But if the Document is larger, it's a little difficult. Word provides a way to set the tool to paint and replace.

1. Open Documents and then Ctrl + H (Ctrl + H) Press. now available find and re place.
2. In  box, type Find What. can be pressed with the Shift key for Symbol, for Number 6.
3. So, make sure the Replace With box blank.
4. Next, click the Replace With,  View all comments are deleted.

Microsoft Excel Alternative Softwares Reviews And Advantages

Microsoft Excel Alternative Softwares

1. Google Spread sheets

     Google Docs is a member of the family. In internet connection with this, to let and get the new spread sheet. Excel work sheet already prepared, upload, and share it with others. Edited there and takes it. You can install on  your computer. For this you need a good Internet connection and browser. To access it / visit in the address.

2. SoHo sheets :

     This is more than enough similar google docs. Internet connection is available for free.  can Create,Work sheets and share with others, At the same time more than one function at a work sheet allows SoHo. To access it, go to the address

3. Editable grid :

     Also known as an online service spread sheet. It has all the features of Excel work sheet. Share with everyone, and editing are also available.Why in some cases surpasses the nature of the Excel package. To access it you need to go to the names

4. Num Sum :

     online, simple, spreadsheet, it is possible to share with others.You can create the social spread sheets. The address of the site you need to get this feature

5. Simple spreadsheet :

       Java Script, HTML, C. S.. S.. And php Written on the Internet is based on a spreadsheet program running. formulas, maps, numeric Format, keyboards, and navigation features are listed. The Data Form is written in Java Script.To obtain this free software package / Spreadsheet / Home to the address.

6. WikiCalc :

     Work sheet on which all together make the calculation.This can create web sites. Create, edit, make all of the spread sheet. Http:// can address this.

7. Zcubes Calci :

       CALCI A Calculation Engine is available on the Internet.Has all the features of a spread sheet. Application software more useful than other things, this program has with him.More than a thousand statistical computing, science and finance-related, has ready made templates. it run an internet connection. Only files on your computer can register.Some spread sheets on top of the desk are available to us for free.

Some spread sheets are available to us for free. I will summarize them here.

Open Office Calc
Data Pilot
IBM Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets

Internet Application Properties Reviews And Advantages.

Internet Application Properties

Internet Application Properties

      Software application in range of advertising, banner advertising message, for example, to run the advertising package.

Auto Responder:
      Readymade to the letter instead of having to send the e-mail program. The letters automatically to your email address in the reply. for example You are going to the village? you are looking e mail? I was not in town for 10 days after and can be sent in response. Internet service providers that have this feature, e-mail client  providers also provides this facility.

     Data is transferred on a network connection and the amount of information.

     Internet software package to get the information.

     A place to temporarily store data.  this printer, using devices and programs such as a CD writer to use their data to be taken.

     This temporary memory. You can also use Web sites with information related to for save. Each takes you on the same site, In undertaking the same activity or This new information storage medium is kept idle browser can use the cash obtained from the memory.

     A small program that can register on the website to your computer.The Web site for information about your attitude and you can easily identify which stored with the Website you will need to take.

Can you Trust your pc? What’s My Computer doing? Software Review

What’s My Computer doing? Software Review
Software Name : What’s My Computer doing? 

       Do you trust your computer?  What a question?  want to believe that we can trust our computer? can not work on your computer a little time, What do you think? Nothing has happened on that computer? One of the programs look at that are a little light on your cpu. will occasionally brings. What does that mean? It involves something that works! Yes, you have nothing to work on the computer on computer, CPU is not idle. It involves some work. Do you want to know what that is?

      Windows System operation is not a simple one. When you are not operated for any software application, it is has been involved in other activities.Which Accessing Your Hard drive? What is the answer to your CPU? We see that the test should be done. So, any protest of any suspicious? Personal information is allocated, a place that gets sent store.
      With this view, a wonderful program that I got when visited Internet sites. The name of the What's My Computer doing? The address of the site : 

       can This program is free to download from this site (480 Gb). It started operating, Hard Disc on your computer to access any programs, Showing how they perform on the job in the CPU. In this program, we have to stop the operation of your computer to the Button (Freeze) are one. Suspicious movement of any program, press the stop button, you can get all the information about its movement. Program which runs from  drive. The executable file of the date posted on the computer, the ID code of the signature file, problems, and find the file's version number. There are two buttons in the button. Through these, we will look suspicious properties of the program.

      can watch and Open the folder to the program. Program close (only a few computers, it can not, because I do not know). Removed from the computer. In this program, such as viruses or virus Total Czech takes through online programs.However, a few virus programs, too, make their jobs steer. But that rarely happens.
So on your computer, you know, if you suspect you are running any programs, immediately download and operate this program. it works in all programs, including Windows 7.

