* CON in the name of the folder you create. Windows will not load. Why? What is the reason? Is it because it is the word used in the system? Microsoft officials say the answer could not be determined.

* For any file, folder, and then select the one you press Alt + Enter information about the Properties window will be provided. The file, folder or drive can get all the information about.

Question and Answer

Question and Answer

Internet Explorer browser, click on the Address Bar will type the Web site address. Without this circuit, what kikalai sit on keyboards by pressing the Address Bar?
Fruit. Somasundaram, pallattur.

Alt + D keys and aluttalam F6 key. They can go to the Address Bar. Such as the Google toolbar for Internet Explorer toolbar unrelated to anything found in the Internet Explorer, F6 key switches standing on the toolbar.

Windows 2007 systems have given in my office computer. How is the process of implementing single click?
Fruit. Snake gem. Pallattur.

Press the Start button to receive the Control Panel. Opening the Control Panel icons for the various categories available. I was not in the upper-right hand side click on the View By Category. Small Icons and click on continue. The icons are available in, Folder Options and click on the icon. Click Items as Follows Next in the category Single click to open an item (point to select) Select that. Then, you press the Save changes by clicking on Apply, click OK and exit the next. Finally, in the upper-right corner of the Control Panel and click on the X to exit the stage.

As a research essay writing, one company in my computer, I have created an auto text entries. Now they do not need. How do I delete them? I use Word 2007.
You are the doctor. Sundar Prakash, Madurai.

 In Word 2007, make the following process. Select Insert on the Ribbon teppinai. Group Text and click on the Quick Parts tool. Word several options to choose from. Select under the Building Blocks Organizer. (In Word 2007, the Building Blocks of a "super Auto Text" was introduced as.) Next, the name you wish to remove from the list and select Auto Text entry. Choosing the correct means you, make sure you can close the preview stage. After that, press the Next button, select Auto Text entry delete. I deleted everything you want, click OK and then come out of the Building Blocks Organizer.
The same process is carried out in the following ways to handle collection of Word prior to 2007. From the menu select Insert Auto Text apsanai. Is available from the sub-menu click on Auto Text option. Word Now Auto Correct, in the dialog box, Auto Text teppinai unfolding. Select the Auto Text option from the list available here under the text you want to delete all the entries and select Auto. Telit button and then, they will be deleted.

I have long been using Windows XP computer with a range of 512 MB of RAM memory. With high capacity hard disk can be changed if you do not have that type of hard disk market. Is to buy a new computer. What is your advice?
Cha. Nanaraj, Coimbatore.


You did not mention about the work done on the computer. Without the use of internet, making and reading some of the Documents, Excel orksit application, watching movies, listening to music and video on the rest of my work, use the kampyuttaraiye. But, one thing you have to accept. The technology is changing all around us rise. Published in 1988, is now a large-scale spoken Walkman. No cassette players, pagers communication on the big surprise given that the location is unknown. Absolutely no floppy discs, CD soon, tivitikkalum disappear. Additional facilities offered by modern technology, we need to change our equipment. A modern processor, a computer monitor, you can switch to. Flee with the world; series win.

What is the primary mission of the browser for the goat, but the package? If you want to install to the press? The computer, there is a risk?
Karancantiran DC, Tirupur.

goat, but browser or ekstansan (called in this extensive collection), we provide a new look to the browser or the use of additional software packages that pays little. Mined toolbar facilities in specific sites, download manager Converter, download simultaneously from multiple sites make facilities, and send images directly to specific sites, Web sites in languages ​​other than the language of the text comp packages provide such facilities, but the goat. In the browser, we think that such a facility tantirukkalame many features that are available to us today is a goat but the packages. After installing them, I do not need to remove all piravucarkalum provide comfort. These often appear to cause any harm. But, like a virus or malware goat, but if the package, it is definitely harmful to our computer. Persons but one download package on the Make, make sure that it is available to download from the site and want to use.

are warnings about the impact of radiation waves. You're writing. But, it will not be using the mobile phone. What must be avoided at this?
My. Bronze Parvathi, Chidambaram.

You can not be that we have made use of the mobile phone. Note that some of the radiation is affecting us and follow directions. If landline phone near, give priority to use it. Loud speaker said, do not talk on the phone waiting. Mobile phone use has no distance scale, reduce the radiation level. Using the headset, the wireless Bluetooth headset gets to talk to. Avoid pecuvatanai long time. If possible, you can exchange information through text messages.

If the signal is not available, ciramappatamal to speak, to speak. Because, when the signal easily available, more radiation. The speech signal strength to continue to search for the available space. Department of Telecommunications has these suggestions. And some suggested. Ulokattin with the old frame with glass eyes, do not talk wet talaiyutanum mobile. They will attract more radiation. What is the most stunning news, shirt and pants pockets, the mobile phone will not go with. If so, once every one or two minute mobile phone network radio alaiviccinai express check-press. This wave of care delivery, particularly affect the heart.

Screen shot of the desired size

Screen shot of the desired size

We are looking for a Web site. Its design, visual appearance, the text appears to be the most important, and then we will create and save a screenshot of a presentation or Word document used in the counting. The Print Screen, and then the image editor (such as Paint Sun @ rakiram) pailakkuvom paste it opened. Greater than the expected size of the file, may shrink. Therefore, we want to try to set its size. In some cases the problem can be that too. The site is in a very simple solution to address one of

Go to the site, you need to take a screen shot of the U.S. site. R.. L.. Need to address. You must then select the desired size. Entire size, 1024 x 768, 800 x 600, 640 x 480, 320 x 240, 200 x 150, and 120 x 90 that would have given many options.