1000 DVD Memory Power On A Single DVD

1000 DVD Memory Power
      can be prove 1000 DVD power disc in single DVD. The conclusion, Japanese scientists said. Working at the University of Tokyo, chemistry professor Shin icci okkosi new Crystal structure of titanium dioxide to produce this CD is found. Of the next generation, he said that the data will be stored in Metal. Between metal and semi conductor add-on the speed of the work can be carried out by this. so Reading log data is held in addition to the speed.

    Scientists working on his head, in the first twenty nano-meter scale, which made ​​the metal object. (A nano-meters, means a diameter of one meter in size from 500 million in 2000, a role in millions) Using a small Metal Crystal piece, Produced disc, as well as the current Blue Ray Disc data can be, can save thousand  of data files.

     (Blue Ray of the CD layer on a conventional DVD Recordable Data can take five times as data) now Titanium oxide has now Blue Ray, DVD and CDs are made simple. Metal cheapest price available in the world. for example same us available in talcum powder. If so, we may find that the nature of its price and availability. Receive the same from Metal, Crystal and production of CDs easier to use.

Free Software Downloads - Reviews, Advantages.

Free Software Downloads

      Free files today We use the many free programs available on the computer.  Although any work, try to get one or more programs.  some would very much like some of us. If the download is done so long ago, the use itself. On the day after the program has been updated and we will not see that. If the right to demand that we remain. So, if you want to see the files that the update made​​, Where to go? Update all the files in one place and get free files. Information to be updated?  make the questions in our minds.

      All the answers to these questions, and set up a base with many additional features. If the address you visit this site,  On the home page, Update on the day of the program is its version number. Update the programs listed like this before. Clicking on the names of the programs, Ling got to the programs will be available on the site, the sites are open. You can download the updated version of the programs we want.

      All Free programs are available on this site are categorized. These are classified on the basis of the application uses. Audio and video, anti-malware programs, Browser and the plug-in, the most popular download programs, Message and Chat, File Format Conversion,Office And News, Developer Tools, Firewall  and Security, System Setup, compression and back-up, networking, CD and DVD Tools, Desktop, Pictures and images, drives which are available in a number of areas. We need to click on the category, A list of all the programs that are available in the section.
      Investment of several hundred million dollar business unit will continue to run as if it, without the slightest hesitation, antti virus program may indicate a separate company. Everyone uses the computer, anti-virus programs are forced to buy used.individuals to spend money on it, and many of the basic features of the product packages anti virus companies are offering it for free on the Internet.

Mozilla Firefox Advantages, Special Features, Reviews

Mozilla Firefox Advantages, Special Features,

Mozilla Firefox Reviews
       Web Intents are rapidly changing the Firefox program is used. many After  recent Firefox version 3 changing, thousands of add on packages, from within the browser, there are many types of facilities. Some of these changes to take, but to connect to the add on packages, and preparing the facilities to be found here.

       Firefox version 3 have started to operate. about this working principles can be found here. Here is your skills improvement. If you think that you have to make,They decided that if needed, make them.After installing the browser, the first in the click   Edit - Preferences - Privacy tab - istory   go to. to change Saved history page that is to be found in front of the small number. some that it will change This is a 7 days, and 10 days, so can  Save disk space by using Firefox. At the same time, "Remember what I've downloaded" it get so Disable. also this helps Disk Space saves.

     Next to that you can install the plugin programs. Some people may not know what is in the plug ins. All these extra features of Firefox Browser. These simple bookmark to plug in, plug in a difficult to Web developers are using. These are a few important things.

      First Foxmarks. Program your bookmark of this plug multiple identities in computers that  helps connect.Other computers must register to the Foxmarks.  In a computer, an internet site you wish to post to the BookMark, Foxmarks to pass through, they will be updated frequently with other computers. to get This ad on the site to go to  Next plug Down Them All. Https:// addon/201 this site can be found at the address. Some object on the heap as a Web page, and copy and paste the text in an attempt. This plugin will help.
For example, one of your favorite music artist goes to one of the web site. Given on the site of the 25 films you think all download. can not click each movies and right click, With the plug installed, you will get a all movies. Right-click the menu and select the Down Them All. You can download then filter them by file extention. to get  The to visit in the address.

How do Hide files In Excel Worksheet ? Excel 2007 Useful Tutorials

How do Hide files In Excel Worksheet
Tips to hide Excel file

       This is a simple way.Window on the menu bar and then tap the area that is available on the menu, click on the Hide button. it will be hidden from the others. Okay, and then if you want the file to be alone, what must be? In the Window menu and click Unhide must be received again. you can see opened a small window hidden files list. you tick Hidden files can be opened in front of  the work
    One may doubt in your mind now. Hiding the file without opening it again, If the program has to close the Excel and Computer, Hidden file in question would happen? command opened the file with the  to open a hidden file. Window on the menu bar and click Unhide you can work re-file.

Object Color Change

   After the object is set to work on the Excel sheet, After you set an image or using Excel drawing tools,  you can plan to change the color of the stripes. can not make it as easy as many people think the word package. It's a very simple set of Excel. Where this facility, see how that is provided. For a set of Excel, clear lines and all graphics and image, and use faster. To set an image, its external size, they can be used to determine.

1. First, bring up drawing toolbar on Work Sheet.
2. If you want to change the color of the lines for any object, that object, click on it once.
3. Now, click on the drawing toolbar. the color of the lines can be found.
4. If set to a different color in the lines,The color combinations available, you may want to select color.can see the color lines change. Then click OK to exit.

     In Excel 2007 package, drawing toolbar is not available. So in this collection to try this in a different way.

1. In the above category, first select the object.
2. In the ribbon,  format tape to choose.
3. Ribbon in the Shape Styles  in the Group, Shape the outline tool Next, click on the down arrow mark.
4. The colors on the color in the lower stages, If you choose your favorite color, lines and colors can change.

Microsoft Excel 2010 Special Features And Advantages

Microsoft Excel 2010 Special Features

       The new features in Office 2010 suite of new features provided in the package and  the Word. Some of the notable new features in Excel package can be found here.As set Word, Excel sets are some of the new features.To cover all of these "Sparklines" the feature.These small chart cell level. can do worksheet of the register, the data set of the same scenes. For example, some items in the shop check the status of the stock, they are one of the chart, set up for each object.Thus, the work was not inside the sheet, through open can display them.

      Next we need to know "slicers" a tool facility. They worksheet printable offlets. data are examined by the care, classifier, can set specific dashboards.This facility is a visual display of the data can show through.Next, given the Gemini Project  that, You set up a bed in millions of rows, which data tool for those can use.You have to download them separately. but without the program, which receives millions of cells  moved. In Excel 2010 and subsequently we've got a new turning point in the facility Conditional format tool. Formula or cell value,

Save Worksheet in  new folder

      Excel worksheet created after, Because it different from other conventional worksheets, they plan to save it in a new folder. that Windows Explorer to go alone, After creating a separate folder,can not save it in the folder. In attempting to save worksheet, First press Ctrl + S. Next click on the button. Or press Alt + 5  button. here type a new folder name.Type a new file name for worksheet. If you press Enter, the worksheet filed in the newly created folder.

Microsoft Windows Software Programs Short Cut Keys.Tutorials

Windows Software Programs Short Cut Keys

Windows Short Cut Keys for movement :
       Windows operating correctly, software application programs running, that offer a variety of short cut keys. They are then made ​​program. To run these programs,  want to open the folder,  enjoy the song file, Hot short cut keys on the computer to act as if our choice. As well as have thought! A free program that provides ways to set Short Cut Keys. Its name Clavier.