 The selection is required, then it must be in the Start Capture button.
Screenshot of the machine, go to the site you specify, in your definition, its Page Screenshot taken, it will download link for the download. If you click on it, file it down your computer. Or in the directory you specify, Boulder filed in the movie. Give it a try once.

Personal Brake

Personal Brake

Wi - B-channel connection to the natural enniyiruntom problems. Your article has been written on the solutions, with maximum efficiency through the use of the tips are conducted.
My. Pankaj Kumar, Chennai.

The router is running so well that there are technical matters press has described many things clear.
Pera. My. Civasanmukam, Madurai.

of the hyperlinks, placing a good idea to read related articles. Easy to use in the study of a facility. Thank you.
T.. Karthik civaraja, Trichy.

Government will help the development of rural Internet, often getting the right type of connection. Telecommunications industry and service companies must update their devices. Like radio, Internet usage, a change in the countryside is happy to be growing.
B. Nallatampi, Cholapuram.

Designed to give Microsoft the company, Surface teplat PC market certainly likes a good place. But I doubt that change the use of the personal computer.
Ka. Princess, Coimbatore.

All of the packages in the main program of the Office 2013 package provided, readers are ready. List the following tips now.
The. Kantiraj, Tambaram.

Spare batteries for mobile high price, the same price as the other natumpati batteries are low. Large companies realize the cost of the battery is reduced, it will be fine. Tips for the care you provide, failure to follow a hundred to a hundred.
My. R.. Mahendran, Puducherry.

Without question, send important information, Thanks for the detailed answer. Following a detailed description, but now time to install, operate without a computer problem. Thank manatarnta.
Ka. Ms. centamil, Chennai.

Tips on buying a shortcut pukmarkkin OK. But, the list is extended. The Group is asked to explain the cause.
B. Devdas, Tirupur.

As was explained about DDT R, hard disk, flash drive, CD, DVD explain about the category. Specify how to choose them.
My. Wow Mary, Tiruvannamalai.

In terms of technology, the mobile phone connects to the portal page. Pulanki are a lot of words without meaning.
Ka. Camcutin, Puducherry.

Email medicine

Email medicine

Always mail addresses of the recipient or recipients, type email message after it, after connecting links, the final set. This is done to ensure that we are fully mail. Anuppuvatanai prevents haste. If you try to send without address, e-mail program to warn us. I send, and who will skip it.

Sending postal mail to the same answer, click the Reply button, and email address of the sender of the mail program is set! I have a copy, cut, and keep the first line of the mail message. Please type the complete message, the address in the first line and re-cut, and paste in the press box for the recipient's address.

* New address, one learns from one's enough, enough to talk through one's e-mail address, it will send a test message, and make sure.

Spell Check Tuning

Spell Check Tuning

Everyone uses the computer, detects errors in the text to create a right to resort to frequent use spell check. It gets into all programs, including email client, Word program, having used it when creating Documents. However, it is utilized in the most effective aiyame. How to use this facility in order to provide additional benefit can be found here.

1. Change or Leave it all:

Spell check is written incorrectly and warn each telling. Right-click and select the menu item with the correct term. Or directly give correct order. Tell me if there is a specific name, ignore it (ignore) can command. The same term, spell check, met again the next time to give the same command. Instead of Change All or Ignore All kattalaiya tantuvit, and that all errors were found in the edited document, or assigned.

Spell check, its tasks, connected with the program is run on the basis of large-scale dictionary. But, this dictionary have all kinds of usages. The keywords used in the right way, the wrong spell check. These words in our dictionary (custom dictionary) can add. Spell check next time, we will add the words in the dictionary as a test message in the dictionary. We will meet all of the words in the dictionary that alone should make linking routine. At this higher level, delayed Spell check work.

3. I do not accept the amendment:

Spell check is very right, to correct errors. However, that error was rectified a few words, are completely wrong. For example, please advise if that type, please advise Mr. Spell check. This amendment is not right. Therefore, the indicator will be changed to spell words on being a good eye.

4. No grammatical correction:

Spell Check Tool, to correct grammatical errors. But, we only concentrate on the most spelling errors. There are grammatical errors. Or do not worry about it. Therefore, this process can be stopped. Spell check will speed up the work.

We have set up Internet addresses. These are the words and set personal options. Spell check these ceytitamal amaittuvitalam test. Similarly, avoid e-mail addresses. Go to Tools and select Options. Teppinai available window select the Spelling & Grammar. Next, Ignore internet and file addresses and check the box in front of a positive identity. Now, Internet and e-mail addresses will not be tested.

6. Speed ​​test:

Spell check is to press the F key 7. But, to correct spelling of a word, select it and press F. 7, spell check and displays the result.

7. Tune ceytituka rules:

Word spell check function can be our choice. Eluttup
Please check with the grammatical errors, it arivittitum error. We are required to set up the various options.
They do not want to see everything here. If the window before the Spelling & Grammar tab, and a section that will be available in the second Grammar. Clicking on the Settings, all of the options available. We need to select one set. By doing many activities like this tune, spelling test, make the task easier and quicker.

Computer sales and Windows 8

Computer sales and Windows 8

With Windows 8 operating system to come out, sales of personal computers is very bad. It's not ordinary; computer manufacturer Dell and HP make the leading companies The risks to publish this comment.
Seminar to talk about their own sales, Dell corporate officers, to be released Windows 8 system, computer sales directly attributed kuraintita accused.

HP Name of entity operating system, but accused. Waiting for customers to come to discover, in this quarter, personal computer sales as the recession has reached.