        The address of the site you can get from this This program runs on Windows. Any key on the keyboard, Including Windows key, use the hot keys to create short cut. Generated using the short cut keys,can run software programs.For example, the Word program, press Windows + W key will be enabled.  can set any software application. Or any one of a short cut key in text, Bring it into the text editor.

       your email address are large? Enter the @ sign is large, it is difficult to do! Also keep in case short cut  key. Short cut keys for all this setting, Word, Excel, presentation and Runnng programs. folder,Image, File, video, audio file to play what he wanted to operate, can set  short cut keys.

     For example, you want operate Windows Media Player for songs. you can press Windows Key + M key or by pressing the M key can only be run on Windows Media Player. set for your short cut keys, to operate clavier program, The purple color of the "+" icon and click. Path to the folder that you want to associate (directory path), you have to connect with it.

       You have often use a special  charecter? Special charecter that can be brought on by a hot key. In the Clavier Program.There is a section URL Available. The Web site addresses you use frequently, can keep up on the Short Cut Key. You need to fill in a web site to keep information up to the short cut Key, Can quickly fill in forms and information. Caps Lock, Num lock, and Scroll Lock like us, you have to be active in  program takes on the set.

      Thus, if you set up multiple Short Cut keys, Why do not forget to set the Key! to open clavier program one of a panel, All the Short Cut Keys can also be set. We can see them on this panel in a position to deny or two keys. This program is important for everyone to use.

Free Students E - Books - Useful Sites For Education.

Free Students E - Books
        The students will join their engineering, medicine, agriculture and the arts of science degree and have a variety of information collection and analysis. What are the lessons to join their courses, Where do we begin to think for them to buy. Especially engineering students, working in large cities, called the Book Bank Book and pay in banks seeking to find ways to get books. Or senior students to read and buy books and start reading. In addition to the books in the library and started reading it. The Internet also provides. Many sites of books - give books, in PDF Format. The flowing format. They are often available free of charge. Please download it, register on CDs or flash drive, share with your friends.

         can print it and read it main pages or book. In this respect the following sites to find the best service.

        This site provides free books. How many books have been spotted moving around can download. All across the Internet search and All E books  published here. They offer a few books to prepare. What you think is better - the book is not on this site? If the administrator by email to this site and search for it, it will register fastly.

        How many books in which the books are free to download. can download all types of e books this site. he books on the subject is required to give you assistance. Typically, if given, students seeking time saves.

        This site is to be specified in the address. category wise excellent books on this site. Business, art, computing, such as the Department of Education are books available in this site. Book any type you search? Click on it and take your books, Read. Can register. In addition to students, teachers These sites seek to teach the students in their classes to seek out the books. These sites provide the best teachers in the works of internationally In one of the best views available to students through the books. Students must meet all of the sites. 

MICROSOFT OFFICE 2010 Special Features, Advantages.

MICROSOFT OFFICE 2010  Special Features

1. Photo Editing: 
      Word 2010 or presentation programs in 2010, provided a new photo editor.This presentation shows us Documents, and more beautiful, profound impact on the mind of an observer will be able to make.To grab photos,Setting Color to Setting contrast, Sharp set to appear as a mild,Such as the work conducted by the formation of full effect for art.

2. Video editing:
      Can Connect the videos on power point  presentation. They are also available to make it editable.Cut to the required length of video clips and set. Thereby shortening the file size, in order to reduce the size and the make-out.There are several ways to play the slide animations and new.

3. Edit takes anywhere:
      Documents created in Office 2010 suite of Windows Live Sky Drive, post, then from anywhere, via any computer and takes only edit and update.The Office Web Applications are given.A fast Internet connection, if you need high-performance computer.

4. One Note 2010:     
     All types of information, One Note 2010 may have set.Edited by more than one person, then you can connect at the end.Text, image, audio and video that can be used for whatever you want to paste it.Anything that can be posted anywhere extra special.

5. Broadcast Slide Show :
      Broadcast Slide Show using, Via a browser to show the people in any one place.They do not need this package to see the presentation.

6. E Mail Handling:
     Using Outlook 2010 conversation view, The narrowing your emails, classify, and in many ways it can be manipulated.
7. Financial Personality:      Sparklines for Excel 2010 package created through small charts,Regularly monitor your financial status. Making it appear as if all of the observed data.

8. Network access:
       We use Outlook 2010 for social and business networks through social connector can communicate easily with. Using Microsoft Share Point, Windows Live and other Third Party networks can contact.

Some Interesting Software Programs - Useful Softwares Review.

Useful Softwares
      A particular type of job, take on the computer, we use the same software programs. Could not get used to it, and other programs, the additional facility, the features are simplicity and speed, use. In some cases, multiple programs are buy and use, The same program will be able to work, available for free are some of the programs that are unknowingly. This article is widely used in parallel programs, free programs, listed their properties. These programs are categorized on the basis of their work through the exercise.

1. Office Software:

      This topic is very simple, without any creative work with Office software, make sure to use a computer.Text set, our imagination though can set objects. The opinions expressed by the graphics.Many of them are very easy to make complex tasks.On the basis of the version of Microsoft Office package we purchased Rs 3,000 and Rs. Price is up to 12,000. It is well-known that Microsoft pioneered in this category.In this section, see the free software.

1.1 Open Office

     Application of a very good free program. Word processing, spread sheet, presentation, graphics, data base and make them offered in a variety of jobs.It is available in many languages​​. Operates on all Windows versions.Linux operating movement. Using this software package, Sun software company will prepare.Data, by being set in international format, and then use other programs. available in various plugins programs in this collection.

2. Photo Editing:
      Today, mobile phone use is increasing rapidly,If camera mobile phone, even for children to take a photo of an artistic interest. Thus, the photo-editing and managing them has become a daily necessity.It comes to photo editing, Adobe Photo Shop in the world of computer software applications :

      This is a equal program that can provide facilities for the Microsoft Paint Program. Microsoft initially supported it, provided development assistance.Provide all necessary facilities to carry out the plug in the photo editing.Paint Dot Net work must be done by installing Microsoft's Dot Net Program.

4. Picasa

     If the purpose of your photo editing, you will leave this program from your point of view.Very simple, high-performance program. Google's online photo sharing program pikasa connected with this program.By pikasa program, import the edited photos directly on the web site.

Some Interesting Information About Computer

Some Interesting Information About Computer
       There have multiple windows open on your screen? A click on the icon on the screen will cover everything you want? Windows (Windows) key (Control and Alt keys between the image with the Windows key) and then press the D key press. All windows be minimize. Oh no! Again that they want to be? Press two keys in the same way again. They will be available again.

      There are also anxious to know what is in your C drive? Go to Windows Explorer, click on the C drive, and a way to know. Toss Command prompt summoned the C: \ as a way to understand the type and press Enter. There is another way. Windows XP set the menu key or the Start button and click on the Run window, which is available only to the C type, press Enter. Or \ C drive tray files will be hitting up the backlash.

       Deleting files. Where are they?  recycle pin. Filled with people like this, where they are going to go. What's in a position to know all the files that you want to delete? Or deleting files you want to delete from computer? Right-click on the icon Recycle pin then that will be available on the menu click Open. Now you will know for deleting files. But these can not be read by clicking here.If you want to read the files from the drive and folder for the file can be read after the last.Right-click again and select the file you want to view.In the File menu, click Restore section available to its previous place.You can go there and read the file open.

     Program is a television show. Applications running on the computer that you set a command to search for a job application.Program running on the computer to perform a specific task today.We are fed up with cleaning the house is a part of Windows.that A bridge connecting the world today. Cursor is a brilliant blasphemy.In the blink of an eye to the computer today is our command post for a goal. On the keyboard of a piano.Today, many of the functions of a device operating with our fingers.
Old age is a potential memory us.

Microsoft Excel Introduction, Excel Text Copy Tutorials

Microsoft Excel Introduction

Microsoft Excel Introduction :
       You does not know what is the version number of the Excel package. Not sure why it can not be used.But when several tips or help them each publication as a model.It is available, subject to any type of computer that you know the reference, of course, that you know what the version number of the Excel package is getting through. If so, what is the version number of the package that Excel can not know how? There are a few ways.Firstly, at the start of Excel package, the operating speed of your system, depending on the version of Excel that any speed is displayed in a flash.It is very difficult to stop.But then it began to set Excel little easier to understand.If you are using Excel 2007 and earlier versions, from the Help menu to get to the section About Microsoft Excel.Read About Microsoft Excel Excel displays a dialog here.

      You can use the Excel version number, file number and update all the details of who will be given a license to use it. If you use Excel 2007, the same information will be getting a little detour. Make click on the Office button first. Later, Excel Options (Excel Options) click the button.Now Excel, Excel Options dialog, as shown here. The box on the left, Resources click that.Button and then click About. About Microsoft Office Excel dialog box that is displayed in the grid.On top of the dialog box, you can use the package version number is displayed in Excel.With regard to this, press the Close button to close Pak dialogue.

Excel Text Copy Tutorials
      From a set of Excel, Word, text copy and paste Make the package, the text changes in the environment that needs to be edited. This condition can cause an irritation. The copy / paste text ceytitamal again attempt to set up a bar that is better.Here we are ignoring the right way. That's why the work of the cut. You can see that the right way.

     The text of the first set of Excel, how big it is, you need to copy.After opening the package, with Word, Open Document to paste, paste to go somewhere; Or to open a new Document.Then usually Ctrl + V or Edit menu and paste the code we will make the process of choosing not to take.Now open the edit menu. Paste Special from the drop-down menu that contains a section.Select it. Click here to see user's boxy. Click on the Select that Microsoft Excel Worksheet Object.Now you can place text without any problem can paste, The text box, it can re size. can move this text.

SKYPE Group Call Video Talking Tutorials

SKYPE Group Call Video Talking Tutorials
     Talk with friends on the Internet through web camera facility that offers various Web sites. Open an account at one of these sites, you have to give the address to others.Friends who want to communicate through the Internet, log in to a specific site on their own account, and talking to friends.Web camera is connected, the image displayed on the screen of your contact.Talk like to talk to him in person. Most of these facilities, which do not receive payment site.Internet fee cost only.

      This type of facility is a popular one on the Skype site. This feature makes it a little detail on this site recently.In speaking with the people at the same time, a new software application testing has on its website.No one can be used in personal computer use.Computer System for the Mac version, released late this year.This test is for those who want to contact the group must be set.Each log in with your account, and then "Add" Click to connect to friends.And then "Video Call" button, and then looking at each other and talk to the group.Skype now offers this service free of charge.. The test package, Skype site Go to the can download for free.

     In any corner of the world, he'd be able to communicate with each other through the Internet connection of the Skype application package is at the forefront.The P2P (peertopeer) technique employed in the industry. Phone free from the burden of paying high fees, many terms are used.Can be used in all Windows operating systems. This program is available free of file size is 1.6 MB.Click the button to download the Skype site, go there. The download file is on your computer.After dropping it, and in the Installation file, double-click. Filed automatically.

       This new version, use the clear sky provides a user interface. Can be used very easily.The Skype Web site section is provided on the new Hell. The holding of personal information on the account update takes time.Other users can quickly search for a contact.The transfer will make the facility are several files. It is very clear in the speech will be available.Chat facility, Conference facility and  discusses five people at the same time.

Microsoft word Table Creation, Table Designing Tutorials

Microsoft word Table Creation,

Constant level set on the table:
      In a Word Document, and then set the table, it is more prevalent in the data, in order to make cells automatically adjust the zoom set.For some it is an unnecessary one.They set the level of table cells, should continue to be, preferring to remain constant the size of the table set like.The intention of these people, our ability to shrink, however, gives way to disable Word table like this.Even as only a few cells, which have the same size.Measures given below are for Word 97.

1. First select the cells you want to disable.All cells,  if the entire table must be set at a constant level, select the entire table.

2. That the Table menu and then select Cell Height and Width. Word width and height of the cells in your table that shows how.

3. Must be set to Auto to Exactly how that height.This is the upper left corner of the dialog box, from the drop-down menu will be available.

4. At the height of the bed and set it on the field.It should be set in points. Remember that one inch is 72 points.

5. Then click OK to close the Cell Height and Width section.
The package you are using Word 2000, take below steps...

1. Select Properties from the Table menu.

2. Word displays the Table Properties dialog boxy.

3. Select the Specify Height. Later, bed lines (Row) final height.

4. Using the drop down Row Height Is drop-down menu, and select Exactly that.

5. Go to the next table tape. Click on the Options button to get there. Word displays the Table Options dialog box.

6. Then there was the Automatically Resize to Fit Contents check box if you remove the tick mark.

7. Read the Table Options dialog, click OK to close.

8. Back then close the Table Properties dialog, click OK.up to 4 to  6, to make things right.

       Word Document, use the tables in order to. Table in a position to form very large, it is possible that a trend away from the bed line. Just at the end of a page, the next page is the leftovers can order a bed.This table shows the difference between the system and the data in order to create an atmosphere of search.We do not want it like this.

How To Delete My Pictures,My computer ? My Pictures, My computer Reviews

How To Delete My Pictures,My computer ?  My Pictures, My computer Reviews
      Windows Operating System, in a few years, we aim to provide additional facilities, a folder is created.In the "My Pictures" and "My Music" are important. These are our own digital images, songs. But some of the other names we wish to create a folder, save images and songs. Want to delete them permanently. Find ways for them here.

      Some Web sites to permanently delete them, registry contains information on the changes to take.But it has also caused problems.Programs such as Word, searching this folder if it does not exist, in some cases, to save files causes problems.

      Do you install the first package in the Word, for your own graphics files, Word, "My Pictures" folder in the start-up is set for.Pictures that you insert in the menu on the election, the Windows My Pictures folder search.If this folder by registry alittirunt you, I made ​​a mistake in Word when you install it, it will produce the folder. In that case, what is the solution? Word from the set, "I select the picture, the My Pictures folder seek 'must be made​​. In the search for a folder that is to say''. Let's see how to apply it.

1. Tools (Tools) menu explain the options (Options) and select. Word, boxy Options dialog, showing you.

2. File Locations sure that the tape, must confirm and select.

3. Select Next Clip Art Pictures options.

4. Click on the Modify here.

5.  Word dialog now displays the Modify location. Control of the tool is available here, select a folder.Word to search for a folder, the folder will no longer be, choose carefully, and keep it in mind.

6. OK then, click on the Close and exit buttons.

      The third reason for considering whether Clip art Pictures, Make insert a picture in one file in the folder with the clip art images, word search is quality. But, can not insert attempting to insert a clip art image to open the folder.The funny thing is, if you set the clip art folder, Word will automatically search for My Pictures folder. I mean, here's the Word, My Pictures folder instead of looking at the set level, set up a folder that we offer.

   "My Music" folder, according to the Word of the package, as it is not defined as any type of file to the default folder.Can be used in other programs.For example, Internet Explorer and other browsers, when you download music files, and can save in this folder.If you delete this folder, Internet Explorer, create the folder again.Using Windows Media Player program stated that this folder.

Microsoft Hot Mail E Mail Review

Microsoft Hot Mail E Mail Review
       The microsoft company made ​​several changes to its Hotmail  on the site, customers will have to be fast to give additional information. Hotmail - by far one of the free e-mail. Create capir Bhatia from India, the Internet has made the world with popular. After the site is fully operational, it was purchased by Microsoft. In the midst of Google's G mail, which began to speed with the facilities, the place was close to impossible. More than one in a week, providing customers with new features, Gmail and other his side. Microsoft now, his full attention on the page back  Hot Mail. It brought many changes, the new brightness, to provide useful functions.

Mail configuration:
     Given the number of new features, web mail sites are facilities that these are the first ever brand new. In subsequent e-mail messages in Gmail, like a conversation is hosted. It is constant for Gmail. We need to get this in the hopes that Gmail. Hot Mail in which we leave the option. In order to keep the old, or the like in Gmail and make conversation. Option is provided for both. It will definitely be worth a welcome. All other facilities are available in two types. Yes, for confusing inbox. The photo with the message, on the basis of the Document and other links, the facility handle the emails.

  Annoying -e mail cancel:
         Thus sent a message to someone you do not like it! What will you do? Please select the e-mail message into a total wreck. send him back? Hot mail message no longer comes from the e-mail address, Hot Mail will destroy itself. Fill in your back prevents the junk mail.

New View menu:
       Through the View menu are fresh, It assumes that you have unread message listing, only making emails from a specific address, social network sites such as Facebook, to see only the types of emails are coming from. The left side will be given "Quick views" through the menu, you can set the mail, only mail the attached photo, Document attached to mail, courier companies only from the mail and emails that can separate lists.
       Link to a photo of Attach and mail or photo sites if they are allocated separately, and the images, set your inbox to be displayed on the presentation. But this will not work with the facility pikasa the photo. The reason for this is unknown.States in the same mail messages - such as the duke Ling If there are video sites, from the box without the facility is watching the videos.

Photo sharing:
      The  Hotmail, photo sharing is available. Save on the photos, while Microsoft's Sky Drive, which allows them to view email addresses of friends .the message they send by mail so beautiful. The e-mail went to them, and that these photos, you can see a slide show. They address a Windows Live ID If they post a photo of their reference. 

Computer Parts Review

Computer Parts Review
Mother Board :
    (Mother Board) in the personal computer electronic circuit board. All the parts of the computer (monitor, key board, mouse, printer, etc.) are also enclosed. Co-operate with each other.

Hardware : 
     (Hard Ware) is a computer based on the data of all devices.Motherboard, chip, mouse, keyboards, printer, modem, router, this term includes all that.

      Windows Operating System. Today the world's most used operating system in personal computers. After the toss of operating systems provided by Microsoft. Many of these facilities are followed. The user interface is easy to use and set up basic graphics.

Web Browser: 
       (Web Browser) for Internet based applications can run the package. This can be obtained through the pages on the Internet. Internet Explorer, Firefox, opera, chrome such popular browsers used today.

        (Registry) combined with Windows running on a Data Base. Information about all the hardware and software on which is written and posted. With options for user-created levels for operations filed. The information obtained from the site of the Windows operating information will be handled as little attentively.

Control Panel:
        Given that it is a tool in the Start menu of Windows is running. The basic functionality of Windows can be refined. As well as personal computers and associated devices regulated nature.

Virus : 
       A computer program can cause harm. His annoyance at the interruption, the first computer to computer and keep frozen until operation involved in a variety of computer  to transfer files (email, CD, floppy and flash drives), which ravaged go along with their causes. After the sale of the computer for email addresses to send mail to itself as engaging in sabotage. Usually show no symptoms of the virus program will stored in computer. Day or undertaking any work is done on the sabotage. 

Microsoft Office 2013 Review And Question And Answers.

Microsoft Office 2013 Review And Question And Answers.

1. What is the difference between Office 365 and Office 2013?  
       Microsoft Office 2013 package usually comes with MS office. With modern facilities version of the suite. It is have a desktop program.Office 2013 to Office 365 program fee for those who receive. Online Storage, Sharing files, the files through Microsoft Update service facilities to be made ​​available. Office 365 Business, consumer, educational, governments available in several categories.

2. Office 365 is required to run Office 2013?
       Not at all. Office 2013 program can be obtained by paying a separate fee. Microsoft Online account to associate with this one (Windows Live), and can save files in the Internet space.

3. What are the hardware and system requirements to run Office 2013?
       Office 2013, Windows 7 and Windows 8 will be a test version of the operating systems, computer hardware, which can be enabled mobile devices. should be At least 3.5 GB of free space on your hard disk .

4. How to install Office 2013 program takes?
       Microsoft's online portal site by logging in, clicking, you will be offered the option of install. this site to install the monitor on your computer. Therefore, installing this program is made from this site, your computer must be connected to the Internet.

5. Office 2013 program Can run  Previous Office programs ?
       Yes. Microsoft says so. Office 2007 and Office 2010 programs work together with it.

6 . Office 2013  can operate with windows XP or Vista computer running package to somehow be able to run on?
        Can not. Microsoft is very clear in this case, only the Office 2013 running on Windows 7 and Windows 8 system, announced that. XP and Vista systems running, you can run Office 2010 only. (After Windows 7, Office 2010 was released after seven months you will remember.) So, now nearly 50% more than Windows users, you can not use Office 2013. Those who want to use the Office 2013, forced to switch to Windows 8. Office 2013 on Windows 7 operating system, Planners to change the system, the system must search a new. Removed from office by making a new set of Windows XP, and Microsoft Windows 8, contributing to the spread.